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s border will be lifted soon. Calls to open up the border have been growing louder, but the word came out quietly last night from the prime minister’s office. Now we have coverage from both sides of the border. Magda gaber selassie is with us from washington, but we begin with janice mcgregor in ottawa. So janice, what do we know so far? Well, this readout, which followed the prime minister’s conversation with the premiers last night. It continued kind of this slow march towards a gradual reopening of the border, but at least we now have a line of sight on the next two steps. As of mid august, fully vaccinated americans and u.s residents will be allowed to visit again to see their friends and family to shop, to play tourists, and by early september, the prime minister’s office said. Canada could be in a position to welcome fully vaccinated travelers from all countries. Now we don’t have information yet on what this means for people who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons or for children under 12, for whom there are no currently approved vaccines. We will be watching for this, though. We know that there are family members here in canada, for example, who have really missed them. We had suggestions earlier in the day yesterday at press conferences in the health briefing that something like this was coming. The government had to say something frankly: the current restrictions expire next wednesday, but groups that represent businesses, some of whom have fairly expensive decisions, riding on exactly what these states are.

They seem to be only learning this plan when the rest of us did uh. With this statement late last evening, now the government’s comfort level with reopening the border of course, it’s always been based on data specifically now uh the levels not just of cases in canada but vaccinations in canada. In fact, the last ordering council extending the border restrictions actually wrote right in the desire to have 75 percent of the population vaccinated. Now we are on track by mid august. If you look at current trends to have 75 of eligible people with needles in arms by then, but i guess the question is what, if that slows up what, if it falters, could the government hit pause on this plan? Could specific countries also be excluded from the september plan if they have a bad outbreak related to a specific variant? Those are the kinds of kind of red flags and very protective caveats that we’ll have to be watching out for when the ministers give us more complete details on how this is going to work next week, a lot of unanswered questions still, we know, you’ll, be watching Thanks for this janice and now let’s bring in magda gabriela from washington, so magda, we are talking about people from the u.s who are fully vaccinated when it comes to these travel restrictions. We know just a few months ago the u.s had surpassed canada on that front, but now we see those rates lagging as cases rise in some states, so what’s the current conditions in the u.

s on that front. Well, when it comes to the coveted cases right now there, there really is a surge across the country and it’s expected to continue like that for some time. So the centers for disease control and prevention is actually predicting that there could be between 54 000 and more than 300 000 new cases by the end of the first week in august. At the same time, vaccination rates have really slowed in the country and u.s officials are blaming a lot of that on misinformation. So take a listen to u.s surgeon general, dr vivek murthy. The truth is that misinformation takes away our freedom to make informed decisions about our health and the health of our loved ones. During the kobit 19 pandemic, health misinformation has led people to resist wearing masks in high risk settings. It’S led them to turn down proven treatments and to choose not to get vaccinated. This has led to avoidable illnesses in depth. Simply put health information has cost us lives so right now about 56 of people that are age, 12 and up are fully vaccinated in the country, but in several states, especially in the south, it is much much lower than that, and here is dr joseph cantor explaining Why that’s a concern he is with uh he’s, the louisiana state health officer 97 to 99 of both the cases and the deaths that we’ve seen over the past five months have been in unvaccinated individuals, and so what we’re seeing now is that some parts are now Parts of the country are addressing this with more measures.

Los angeles county is now going back to requiring people to wear masks indoors. As a result of all of this arthi all right.

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