El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup Highlights: Trinidad Tobago 0-2 El Salvador – Gold Cup 2021

Looking for the curler there laureen decent ball forward, good defending from jelani peters el salvador wins seconds. Long range effort. Great build up play here from el salvador in frederick molino. Trying to hold it up just gets bullied off the ball by the more imposing eric zabaleta poke through josh perez scampers to get to it quickly hit on the first time and a big save from fender up Applause. Well, perez used his pace to be able to get there and following up the play was joaquin rivas and he was looking for a second goal in his many games. But fredner dropped off for molino the pursuit from el salvador. Maybe some untidy work from trinidad and tobago Applause, where tamakas has really been involved on this right hand: side nice, little spin, here’s the shot and it’s in for el salvador Applause there’s that little spin there that created all the space and then there’s not much that Fredno can do about the strike from enriquez, while he might not have hit it all that cleanly the placement more pressure from el salvador and it pays off trinidad scrambling frederick, makes the save perez on the follow up and he’s guided something that el salvador will certainly Take but enriquez was that close much better here from trinidad telfer just gets it away hack shop into space, and here comes the soko warriors great little step over trinidad could be in here and that’s heroic, defending from eric zabaleta.

Then it was rayon moore back pose telfer’s there miscommunication a big collision between two players from trinidad here’s powder on the follow up and that’s well over everything coming under a place: hyrule enriquez the goal scorer but hold on just a second trinidad, looking dangerous it’s off The crossbar alex lauren paid the price and he just barely got a toe in there. Joseph elects to go for goal and gonzalez needed to readjust to make the save boy gonzalez took it molino trying to get to his feet. Miscommunication here el salvador trying to put it away tremendous block still loose in the area freddie up with the save, and he keeps true to that in the game. Oh and somehow he avoids committing the handball. That would have been a penalty of frederick moreno. Wants it back and receives moreno goes for goal on the line frederick keeps it out has to be now. Oh, how on earth did the initial miss go, but now it’s poked in a play that sometimes you might only see in fifa unfolds at gold cup and walmart martinez says. Thank you very much. Boys we’re, headed to the knockout stage, full time.

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El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup ⚽ Mexico vs El Salvador ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (18/07/2021) | PES 2021