Concacaf Gold Cup, Mexico national football team, Guatemala national football team, Trinidad and Tobago national football team, El Salvador national football team, 2021, National Football Federation of Guatemala ONCACAF Gold Cup – Martinique vs USA – 5 Minute Preview

Just the one year win. Of course not really fully strength united states, but still enough that should go far in this competition uh. Of course. What about haiti, though, of course they’re? Not they they! They gave me a good round of run for themselves, but uh yeah. Martinique, are the opposition. This time around anybody will talk about anime. Of course, big shout out to vips, of course, and the patrons much love to the channel, but anyway, we’re gon na jump right into the deep end. Now, five minute preview. Looking forward to here, it is martinique up against ooh s, a let’s get in the deep end. There shall we of course, take place on the 50th of july at children’s mercy park lay kickoff a martinique managed by mario bakali, of course, usa, managed by greg bertalter uh, of course, lucky now in the dugout who’s gon na be the master plan. Martinique, of course, uh qualified, the cookie cafe. Nations league league, a group c second place spot, of course done that secured the spawn 17 they’ve been in the tournament seven times in the past last time. It was 2019 best doubles, quarter, finals, goodness krishna and they’re not ranked called the fifa uh. As for their uh route to this day, right here right now, uh starting off with our 4 1 loss against canada, of course, taking on the united states next get every draw there. Then you know you never know.

You never know. Of course, up against haiti will leave a bit of a benchmark, uh opportunity, but they come to this bottom of the pile at the moment over in group b, let’s remind ourselves, of course, the squad for martinique, of course, everybody’s favorite. Everyone knows the martini players uh, of course, we’re going to stop 26 learn chauvet between the sticks, potentially uh it’s. A defense we’ve got the likes of jared uh to come from club russian. We got jean babin from sporting xihong over in spain intimate field. We got the likes of uh, stefan uh aberdour from club fraschian and up top we’ve got the likes of gregory pastel uh kevin faunton from algeria, emmanuel riviera, of course, from kotoni as well. Of course, they did get themselves a goal in the first match up against canada, but they ultimately lost good to go with this starting line. Look chara between sticks, yan team, on joey, dondon, sebastian, christian, jean civilian babin and carl vertoulin uh, make it be back five. Daniel eddie steven uh, abul um, christopher jorgon, gregory pastel and emmanuel raviere up top. What about the united states? Of course, coming into this uh managed by greg bertolter qualified as the concrete cap nation of the league, a first uh play spot they’ve done that back in the video in 2019 during the tournament 18 times in the past last, around 2019 they’ve won it five times In the past county ranked fifa wise 20th in the world, of course they come into this after that, when they win against haiti, of course, taking on martinique right here right now before they hopefully will have a uh end of the end of the group stage.

Uh juicing canada, with canada to see who will come out. Uh top of the group, of course remind ourselves of the united states squads there’s, no pulisic there’s, no reyna uh. It is a young young squad that uh has got themselves off to a flyer. So far, of course, between six bill likes a brad, goose and, of course, ex aston villa keeper there, with samuel vines at the back uh did he score? Who got the goal uh miles or robinson, of course, for atlanta for atlanta, united uh it’s, a midfield with the likes of paul aviola, uh jonathan lewis, from colorado, rapids, um, uh, sebastian liglett as well? Up top, we got the likes of nicolas curie cheney from ken over in france, again league deux, uh and jose azades from columbus crew down with dk as well. Look at then the starting lineup for this one, black goose, number 26 christian roland i’ve got the likes of uh walter zimmerman. Sam vines, reggie cannon sebastian neglect kevin killian, acosta, ghazali zadeh, so could probably we should probably be up top there miles. Robertson, probably be in the left left back here and christian rolando midfield, david dk and pull ariola as well. Of course, pleasure twice. Uh two wins are two for the united states uh. Of course, two new women was the biggest win, scored five goals to their two, which is around about two point: five goals: game ratio; they come to this 834 picking up, four wins in the past possible: uh; uh; sorry, five wins as a possible six uh.

Meanwhile, 25 percent for martinique no wins in the possible six. Last time, punch of the three two win back 2017 was a concave gold cup, a group b match and, of course, price that was student winning gold cup 2011. uh. Why does it say 2003 that’s a bit weird uh? Of course they put a vote out there. 576 years, i’ve voted. 80 percent have gone in favor with usa. Martinique has got 60. Three percent have gone with the draw. What about me? What about me on this? One we do not have uh or we do have bookies odds on this. One is a fresh off off to the press. 1601. Is your usa uh on uh, 8100 25 to 1 is your long shots. That is martinique, of course. How about the uh, the futures on this one uh, usa, 64, second favorites for the title, martinico actually long shots 1000! I am going to go with a cheeky tuna win for the united states put on a bit of a benchmark, maybe of course, after that – that little hiccup also narrow, win against haiti last round. But that is it, my friends, that is it. What do you think about this uh have martin, you got any hope. What about united states? Can they go the bloody distance, of course, so far they’ve been a bit a bit of it’s a bit of a bit stagnant, of course, coming off the back of that nation’s league victory against mexico with a completely revamped youthful uh looking side so they’ll be trying To uh kind of pick up a bit of momentum with these young boys and maybe show show the depth of the united states squad, but i think they’re going to get trip found out one way or the other, but i don’t think it’s going to be here Too new in the end, give the video some of it smash your thumbs up smash your subscribe.

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