Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, Stock, Stock market, Nasdaq p;P 500 dips even as earnings continues to outpace expectations

131 was the low today, on the 10 year, breath hasn’t been great of late um ark stocks not doing well at all what’s your focus today, yeah there’s, there’s, no bounce in those arc names it’s something that i’ve been watching and and uh talking about here. On the network, i think markets overall, though, were pretty calm today very quietly, healthcare is advancing. One of the stronger sectors may have something to do with that appropriations. Bill. Uh banks seem pretty good today, i’m, looking at discover financial, dfs and capital, one two credit card names. They seem to be getting their mojo back, morgan, stanley and goldman sachs are the two best of the large banks. Transports are acting better too. I think there’s a good risk return from the long side here. Those stocks have taken a couple of steps back, but they seem to have found. Support. Industrials are better than materials. Materials are better than energy that’s, very short term, but look at the leaders. Honeywell is right at an all time, high apple, another all time, high target. How about this 74th day in a row new record high, so yeah. We could focus on some of the more speculative names in the arc portfolio um, but a they’re, not that big other than tesla and b. I don’t think the overall averages are really taking their cue from those names. I think bigger picture we’ve talked about this it’s. The quality names that seem to be holding up the best they may correct and follow some of these other sectors that’s always possible, but that hasn’t happened yet so breadth is a negative, but the leadership is still extremely strong and i choose to focus on that because I’M, a glasses half full kind of guy.

I hear you but look. You know kathy woods talking about a risk off environment, tiffany um. This is your wheelhouse and i mentioned every time we talk about the ark stocks and you’re on the show. I have to go to you um, because you’re right in the epicenter of all of this, whether it’s peloton today, which you own or square what you own tesla or twitter, they’re all in there i’m wondering what you make of the fact that these stocks in the Ark funds have had a real big problem of late yeah, so i think that you can’t paint all of these stocks with one broad brush right, and so yes, they are in the arc funds, and we do you know i, like my innovation, and i certainly like My tech um, but i like all of those different names for different reasons and again i keep getting back to um. You know the idea that you know at our firm. We are long term investors, so what an individual name does over a day a week a month, even a few months, we’re less concerned about. We are concerned about the direction, but we have conviction around each of those names you mentioned peloton. You mentioned square um. I don’t know if you mentioned tesla, but certainly tesla is a huge yeah, a huge part of um of uh arc, and so we have different stories for each of those names. So you know we can look at square and we can look at the fact that you know um.

We. We think that square is well positioned for this. You know insurgent of you know digital um transactions that that that we’re in right now and that it’s going to be definitely certainly important to the future um. We look at peloton. We still own peloton, we’re, not buying it right now. Kathy clearly still owns it, but we do like peloton long term there’s a lot of dust that needs to be settled in this reopen phase that we’re in right.

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