El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup ⚽ Mexico vs El Salvador ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (18/07/2021) | PES 2021

Everybody can have the same hopes everybody the same dreams. This could be our year we’re going to do it again. It will be us at last. Those are the sorts of things we hear year on year. Hardly a surprise, then that everybody is raring to go. It is a venue this which simply adds to the spectacle of the game. It stages one of the most impressive arenas in this part of the world, and so we stand for the anthems. Well, they have thrown down the gauntlet with that anthem now to match it. Applause, the imperative for everyone, three points on opening day well, peter both of these teams will take to the pitch with a three point: focus ambition is fresh and strong, and each will want to go deep into the competition, so neither will be looking to come out Of this with a flawed game plan, this has to be assured and close to their best. The action has already started Applause, raul, jimenez plays it forward, Applause, header it’s, broken loose, and that has been clubbed away. Applause chance to shoot lozano Applause. Oh high quality goal: lovely first touch sumptuous, second Applause, so we have our breakthrough and that ought to be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on. I know that is pretty much the end of that and here’s raoul lozano Applause. Hardly anything between the sides and the score is one nil and it’s roll christians were asked and he’s, given the answers, raul, lozano and he’s he’s, one of los ano Applause.

Thinking about that. I think they’ve perfected, that on the trailer ground, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front and they really commit forward in numbers too. It was all very well drilled. Mexico get themselves a two goal: cushion the turning of the screw comes to mind. Peter they’ve got them where they want them. That looks a good ball. Well red. He sorted that out. Well, here is the raid. We were told to expect. There were better options before the ball was lost, easy to save from up here i know we hit half time some first half thoughts well, it’s, looking pretty straightforward, peter they’ve got themselves into a very good position. So why did it from here when they can repeat their first half success with uh, another short strength, mexico in control, at halftime, Applause and we’re off again, Applause, pretty robust, but it’s got the job done, it’s a very good battle there: terrific to watch raul, who’s Ball, who’s gon na get that and here’s well roll roll and more and more and more and the lead is three. It is surely done well that defense just wasn’t expecting their midfield to mess up then so, when they did, they were caught completely cold by such a swift breakaway and such a well worked finish too. Mexico take a three goal, lead and they are romping out of sight, gets good distance on it. Mexico get it back again and that’s the end of that.

It all started well enough. Applause across the field it goes. Has he found his man plays it out to the flank going through can’t get the better of his opposite number hoist it forward decent. Looking ball, he’s away. Applause, oh just lacked a decent finish. Mexico were again presented with an opportunity to break and look very, very threatening Applause. Oh well, intercepted really, alerts the danger, Applause and it’s roll Applause. No, not quite Music. Applause played out to the right trait run. This he’s covered quite a distance. Towering header final touch was paul Applause, moreno and that will be the final act and that’s the way to launch the campaign. They can look ahead with confidence and comfort. I can.

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