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This is my favorite moment. We came from the ground and now Music. Today, a new journey begins for the next crop of american soccer talent, future awfully bright for the us men’s national team, the faces of the future eager to make a name for themselves and put the united states on notice the redemption generation groomed to not just envision Success but expect it and embrace it now on fs1, match day on fs1 is sponsored by qatar airways. Our day two triple header from the gold cup begins in beautiful kansas city and it features the only team, besides the united states and mexico, to win this competition. Canada, they lifted this trophy back in 2000, and a talented generation of players has them believing another. Deep run is in store this summer only once as martinique advanced beyond the group stage that a quarterfinal appearance back in 2002 can they emerge as this summer’s cinderella and two more matches on tap later here on fs1 the u.s chasing their seventh gold cup title. They begin their campaign against haiti. Then el salvador meets guatemala as we welcome you to fox sports coverage of the 16th edition of the concacaf gold cup, rob stone. A couple of u.s gold cup bets mo. Do alexi, lawless here with you, europe done south america done. It’S, this region’s part of the world time to take over the soccer scene here on this summer of soccer on fox sports and what a wild opening night that set an early tone here at the gold cup last evening now it’s the u.

s a little bit later. Today, with a chance to lay an opening marker of their own yeah, you smell that it’s another tournament. I love it. I love it bring it on and we saw last night, it kicked off in full force and i think it was a reminder because that’s not a good result for mexico to start off a tournament. This is a mexico that a lot of people are picking to win they’re, bringing all of their players uh and they are they are. They are heavily fortified shall we say but it’s a reminder to this u.s team as they go and face haiti and continue on through this tournament. Don’T take anything for granted, it’s also an opportunity for these players, because there are spots open. I guarantee you will see players in this gold cup playing for the us men’s national team that feature later on this fall in world cup qualifying and knock on wood. This u.s men’s team is in qatar next november and december. They will also feature in the world cup playing for the us today. A new journey begins for the next crop of american soccer talent. This is why the summer of soccer is occupying our brains right now, the faces of the future eager to make a name for themselves and put their country on notice. Oh, my goodness, welcome to the next chapter Applause and it starts now on fs1, huge crowd on hand in kansas city children’s mercy park.

There that’s, where the u.s will begin their quest for a seventh gold cup title. We go inside the tunnel and front and center du bois sebastian lizette mainstay for the la galaxy he’s, the 12th different player to wear that captain’s armband under greg burhalter and burr halter, saying we’re going to have leadership by committee. He’S got veterans and he’s got some unproven talent and he’s, trying to blend them all together to get the u.s back to the world cup and back to gold cup glory hello, lexi. We remember the pain that the u.s nation felt when they failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup. You know who also failed to qualify italy. Today they won the euros u.s, showing they too can bounce back and be resilient and get themselves back on the national landscape here’s how they start this gold cup that’s the start of a new tournament here for this u.s team, and you want to start off strong And there’s plenty of talent when it comes to this team. You mentioned matt turner in goal and see how he goes through this tournament and if he can say, hey, look at me going forward. Jesse zardes up top, keep in mind. Daryl dk is on the bench. He is available, as is plenty of talent and experience in the likes of gianluca bustillo and eric williamson and george bella. You see those players either today or through this tournament, but lots of talent in this starting eleven ten of the eleven from mls.

No, i ask you: where is the strength in that starting eleven for the u.s but it’s sam vines, who is the difference maker at the break? Rob moe and alexi will give us their thoughts on what we’ve seen in a moment.

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