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The storm of earnings coming up for the next two weeks. Well, perhaps two to three weeks so i’ll be going over the vix and the vxn very quickly kind of identify some really important levels: i’ll go over the nasdaq. The s p, the dow and i’ll go over the new york stock exchange index as well ticker symbol, nya, something that i haven’t really covered on the channel in the past. I think it’s good for us to really take a look at where that’s trading as well as is, as it encompasses all the stocks within the new york stock exchange. As always, if you guys enjoy this video and find it helpful, all i ask from you guys is that you hit that, like button really helps out the channel in a tremendous way check out the weeble and the patreon links down in the description below. If you wish to join our private discord, our money vesting community get access to tutorials like these, for technical and fundamental analysis get access to our excel spreadsheets our swing trading ideas. My trading view charts my watch list summer rights notes on pds. All that is going to be included. So if you wish to take advantage of that with limited spots available, the link is going to be down in the description below so the vix up over 8.47, something that we covered in our market update. But i really wanted to address this as it starts to push higher from the support at 15 levels.

Usually, what we have seen for the vix what’s happened is that we’ve seen an intraday spike and then the buyers usually stepped in for the vix to come back down. I mean we saw that over here on july 15th. We even saw that, coming in from july 8th, we were trading as high as this 21 22 levels before the sellers basically came in, and the buyers for the s p 500 came into the market to bring us back down to lows of 18 or 19 levels And we sold off the next day all the way down to 16 levels, so we’re, like literally right, hovering over that support of 15.. So this right here is the level that the s p 500 is so reluctant to actually break down below, like we’ve seen a couple times over here. So you’ll notice this entire time coming in from june 24th till july 7th we were trading right around that 15. 16 levels before seeing that spike, so what i’m trying to say is the volatility spikes when no one is expecting it right. So this right here was actually breaking down below 15 and in just a couple days we actually spiked over 51 for the vex. So right now, it’s looking like we’re, potentially going to see a little bit of a continuation and some movement, and you thought that the last couple weeks was actually bad for the markets. Just wait for the next two to three weeks and what the market is going to be going through with the fomc meeting right.

We’Ve got the interest rate decision from the fed and how jerome powell has already addressed how he still acknowledges that inflation in the short term is running higher, but he’s still sticking to that transitory story and also addressing the tapering and all that stuff. That we’re gon na find out the timelines for it in the future as well and then not to mention all the earnings that are coming up as well. So for the vix keep a close eye at 19 right that’s. The level that we have kind of gotten rejected here in the past, but if, for any reason, we see a little bit more of a continuation and spike in volatility, i’m gon na be closely watching all the way to highs of 29 to 30 levels and position. Myself, as a buyer at this level, so let me actually go ahead and put this uh over here so over here we are actually buying stocks, and the reason that is is because, when the vic spikes, the s p 500 actually drops – and we want to be On the contrary, right, so we want to be a seller at these levels, so this right here is the opportunity to actually trim positions. Uh, you know, rebalance your portfolios as a vix test, some type of support and the s p the nasdaq hit new. All time highs so that right there is going to be closely on my watch at 29 to 30 levels and i’m going to be positioning myself as a buyer.

If the vix continues to spike um, you know it’s kind of like i’m, really hoping for it, but at the same time, if it doesn’t get up there, no big deal i’m going to continue to act um as a buyer in this market. If we do see those deals and talents here, for example, so far, for example, a lot of those stocks are continuing to sell off in a smaller mid cap space. I will continue to kind of add more to those positions in the future as well, but keep a close eye at 19. First, all the way as 29 to 30 levels for the vix um talking first about the earnings very quickly. So actually, this right here was a calendar for july uh, so you’ll notice that all these things are actually behind us, so inflation numbers are behind their retail sales is behind us. Uh joel’s report is behind us uh. The opec meeting is still ongoing, but the oil reports are still behind us as well, and we got a bunch of earnings coming up, which i will go over in just a second for the calendar. But this right here july 28th to 27th is going to be when the fomc meeting actually begins. We’Ve got the interest rate, projection, interest rate decision, the fomc press conference and a bunch of earnings as well, which are going to be over here. So this right here is going to be the complete calendar for next week.

This is not the entire month, but this is all the companies that are reporting next week. One of the bigger fan names is going to be netflix, so you’ll notice that right here on tuesday after the close we’ve got netflix that’s reporting their earnings um. On monday, we don’t really have a lot of companies that i’m personally interested in, but on tuesday we’ve got ally. Bank we’ve got key banks, so some other banks also reporting their earnings. United airlines in chipotle is also reporting their earnings so i’m going to be watching. Those very very closely citizens bank is also going to be one of the companies reporting their earnings. Let me know in the comment section down below which earnings are you guys most excited about next week and the weeks to follow as well, but on wednesday we’ve got companies like coca cola, texas instrument, uh? We got johnson and johnson verizon. We got asml, which i believe is a government contractor, but i could be wrong, but nasdaq is also reporting their earnings on wednesday before the markets open. We got discover reporting their earnings on wednesday as well after they’re closed and then on thursday. We’Ve got companies like intel snapchat, we got twitter another one of those big tech companies at t is going to be reporting. American airlines is on the list right: sam adams, capital, one some of the banking and uh airline stocks as well so southwest and average laboratories are all going to be reporting their earnings with friday towards the end of the week.

