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As i mentioned his 10th start, you know: ryan became the first padres pitcher in history to allow no more than three runs across his first six major league starts potentially hitting 217 off the young left, hander soto, hitting at 274 nine doubles at triple nine overs and 38 runs batted in swinging a ground ball into the ship down at right field, solar trying to beat this play out and he does on the throw for the third baseman manny machado. We talked about this last night in the older shift. They put him way out in right field, and you know what silva had a ground ball and he hit it slowly through the hole into right field. There really wasn’t much more machado can do than that. He charged in he backhanded and he whipped the throw and it wasn’t in time and machado knew it when he left the throw goal that he wasn’t going to get him to keep it moving here at the top of the first inning, throw it first. He’S got a big dog between first and second hospital Applause, the baseline to getting his own, the sixth time this year, that weathers has thrown over the first base and got the guy leading the wrong direction. So eric fetty welcomed back to the rotation three career games. Two starts against san diego great to see eric back on the mound good sinking, fastball 94 to 95 miles an hour 29th birthday.

Today, you should chop her left side. Turner bear hands, throws the first down in first to retire, what a play by trey turner on a chopper towards shorty charged in and grabbed it bare handed as it turns out that’s the only way he could have gotten machado, one on for jan gomez, Music Applause Around the corners Applause Music, chance for a relay, you don’t hear that everywhere, here’s josh harrison two outs runner on second, after Applause, Music, so top of the order, alcitus escobar over second straight strikeout for ryan weathers and a one two three third in third tatis junior Across the diamond, in first Music, just puts it in his back pocket and stolen base. Number 19 for fernando tattoos, junior breaks, a tie, Music i’ll, see escobar and fetty is out of trouble in the third inning that’s the end of the inning, a great defensive play by alcitus escobar as the padres get a couple of hits in the third tattoo steals A bag, but they leave them both in scoring positions. So runners on the quarters nobody out for will myers will has flown to center. Oh for one ball to right field, soto going back and that ball is gone. Three run home run for will myers opposite field shot and the padres lead it three to nothing. Home run. Number 10 of the year for will myers it’s been a while, since we’ve seen that stroke from will myers that patented right center field stroke gets a pitch up in the zone here and gets into it along with that right center field stroke, we haven’t seen that Pose in quite some time, he held it nicely on that three run: lead padre, second and third, nobody out josh harrison.

This is the first jam that weathers has had to deal with in his outing creona harrison swung on into the air to deep center field. This is way back grisham to the wall. It is gone. Goodbye, a line, drive three run homer over the center field. Wall for josh harrison has tied this game. Bang zoom goes harrison with his fifth home run of the year. A three run shot on a 3 0 pitch to dead center 409 feet, the estimated distance it’s the nationals, three of the padres three two on one away and here comes manny machado. Andres are three for six. With runners in scoring position tonight and nobody’s gon na hire ops in this spot, then manny machado and he lines one into right. Centerfield grisham is going to come around. He will score manny machado on his birthday drives in a go ahead, run for the padres happy birthday, manny it’s, 4, 3 san diego at his best when he’s using the right center part of the field it’s exactly what he does here. Lines a base hit right over the outstretched glove of escobar, padres regained the lead. Now the lefty sam clay on to face hosmer runners on the corners one out through the right side and right feel the base hit for hosmer belterworth will score. The third goes machado. Padres take a 5 3 lead hosmer drives in a run. The fryer up by a pair and once again runners at the corners myers hits it in the air off the end of the bat to right field soto going back towards the corner.

He will make the catch. Manny is tagging on his way home the throw will be cut and a sacrifice fly for will myers his fourth run batted into the night, and now a six to three padre lead here in the fifth. The nationals come up. They trail by three now juan soto swinging. A high fly ball left center field. This is deep back on it. Grisham to the warning track at the wall, he’s out of room and it’s gone solo gets under one and he’s finally made it to 10 homers and then ants take care of one of that deficit. Soto homeward last inning, his 10th of the year runner at second is hernandez. Runner at first is escobar swing and a miss got him with a fastball up in the zone and for the second straight night. Tim hill strikes out juan soto, as jake cronin worth will dig in against machado. This one is belted to left center field toward the gap chasing robles into a dive, and he caught it. Headlong diving catch on the backhand for robles, robbing cronin worth of extra bases. Machado tipping his cap out in roble’s direction. A gold glove played by robles padres have manny machado on second base. Two down will myers at the dish, will has driven in four of the six padre runs tonight: myers yanks it into left field corner from. Second comes machado, padres, take a 7 4 lead will myers drives in his fifth run of the night two down in the ninth for trey turner fly ball right field, myers, going back onto the track to make the catch and ends the ball game a one.

Two three: ninth inning for mark malanson, who records the save as the padres take game.

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Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres, Nationals Park vs. Nationals Highlights

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