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If you are new, do consider subscribe. If you have already subscribed, please do smash the like button and continuously sharing the content. Our own it’s, pretty much appreciated. So today, we’re going to talk about two teams and a group that we didn’t talk so much about. We talked about how good panama is. We talked about what’s expected from honduras and what we don’t know about qatar. Well, we got a chance to see these guys and i can tell you i am going to ask you: is this the next group of that? To be honest, because i truly believe so, and that, in regards to how close these themes are, let me know or if you have any outright favorites for this group. Let me know also in this comment section, so let me start with this. First, one um honduras um took on um the um grenada team um. It ended four goes to nil we’re going to talk about the statistics. Then we talk about the actual play, as you can see here: um jerry, um, being stand, scored first edwin solano, um assisted by the flores in the 52nd minute, and then they put put on in the 63rd minute two of the main players for the team. Alberth um ellis and romel kyodo um, and they did came on to produce, and i thought that both of them really showcased their different class in this game by actually getting on the score sheet and assisting the score.

Both of them came on to assist the and and me the fourth goal so for nil. Here um, it was pretty much deserved overall statistics, but let me go from first off to second half. First half was pretty much dominant in fifa, uh and the ball. I should see in fifa of um honduras, but honduras struggled to contain the little position that um grenada had to not translate into shots and shots and target, and so they had six shots, but um two on target and four off target. I still believe that if you have 37 percent bad position, you should not be able to get so much out of it so respect to the granada team and that’s. Why i said this might might be one of the group update because granada looked out of his depths at certain times, but at certain point they look like they are truly in the game and i’ve yet to see um one game of such dominance. Aside from the game that actually drew, which is actually trinidad versus mexico, that was pure one side knee down every other game, you could say a next team was actually in it either red card. You get me before the next team lie down, but this game. First off came showed up that teams are really close in the kankaku region and that’s. What i have to keep saying, but it was pretty much impressive, so as it showcased there, they had more shots and targets in the first half, but six apiece and shots yep, and then they are two to two kana one offside, one big chance created um for The honduras team showcasing that they were kinda a little bit in and around the box to create more openings, but they didn’t exploit it.

Hence why they called and um alberta, helix, alice and romel chiaro to come on to see what they can actually feel. Even though they’re already leading yes, but these guys came and just solidified everything um and as let me go to the second half, to show you guys what happened in the second half, it was much balance in the second half yet again so it’s. What it’s, when it comes to the collective honduras one over boot ups and was fully deserved to win it four nil, because they were more clinical, they have the extra edge. I want to find a word with to give honduras priests, but not to put down granada, because i think they might show up in the other matches, because honduras might just stop the group but it’s going to be very close in my opinion. As i said, 51 to 49 ball position, five to four shots, three and target to one and um pretty much three big chances created in the second half. So, as i’ve said before, you have key players that came on, but um edwin salano. I would picked out as one of the guys that i really was pretty much impressed with see here. He had um a oath of 80 minutes played a 7.2 rating. One goal: 29 touches um accuracy, 87 playing on the left, attacking midfield um side. So i have to give him a lot of credit. I know they give him a 7.

2 and give alexandra luffy’s higher than him, but i can tell you that they are both um on similar level. To be honest, as you can see here, um over the 90 minutes, he had um 44 touches, uh no 60 touches overall um 40 49 passes and completion was 90 percent. He managed an assist in the night and two key passes, but at the same time, in 80 minutes um um, edwin, salan managed one key pass and one goal with 29 touches and the 13 or 15 passes. So it was pretty close. What i like, i’m edwin salano a little bit more uh in my opinion, but maybe it was just because i was keen on him early on in the game. Hence why i did that um, jerry um, being stunned um. He had a solid game as well. 63 minutes played one goal, as you can see here: 23 touches and accuracy of 94 and that’s very good, because he’s, the striker and it’s, pretty rare. That strikers are so much um perfect with their passes and and touches overall. So give you massive respect guys and in the ghoul you know the goalkeeper to have a very good game, because right now that did have their time when they were very much effective. So he had a 7.52 sieves um. Why one eye claim and sieves from inside the box was actually two 23 touches overall um accuracy passing accuracy which some of them are actually long, so we will talk about that is 11 of 17, 65 percent.

So let me talk about these long bars. These young balls were actually four of 10 and um. That was still good guys. That was still good, so we have to give him credit and a 7.5 is pretty much deserved, and then we talked about ellis and um here, kiado um, those guys were definitely good. Coming on and they barely are, there 20 70 27 minutes a piece and they showcase their skills. So maybe um, no, not maybe for the other matches. I think they are going to start them it’s due to the fact they might took granada a little bit lightly, but it goes to show that you should not take any one of these teams lightly guys and then we should move over to the qatar panama game. Three three: a chiller guys a trailer, a chiller. I should see so overall. It ended up um, 46 to 54 percent ball possession in favor of panama because they had six on target um to six as well equal amount, but they took way more shots to get that off um and then you should go to the goal scorers and guys That you should look out for um for qatar. You have here um akram afif. Let me know you pronounce that if you are from qatar guys and over on the panama side, you have rolando blackburn, had a double um um and it was double assists from barcenas. As well so, both of those guys, i thought that had a very good game, very good game and he had eric davis that um added the additional penalty to get the point – and i think overall, it was a dessert point.

Both teams were balanced over the entire 90 minutes and that’s. Why i’ve said i think it’s going to be the next group of that? In my opinion, i think all four teams and a good d can defeat each other it’s, not so far apart that’s. What i would see guys i’m, going to look at some of the guys them, but look at even though granada sits bottom qatar and panama equal because the same amount of the gold and everything and then honduras um – have that big cool difference there. But i think it’s going to drop um. Maybe honduras will lose a game out of this, but i still believe that they will be good enough to top the group. But let me know guys in the comment section: what are your thoughts overall um uh akaram a thief, as i saw here, you had a 9.2 92 over the overall um assessment. When you look at it, he had one goal. One assist um dribble attempt one. It was not successful. Um pass accuracy, um, 97, 34 of 35, pretty good overall 42 touches. He had long balls, four or four big chances created. Two groaned was two years um. He he didn’t complete any. He had one and he lost his position. Last seven and one fall committed and was full two times so he had a clean game. I clean him showcasing all good his guys. So let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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