Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres, Nationals Park vs. Nationals Highlights

He will score and the padres, with some two out magic, take a two. Nothing lead in the first inning cosmo, with a base hit driving in a run. Taking off for second base is hospital getting hung up trying to score from third and doing so is tommy fam padres pull off the double steal, so hosmer, drawing that throw and then in the back door. From third comes fam of the padres. Take a three. Nothing lead juan soto, the all star, counting with two on nobody out here in the last half of the first inning watson right field. This ball game is tied for the second time. In nine days, juan soto hits a three run home run off chris paddock in the first inning, and the bases are loaded for jake cronenworth, with one out here in a sec here’s, the 2 2 to chronoworth, and that is down the left field line for a Base hit harrison adam played well, but kind of slips as he went to pick it up. A couple of runs are going to come in and score. Padres get a pair here. 1 2 is lined into right field. Big set for hosmer becomes tatis, he will score padres. Take a 6 3 lead fires with three grand slams on his resume high drive in the air too deep left field for myers and the slam. Diego padres around the road in washington, a grand slam and the padres jump out to the 10 3 lead will myers with his 11th home run of the year.

Oh this, these are the slam diego down to first and jake. Cronin work breaking ball line down the right field line, that’s a fair ball, headed towards the corner, tati set it for third and beyond they’re gon na wave him around dug out by soto tatis will score ending up at third is jake cronworth and the padres taking 11 3 lead jake, cronenworth has driven in three quarter. Work two hits in his games got a double and a triple driven in three ball, headed to deep right field. That ball is back up. Oh it’s gone home run for jake cotterworth. He is a single shy of hitting for the cycle of tonight’s game. A double of the second a triple in the third, a home run in the fifth and the padres. Take a 13 4 lead bam, hosmer and myers. Coming up against wander, swirl, two of one pam with a big swing, sends it to the air straight away center field of deep para going back. He is at the wall. Looking up gon na go, padres have scored in all six innings of this game. Myers hits this one in the air deep down the right field line soto back to the corner. Looking up gon na go, homer derby has come back to nationals on the ground and through into left field, to base hit o’grady will score coming around is grisham he’ll score. The padres take an 18 4 lead single for tatis drives in two more and here is jake.

Cronenworth got a double in the second a triple in the third home run in the fifth it’s, a single to complete it ground ball, softly, hit left side. Connor worth. Will reach jake cudaworth hits for the cycle. We are all in the ground zone infield hit to complete the cycle tonight. Third cycle in franchise history for the san diego padres, belongs to jake cronenworth when it’s going good it’s going good, juan soto who, against the padres. This year is seven for 16, with three homers and eight rbis. The 3 1 long drive deep right into orbit forget about it. Second deck home run for juan soto. Well, the nationals fans finally have something to cheer a multi homer game for juan soto number 13. and the padres have runners at the corners with two down a liner into center field. Make it seven, as in from third comes fam an rbi single on the padres, making it even 20 runs liner into left field. Reeboks will score meyers coming around the throw is going to be cut off, two more runs for the padres and they have 22 runs in this game. On top 22 to eight new franchise record and a big hit into left field, caratini is coming plateward and that’s. 23 runs for the san diego padres that one is hit really well by jorge mateo to deep left field.

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Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres, Nationals Park Vs. Washington Nationals 7/8/21 Highlights

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