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They lost the nation, united states, national team in the gold cup, but bear in mind you’re right again: the cotton bowl the host venue for this mexico gowana don’t, expect it. This is a mexico team that dominated thrall Music Applause, Music Applause moments, as we talked about before, expect them not to have too much of the ball and look to exploit it, or was that a trend, alexi lawless and then on sunday they lost 2 0 to El salvador from puerto 51 appearances, nine goals and, of course, kunos more we’ve talked so much we’ll find out as we are underway hooked up without a weather delay. Just shy of 40 minutes in this one. The rain has passed what a mullet at the age of 22. – oh that was a freak, might have been a foul there and a pull on it. Alvarez it’s, gon na be not going to see a lot of they like to drop back deeper line of confrontations. Right about the halfway line right here, trying to get some pressure on mec chasing all the way along here is kevin let’s in court down in the corner got across in for loam and sausado have to send it out rodriguez and get a ball into the box, And loma has been very active early, missed that chance, Applause, Music salcedo – he is appears to be in some gutierrez, driven into a good area popped to the airport as maury was close to it, and that was a clearing touch.

It looks like by alejandro galindo. Well, i’m, not sure how this isn’t an own goal. Santis now and you just see how quickly trying to get up the field force, mexico to defend and that’s an overly aggressive challenge there from saucedo and it’s going to be a free kick santis is down celsado’s. Having to be restrained, Applause sends us into the back post, and that was a foul there. It looked like is just trying to return. Guyardo felt the contact went down. Referee uninterested well now he’s interested two games to clinch their spot in the next round. Mexico can’t join him officially tonight guatemala could find themselves eliminated. Herrera he’s fouled free kick in a great shooting position for mexico. Yeah herrera had made a great run off the ball for the first and then found that a few days later, curacao is out covered outbreak. You got to get in that’s a tough tackle there, edson alvarez going in on bettencourt, and there was some frustration, carlos saucedo, trying to force a pass through the wind rippling around the jerseys. As you can see, it is Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause stand over it. It’S corona, who lifts this in it’s up in the air and all the way through by funes mori, as his frustration continues to build, we won the gold cup with the us in 2017, there’s moises, hernandez, defending on swinging ball, it’s, knocked away by garcia goal. Here’S choco rodriguez, wide rodriguez, deflected crop back foreign, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, mexico’s, first goal with the gold cup Applause; Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music urged to shoot the shoot puts it just wide.

Well, he’s, not the most prolific goal: scorer ensign alvarez! You see him as the center back or is the touch big collision with gallardo Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause that was offside anyway. Applause delay run from santees to 45 minutes down 45 to go with the cotton ball in dallas stew, holden and john strong Music. 7. 0 over cuba. They then beat canada 3 1 being eliminated if they lose tonight. Their gold cup is effectively done with the game to go as an early foul there as canada goes down, yeah it’s going to be a lot of the same great little back heel. Chance for tech, though he’s got options, detroit mauricio leaving his way through and finally, a whistle lovely back heel from funes mori takatito fires that one up backhand foot is more. He picks it up. Trying to log in there is more Applause. Big smiles tonight against guatemala away, but he’s been playing well cookie lozano galindo, giving that final warning about encroachment to expect a great footwork guy on the outside foot is more. He wants his hat trick guy to took it himself and blasted it over wrong decision here. Can’T do so third of the night for guatemala Applause rodriguez. Look! How many numbers are up for mexico.

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Concacaf Gold Cup, Trinidad and Tobago national football team, Mexico national football team, Guatemala national football team, El Salvador national football team, 2021 – Mexico | Concacaf Gold Cup 2021 | PES Fantasy

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