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It was just a bad performance. All around i mean midfield, just wasn’t, getting going the attack wasn’t that creative and defensively they’re, even looking pretty suspect and overall, just the bad performance that really brings this mls squad back down to earth lets. You know what the talent level is with these guys and yeah it’s very disappointing. To see i mean just not being able to dominate against not only haiti but a weakened haiti team with you have to think they’re, not in the right mind state after everything that happened in haiti so and just very disappointing performance i mean the midfield was awful. This game, or at least jackson yule, was, i mean, i think the main problem is just how unbalanced it is at the moment, because you look at the team and you got it just doesn’t fit right together: uh jackson, newell, he’s, very weak defensively and honestly he’s, Not great on the ball to begin with, then you got kellen acosta, who i find very good defensively. I still want him in the national team set up, but he can’t start because he’s so bad on the ball. You can’t control a game and then you’ve got sebastian led who doesn’t offer too much defensively and have we ever seen him be a part of a team that controls the game. I mean i give him a pass because he misses the tyler adams games. A lot of times but uh, i don’t, think we’ve ever seen.

Him really dominate an international game and then you’ve got a business who’s, not great defensively and you’re. Just looking at the team – and you can’t put two and two guys together, who can either defend well and two guys who can control the game? Well, at the same time like unless you go with the team, which is like williamson busio leglett, i feel like that’d. Be the best line for this midfield at the moment, but it’s, very poor, and the team selection in general is not great. I think the defense was pretty suspect today, giving up some chances to a patient team that they really shouldn’t have and uh and matt turner was pretty poor at the ball at his feet and that’s, just something that can’t happen onto individual players. I feel like there were some good performances um. I swear i’m, not a juris mob, but shaq moore was probably our best player in man the match he got forward for the goal he put in the cross and he was really looking like our biggest attacking threat through a huge part of that game, and it Is really sad to see that a guy who’s in the second tier of spain, who is only playing because reggie cannon’s hurt and because julian arroyo wouldn’t get uh kind of refused to get called up because he’s still deciding which team to play for like i didn’t. Even want shaq moore in this team, but he played great.

He was a great performer and it’s just really making me question the mls guys uh ken acosta. I told him my uh worries about him, but he did do very well in his role, though i still think he’s not good enough to start on this team just because of his technical limitations, uh yazi zardes, i mean i know that people aren’t the biggest fan Of him, but he gets us goals. You can say that that was a fluke. Go look at how many flukes artists has that’s a part of zardes like you’ve got to expect these types of moments, it’s it’s weird, but i feel like. We all knew this would happen with him. He gets us goals, so i feel like he should continue to start for this team, especially if you go to two up top uh sebastian leglett. He put in some good set pieces, um yeah, i think that’s about it. I can praise for him uh walker zimmerman. I feel like he had a good performance good on the ball saw defensively and when john cabusho came in, i feel like he really changed the midfield he’s somebody can get on the ball just dominated and he’s honestly, not that weak defensively. I know people bring it up, but he’s making some good tackles and getting in there physically it’s definitely good to be playing in concacaf and just getting used to the world cup qualifying situation in case he needs to play now to negative individual players.

Um. I want to mention paul ariola. He got hurt so that’s, obviously negative for the team sucks for him hope he gets better. It didn’t seem too bad. Just a quad but uh negative players. Uh matt turner just poured the ball at his feet, and this is really disappointing because i feel like matt turner is somebody who could break into the team because he’s the only he’s the best us men’s national goalkeeper who’s a real starter at the moment. But he just isn’t that good with the ball at his feet, he was probably he was. He didn’t make mistake as like a goalkeeper shot, stopper claiming balls really well, nothing you’d say was that thing at the end, but he was fouled anyway, so it wouldn’t have counted, but uh yeah just disappointed to see what he was at with all his feet and Honestly, i’m, looking at something like a bill, hamid who i’m pretty sure i’m the biggest fan of him outside dc, but he had a. He was very good with the ball at his feet when he played the friendly once he gets going again. I feel like he’s somebody. We should really consider because he’s somebody who is playing all the time now he’s good with the ball at his feet, very good shot stopper. I want him to be back in the setup now onto two guys who i really had a problem with today, and that was jackson, newell and jonathan lewis, and i just want to say before i even analyze their play.

