El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Mexico RSR: A Little Aztec Rage: Guatemala 0-3 Mexico 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Review

Reviewing guatemala, nil, mexico, 3 in group, a of the 2021 concacaf gold cup, mexico doesn’t, dominate they dominate on stats, but they should have scored more. But overall they win like they really should win a game against inferior competition. For the most part you could have asked for more, but really for me, mexico should have done better, but they did just enough. I think to ward off any really big criticism and ward off any worry most of it from the trinidad game. Goals were scored as follows. In the 28th minute rojillo funes mori of monterey at his club ball is switched. Play is switched to rojo funes mori. He rounds the defender takes a shot at the far post, bangs it in to make it one nil, that’s the way it would go into half then in the 54th minute luis rodriguez has the ball, crosses it into center regio funes mori bangs it into the back Of the net easy as you like, wasn’t really a tap in, but he gets a good shot. There makes it two nil in the 54th minute, then, in the 79th minute orbilin pineda gets a header ball crossed in. He has a free header heads it in easy. As you like, goalkeeper could do nothing about it. Three nil, that’s, the way it would end. Mexico get three points, get four points in the group now sitting at second, but they can win the group it’s in their hands.

All they have to do is beat el salvador if they draw. El salvador is still first in the group. If mexico wins they get first el salvador second and then guatemala and trinidad are out. Trinidad’S destiny is out of their hands. They have to beat guatemala, they probably will, but they also have to hope mexico draws, but the goal differential is not good for trinidad anyway, so really it’s mexico pretty much it’s mexico el salvador, going on to the next round. We just don’t know in which order pretty much but that’ll be decided on tuesday sunday. Actually, no sunday, then group c and d is tuesday for the group stage to be finished, but stats are as follows: four shots to 17 one shot on target to eight thirty percent possession to 70 percent possession 283 passes to 660 or 677 passes that’s a lot 73 percent pass accuracy to 90 percent pass accuracy, 15 files to 13. guatemala actually had more two yellow cards to zero zero red cards to zero one offside and one three corners to five. This game. To me, mexico could have done much better, the first half they sort of played down to guatemala and they made that goalkeeper look real good. They made that goalkeeper really look good in the first half made him look like the alloy room of this gold cup. For me, mexico really played down to guatemala even in the second half, but especially the first half.

Mexico should have won this five nil. Five, six nil! Against a: u 23, not really experienced guatemala side, they should have blown them out the water. I do not think that mexico played to the best of their ability, especially in the first half they started getting better in the second half could have had a couple more than three didn’t really work out for him in the second half, but still that goalkeeper was Really good, but still they should have won this game by more that’s. The one big sticking point yes, mexico dominated in the stats they dominated in the shots, the possession, the pass accuracy they dominated in everything, but scoring goals. And even then you could say, three goals is domination. I i wouldn’t go there. I wouldn’t go there because for me, the way they scored the goals were great plays and that goalkeeper kept guatemala semi into it. The whole game. To me, the goalkeeper was what they wanted and what they needed. That goalkeeper was amazing, but for me, mexico defense played well center. Midfield played well front, three played well, talavera barely did anything he really. He did nothing. To be honest, even though kota is still a better goalkeeper, it doesn’t hurt yet because you know talavera has done, nothing had nothing to do not a thing. Funess mauree played amazing tonight. Pineda good hector herrera was good at facilitating the play for me. Looking at it. Mexico did everything right but score more than three goals.

Honestly, you could say great play, but you want more, but the way they were moving forward, especially in that second half i think they’re starting to gel. I think they’re starting to get more togetherness and get what they need out of games and play the way they should and that’s. The thing for me i’m not saying that mexico is untouchable, no they’re not untouchable, yet, but playing a team against playing a team like guatemala gives them time to gel and if they scored five goals or six i’d, be like okay, mexico’s, probably back now, i’m, like They have to beat el salvador a team that’s pretty good in this group that’s over them right now. Those are the facts to win the group and they have to beat them. Will they beat them handily i don’t know: could they beat them 2? 1 yeah? Will they probably, but will it be handily? No, i think there’s still questions to ask, even though the questions don’t need to be asked as frequently now, because they won tata’s back on the bench off of his red card suspension. I mean you still need to ask some questions like is this team fully jailed? Is this team ready to play bigger teams, teams that actually are worth a damn and you’re going to see that answer because trinidad i like trinidad, they’re a good team. They were fighting every inch, they’re, not bad at all, but compared to mexico they’re not worth a damn compared to mexico.

