Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres, Nationals Park Vs. Washington Nationals 7/8/21 Highlights

Oh my look. What i found right back to the pitcher and darvish picks it off! Applause, the sun, coming in straight over from third base turner, got a fastball up. Darvish thinks it’s gone. So do we see you later trey’s? Second, first inning homer of this series and the nats blast out on top Applause. Well, the all star, shortstop didn’t, hit that one over 100 miles an hour 99 miles an hour, but four seam fastball ran back over the inner third, he pulled those hands inside. It looks like he even hit this ball off the end of the bat bob, but was able to get it over the left field wall to give them that’s an early lead 16th of the year, our baby, another breaking ball base it. They were in the shift. So juan soto, now five for 12 in san diego Applause making a living for 13 over that time of 10 games or more and castro lashes, one down the left field corner, we got two outs: ball takes a hop, fam picks it up and soto will stop At third, that thing was waiting to be rattling around in the corner, but tommy fam handled it well, gomes up the middle on a low, fast ball soto scoring ball bobbled by grisham. Castro is coming home anyway, and john gomes checks in with a two out hit. Another knock with runners in scoring position and jacob degrom against scherzer late september of last year.

High riding fastball not hit that far and victor robles is going to go far to grab it out in left. Center victor’s had a great defensive series and he, how good is he going? Busted bat drops it into left center and trey. Turner now has multi hit games in five of the last seven in which he’s been in the lineup, the bat back and the other way for a base hit again deflected by tatis bob henley, with nobody out not going to take a chance with turner. And even what they put two men on the left side: oh center field, bell up against the wall: turner, home, juan soto heading for third and josh bell is at two balls to center tonight that have both threatened to leave the premises and the nats lead. Four. Nothing i can there, he thought he got it hit just off the end of the bat but he’s so big and strong, just off the base of the wall. Yeah that was will myers out there in center castro got a slider over the heart of the plate. Lines out hard to center soto coming home, standing up, it’s, five, nothing and now, with the ball loose on the infield third base for bell, it’ll, be a sacrifice, fly and another error on the padres Applause. How about six? Nothing on a no two count! That was a fat breaking ball waiting to be hit up the middle, and he cannot wait to go out to left field to tell the fans what he did.

This abs, roblox can’t catch up with a fastball after seeing all those off speed pitches. Three more for the nats and max to lead by six. Oh, my look at that. Slider throw some fastball set up. The secondary pitches, here’s jorge mateo in the pitcher spot and there’s. The first base hit is carratini. Now three for three against max harrison will hustle over and despite the security guy, almost getting in the way holds caratini to a single always can go to the fastball tonight. First time, through the order, they go one for nine and one and two with two outs got him. Looking, my goodness: what command on the scherzer fastball tonight, three k’s in the third five in the all right max, go take a breather Applause. The nets had a need and he’s been fantastic that’s. Only his ninth hit in game number, six as a national what’s. He doing hats off to alcitus escobar turner to center extension, see you later two homers in a single Applause. The gnats are, on top eight to nothing and for a second i thought it was gon na hit the top of the wall and he was gon na get a triple on his way to another cycle, but we’ll take the long ball. Well, you said extension. The only thing you didn’t say was elevation this fastball down on the inner third and just look how he gets the hands there. Applause such a sweet swing, effortless bell tom morena did the mock arena to grab that one, but then net strike for two more escort strong good numbers.

High drive duplex fernando upper deck 28th home run of the year for tatis junior padres on the board. In the fourth inning hits it off scherzer to boot Applause, something to cheer about for the friar faithful at petco park tonight, leave it to Applause fernando swinging, a miss and chronoworth strikes out at strikeout number six for scherzer, as he bounces back lined into center field. At base hit, shadow will take second, and the padres have two on with one away: Music Applause, and this will load the bases for the padres. Second, batter that scherzer has hit in the inning look out down, goes myers, there’s a slider, and that is ball. Four that’ll bring in a run from third comes machado. What a played appearance that was for myers it’s, the first walk allowed by scherzer swing and a miss and scherzer strikes out. Carratini seventh strikeout for scherzer two down in the fourth inning Applause, brought up to be the long guy and down eight to nothing at one point in this game and your starter out, you need him to go always Applause camarena to keep right field camarena plays in Slam, diego, are you kidding me the padres pitcher they just brought up from el paso, the san diego kid to the grand slam, that’s unbelievable. Oh my gosh, off back scherzer i’ll tell you what happened. He missed with the fastball down and away down and in and now we know the hot zone of daniel cameron, i don’t think he realized what he’d done.

John you mentioned his family is in attendance. Oh my god, unbelievable. How awesome is that Applause 2 2 pitch in the air shallow right back is belle soto coming in it’s gon na fall fans gon na score, it’s a one run game: oh it’s, a matter of communication, big crowd here tonight bell. I don’t see any communication, though that’s sort of ball he’s gon na to left field harrison going towards the corner will make the catch the inning is over, but not before the padres score. Seven times camarena this inning here a zero Applause. Looking pretty good that’s straight, three gum strikes out: there’s two outs in the fifth and a fly ball. The other way on the move is myers he’ll get there so one two three fifth we’re halfway through it’s 8 7 washington Applause, myers out towards left center field. It’S, a gapper up and over it’s a double good start to the bottom of the sixth Applause inning on the ground to short turner looked at third, but goes to first for the out and credit myers for getting there quickly at third base. Turner was going to try to get the lead runner, but cannot. He won here to fam in the air to center field robles, going back it’s going to be over his head. What ups the wall from third comes myers of this game? This game is tied. Padres trailed ain’t, nothing not anymore it’s. Our top two play presented by arco, fernando strikes out ten things in the sixth inning, but the padres get the tying run tied at eight to the seventh.

We go from san diego Applause on the ground. To short, could be two there’s one there’s two Applause drives one to center field on a line for a base hit christian, plays it on a hop and castro’s on with two outs here in the seventh inning first hit off pierce johnson swing and a miss. He elevates fastball at 96., seventh inning stretch all tied at eight liner to center and the catch made in center Applause. Victor robles robs cronenworth again. This is the third time he has been incred. Oh that’s, a you know what i think he gets his glove under Music that’s, close donny padres are challenging. Do you think that ball catches little grass, i don’t, i don’t think it does. I don’t think it does either padres are challenging the figures underneath the ball. I don’t think it does the case. He catches it Applause on the ground first base, hosmer picks it on the backhand for out number one bell lines: one caught at second base: he hit it to the crown zone and connor, says no fam lines and into right fail. The base hit to start things in the bottom of the ninth good start. You have to get sam clay up in the zone. He’S 60 ground ball. Applause chopped, left side coming from third castro’s, throw gon na be close. Oh just got him. That was really close. Applause, ground ball, right side escobar will go to first fam to third, with now two down grisham lines it into right from third catch.

Five padres trail need Applause, it’s, san diego, sending the friar faithful into a frenzy. Awesome man, hey congratulations! Normally we get the guy that gets the walk off, but you had one of the most important hits in this ball game tonight. What an improbable situation! Congratulations on getting called up for the big leagues today! Congratulations on your first hit! Congratulations on it being a grand slam home run to help forge this amazing comeback. Could you have dreamed of something like this happening tonight? No, i definitely couldn’t have dreamed it um. Just so electric out here, padre fans are awesome. I love you guys. The post games show another hero: trent grisham, he’d, walk it off in the bottom of the ninth, hitting with that line.

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