Those are two guys who failed in the olympic qualifying. They failed and they didn’t do a good job in the olympics and because of that we’re having a lot of players who aren’t going to be playing nationally as like liam flock cole bassett, they have to stay home and now, despite their failures, they’re still in the Team taking minutes away from guys who would have been playing if they would have done their jobs like, and you wonder why they continue to play bad. We don’t have any accountability. They they need to be dropped. They’Re not good enough for this team jackson, yo he’s too much of a defensive liability to be playing in the six with his limited technical ability, he’s very slow on the ball he can under hit passes. He his touches aren’t that great like when you just watch him like compare him with something like a west mckinney tyler items. They do things in one touch that he needs two or three to do, and especially at that sixth position he should not be playing. Then jonathan lewis, he’s he’s, i don’t, want to be too negative but like when you see his type of player, you look at a guy and go okay. He’S, probably like a daniel james type player, where he’s like okay he’s really athletic, but he’s, not that good. On the ball, but the athleticism makes up for it. He’S, like that, but he’s, not a good athlete like i don’t know how to say it he’s like a a winger who is limited in his abilities, who you give him a pass because he could get better because his athleticism is so good.

You can see his ceiling, but he’s not athletic he’s, just a bad winger. I don’t know why he’s in this team and you’re, just bringing guys like him instead of people like, i would like to see a leon flock. I would like to see a cold pass. It especially because it looks like we’re not even going to be playing with wingers at the moment, so there was no point in bringing jonathan lewis so yeah just i’m, really just going to see him um. I feel, like some guys were kind of average. Today, uh nicolo giaccini, i feel like he was decent, given the circumstances of having to come on when he wasn’t really prepared to um to get some decent moments, but not great sam vine scored the goal for us. But again i feel like it wasn’t that great i’m miles robinson, i probably could have put him in the past it’s very solid today, but again the defense just wasn’t that great today, so i i don’t know like zimmerman – was better than him: uh daryl, dk didn’t Get to do too much, but man just the presence he provides when it comes on that’s great i’m, noticing that they’re giving him a lot of like you’re, big, so we’re going to call a fallon you for nothing type fouls. I really hope that gets sorted out soon and uh yeah, i mean williamson didn’t have too much time. Um james sands would like to see him more especially go to three at the back, but you can’t really grade them off their time, so yeah that’s about how i feel for everybody individually, a lot of good performances, more positive than negative, but just the team as Whole i just didn’t, like i don’t, think greg burkhalter i feel like the team selection was totally wrong.

I told you the midfield. I just feel like it wasn’t balanced correctly uh there wasn’t enough creativity in the attack uh. I do how much i like jazzy’s artist, he’s, not a guy he’s, going to create for you uh. It sucks that parlor yolo went down, but i don’t think he would have changed the game. Jonathan lewis, not that great, so you need a guy like abusio in the team, especially if like, if you had bushio and leglett in this team. I feel like that’s enough creativity, but at the moment, with you all and a cost in there as well it’s, not good enough um. Tactically, i guess you could say all right. I think we did better when we had the better personnel in but and i’m, not too sure i mean just being as haiti, even with the poor, like not the greatest quality of players, i feel like. We still should have done better um, and i mean you can’t say too much. I feel like the team selection was just so bad that didn’t even matter what the tactical idea was, and we did come out pretty flat to start the second half, which i know normally. We i feel, like the thing is like with our team, like everything that we say is good culture. I feel like that’s, more. The players like west mckinney christian pools, tyler adams, giovanni arena, everybody i’m, forgetting i feel like it’s, more of them than the players like when we went down against mexico twice and responded so quickly.

That was, i feel like that was the players, because we came out flat after a poor. Second half i feel like that’s, not greg burkhalter, setting a culture. I feel like that’s, just really good players. I i still don’t think greg. Burkhalter is the guy for us and yeah very disappointing game. I mean three points is three points, but uh it’ll be really interesting to see how we do against canada. Martinique should be an easy win and if we lose still because we shoot ourselves in the foot, i really want to see us go against a good team, and hopefully team selection will be better play will be better and yeah.

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