So close out the week we’ve got schlumberger it’s, another oil and energy producing company american express uh. We got nextera energy, which actually has been doing really well over the last couple days. It’S, like three four three, when the dow and the s p, nasdaq, have really dropped significantly and external energy has been actually going up. It’S pretty interesting right. Utility sectors are catching the bid here. So those right there are going to be all the earnings coming up. Next week, that i’m personally interested in – but this right here is for the next uh two to three weeks, perhaps the next like four weeks out, so we already had delta. We already had wells, fargo city blackrock, a lot of the banking stocks already announced their earnings. Uh, but next week, starting next week again netflix li chipotle, united airlines cola, verizon snapchat, twitter, intel 18 bridge american express and the following week is when the fun really starts. Tesla is not on this list because i think they haven’t really confirmed yet, but they are going to be expected to announce somewhere on july, 27th or 26th. So right around here is when they’re gon na be actually announcing uh their earnings, but, along with that we’ve got apple. We’Ve got uh general electric. We got visa, we got facebook, boeing, paypal, pfizer, we got twilio. I think amazon and amd are also going to be around july 27. 28Th. So those are all the earnings are coming up right: pinterest, caterpillar.

We got exxon, mobil, procter and gamble chevron. A lot of the energy companies also announcing it during the last week of july. So so yeah i mean it’s going to be very, very interesting. I will be putting out separate videos dedicated videos on a lot of these tech and growth names to basically go over um. What the earnings expectations are from the revenue and eps standpoint moving forward. But right now the markets, uh without a doubt does look a little bit on the weak side, so the nasdaq coming down about 80 basis points and uh from our all time highs. We are down roughly over two and a half percent, which is not a huge deal, but we want to keep this on our watch if it continues to pull back if it continues to sell out down to 14 200, maybe down to 13 600. Those right there are going to represent some really interesting and attractive buying opportunities within that space within the tech and growth names, as we’ve already covered on the channels that right there is going to be a pretty sizable correction for the nasdaq. If you come down to 13 600 or even as low as 13 000, we can’t rule those out, we can never rule out these values or these sort of levels for the nasdaq for vsnb, because they can always happen in a snap right. It can always. I mean markets, take uh, uh staircases up and then elevators down right, that’s, the nature of the markets and selling is more aggressive than buying it’s.

All it’s always has been that way, because you’ll notice that it only takes about a few like a few days for us to drop a little bit over eight point, eight five percent, and then it took us almost about a month or more than a month to Bring us back over nine percent right. So almost always the selloff happens in a few days and the rallies happen in a few months right or a few weeks so that’s, the kind of like the nature of the market. So it’s not going to warn us before selling off, which is why i wanted to uh kind of put out this video and put out another video where how we can prepare for the next market correction, but keep a close eye on 14 200. All the way. As low as 13 613, a thousand points for the nasdaq talking about the s p 500 you’ll notice that we’re now starting to see a little bit of a pullback here, because that is a pretty significant red candle down about 75 basis points and we’re down. Just over one and a half percent from our all time highs, so the 50 exponential moving average, the 50 ema in yellow, is going to be the first level to watch at close to 42 45 or close to 44, 42. 40, all the way as low as 4 000 points for the s p 500, and talking quickly about the dow jones that’s going to be ticker symbol, dia you’ll notice that we also got rejected at this triple top resistance for the dow jones or actually it’s.

A double top resistance at close to this level, uh validated at 350 dollars per share for this etf. So if you do come down, the the 50 ema sitting, roughly at 343, is going to be the first level to watch all the way as low as this 332 previous resistance, acting as a validated support here, that’s going to be a pullback uh for the dow Jones a little bit over four percent. Last but not least, i want to quickly go over nya that’s, going to be the new york stock exchange composite uh. This also has some type of a triple top resistance. This is all the stocks that are listed on the nyse exchange, you’ll notice that we have actually been rallying um since march lows of a little bit over 94. I mean back in march 2020 if you would have put all the stocks within the new york stock exchange in a dark boat, and you just threw darts and picked the stock. I mean it would have been chancellor, it would have been up quite substantially right, that’s. The bull market that’s the nature of the bull market that we’ve seen if, if a lot of stocks catch bids, it’s chances are a lot of like a lot of them, pretty much all of them actually catch bids in a bull market right, it’s like regardless of What the company is what the company does in the short term, everything just moves up, so this right here is a triple top resistance for the new york stock exchange and right now, we’re, seeing a little bit of a pullback with some serious negative divergence here.

So this right here is the lower highs being formed from the relative strength index, as we continued to tap on that same resistance at 16 700.. So if you do see a more persistent selloff here and some more weakness, i wouldn’t be surprised if we do come down to the 16 000 level for this index or even lower uh, potentially resulting in some type of a pullback and or a correction in the Future as well down about one and a half to two percent, so watch these very very closely and make sure that you’re watching the vix and the vxn also very closely because that’s what’s going to be really an indication on when to actually start buying versus. When you want to start start selling and start trimming your positions and, of course, a lot of earnings coming up with the interest rate decision right around the corner as well we’ll be putting out dedicated videos on individual companies and what my expectations are. But as always, if you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, please make sure to drop a like.

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