Concacaf Gold Cup, Trinidad and Tobago national football team, Mexico national football team, Guatemala national football team, El Salvador national football team, 2021 ⚽ Trinidad and Tobago vs El Salvador ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (14/07/2021) | PES 2021

First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare. That goes with it. The mood is upbeat laced with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in the teams. Themselves will be with us shortly: the atmosphere, predictably, wonderful Applause. Certainly, this is a very, very impressive venue, quite a sight to behold, and so the national anthems, quite some performance, and now here comes the response day, one and everybody eager to get off to a good start. Yeah and it’s obvious peter. You don’t want to be playing catch up after the open group game, so we can expect this to be highly competitive. Three points here and the feel good factor of eventual progression kicks in it’s a great foundation to tackle the rest of the uh. The group games and that gets things running Applause he’s found his man a real chance if he can get through he’s good for him. Given such an open invitation, he was always gon na shoot. Yeah and teamwork was key to that. A beautiful piece of engineering to set him free in the box, deadlock, broken it’s, one nil, still a fragile lead, though they can’t afford to sit on this good work on the right flank now what’s next and the ball is out of play. There has been just the early goal here and it’s one level and the shots it’s off target and by quite a way all he’ll be thinking is please ground.

Swallow me up Applause. Applause Applause loses his balance and loses the ball good ball chance and already they’re. Looking to run away with it well, i think there’s a few trying to claim offside, but he looks to have been on yeah. He was on things starting to look very comfortable well with this kind of authority peter. Why not push on and totally kill this off? Applause did well to step in there. That was more than necessary out to the right. He’S left his man goes for goal. They are all too easy. They are in danger of disappearing out of sight, the lightness of step, the sharpness of movement, the certainty of finish, that’s, always a great sight. You know on a football pitch, nimble footage, show great balance and a really cool head to finish, and that kind of dribbling is really smart. Three without reply, this is becoming a stroll, no doubt as to who has the momentum here now. The only doubt is how many is coming. Applause finds himself eased off the ball strong challenge, but well within the Applause laws coming up to half time leading and things are looking pretty good Applause he’s had a shot was the first touch to die for and it set him up beautifully Applause driving on. He could hit and he should have made it for yeah. They got away with it, but that was a defensive. Let down to see him march through, like that.

Well there’s, plenty that can be said about the last 45 minutes. But one thing that cannot be said is that it’s dull one sided. Do i really need to say anything or can i simply refer you to the scoreline really has been an astonishing game tempered with goals. You cannot help feeling that the second half will supply more and we are already promptly back on the way Applause gets away from his opponents that’s one way of trying to make things happen, there’s a few who could follow that example forward? It goes well, they can break here. I’Ll get the better of his opposite number Applause. This defense, just doesn’t trust itself to to play a higher line, frighten the people getting in behind yeah. Absolutely it just opens up the opportunity of not only strikers getting behind, but the runners from midfield too Music Applause, Music Applause, it’s a loose ball more than happy to take the muscular approach. Defenders on the back foot Applause out of harm’s way, that’s just an example of over committing and they’re fortunate for the quality of the intervention. It was vital and that’ll go straight through to the Applause keeper tries to get it forward quickly. Applause loves it in gently pulls out on the left now, Applause brakes on here, good idea, just poorly executed Applause managed to get it away; Applause, a real chance and a real let off well to wait until now to make this change seems a bit baffling he’s.

Expecting the miraculous to turn this around from here Applause and that’s that that’s the way to launch the campaign, they can look ahead with confidence and comfort. If we sum up what we’ve witnessed jim listen, ideally, any new campaign needs a start. That puts three points on the board and it’s mission accomplished.

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Concacaf Gold Cup, Trinidad and Tobago national football team, Mexico national football team, Guatemala national football team, El Salvador national football team, 2021 – Mexico | Concacaf Gold Cup 2021 | PES Fantasy