Guatemala is even worth less of a dam and they’re not worth a damn. Either they’re playing a team that’s worth a damn on sunday that i’ll review that game like this. For me, if they’re worth the damn, are you going to beat them handily that’s the question? No two to one great three to two great: i don’t know if that’s possible, that may be a draw, but two to one that’s, not handily that’s, getting the job done and yeah any win. Wins you the group right, but you want handily, because then you see qatar, possibly wins. The group you get qatar. Possibly. I still think qatar is finishing. Second, in group d, you get them and they probably will draw honduras and beat granada. So that’s five points. Honduras will have seven two wins: one draw. Panama will have four, because i’ll probably lose to honduras if honduras wins that’s, four and four, and i think qatar would probably have the ahead on gold differential because of their quality over granada than panama’s. I think gold differential has them, but just so we say qatar is who you probably face. If you win this group, you think you’re beating qatar, i don’t think so see i had. I was the one who was calling this the whole time. I was calling this the whole time. Mexico has a b minus a b squad, a minus b squad, not that great compared to what they normally could bring.

They sent more of their better players to the olympics, and qatar they’ve got a lot to prove and they looked like they were deadly scoring goals against panama and honestly. Mexico. Just like leon against toronto would save chris armas job for like five more weeks, they can’t hit the broadside of a barn for me, i’m telling you it’s right. There, qatar probably upsets mexico. They keep playing like this you’re going to have to dominate el salvador. To tell me, you may not lose to qatar, but even then i’m just saying i’m sounding the alarm i’ve been saying it for the whole tournament. That is not what you want. I thought i was just making a prediction, but then trinidad happened i’m like oh. I may be right here: mexico’s still going to win this group, but not like they’re dominating it. Then this happens. It’S like three points but it’s, not dominating enough, should have won by like five or six, which worries me, because el salvador is going to be like what a 2 1 win. Anything wins of the group if you win, but then you have qatar in the quarters, and qatar has been pretty good like they impressed me. Like i said, they’d finished second yeah, they got concacaft a little bit, but by the time they get to that quarterfinal they’ll be used to it and if mexico can’t hit the broadside of a bar and qatar could score in bunches and if they score in punches.

Oh you’re out and i think that you’re gon na play down to qatar as well the way that mexico is playing they’re playing down to competition to that level and i don’t think they’re gon na get out of that because against el salvador they’re going to be Playing down to them, because that’s a lot more of a where mexico was playing in the second half, so they’re gon na start there, and maybe they get a late winner. Okay, then you have qatar, you don’t even know what qatar is yeah. They score in bunches, but their defense is a little bit leaky, but you play down to them. They’Re gon na score like three then you’re gon na have to dig out of a hole, and i don’t think you could do it i’m sounding the alarm i’m. Not doing it because i’m wanting mexico to fail i’m doing it because look at them look at them. Look at them! It’S, not a good sign that you’ve played down to trinidad, draw played down to guatemala, but still win. Three nil should have won like six nil. You played down to them at least for a half, and then you started growing as the game went on, which got you the three goals, but there you go el salvador, i’m afraid you may just be starting off playing down to them. It’S a cycle it’s a cycle you’re building, but then you’re at the level of where that team is and if that’s the plan that’s a horrible plan.

Us you play down to them in the nation’s league final and this isn’t, just a gold cup problem. Even with your best squad nations league final, you played down in the u.s, you got owned, you played down to was it costa rica in the nation’s league, semi final and won one nil? No, you won on penalties. No, you won on penalties. Even worse. You played down to them and then on the friendlies you got beat by damn: whales drew costa rica, nil, nil and a friendly. Just in the past year, you’ve been playing down to teams every single game and just wait till the world cup qualifiers. There may be a crisis here and i’m, not trying to get people angry i’m, trying to make people realize that there’s a crisis here, and maybe just maybe it ain’t good right now – could change i’m, not saying it won’t, but be careful what you wish for be Careful what’s going to happen i’m, just saying it looks like i’m about to be right again. Every place in the group looks like it’ll end up right that i predicted every game that i predicted in the knockouts. What the game is going to be looks like i’m, going to be right and i’m going to say that probably those outcomes will be right too: honduras, canada, jamaica, qatar, us out, mexico app. I guarantee you. I may just get a hundred percent of predictions right in this tournament.

All the teams out of the groups in the right order. Yes, the games, probably right. It looks like that’s very possible so i’m, just saying that’s, not good on you, that a prediction, a shot in the dark may turn out to be the most genius prediction somebody’s ever made in about a week and a half i’m just saying mexico needs to uh Sack up and get better before that turns out to be true before somebody taking a shot in the dark pissing in the wind ends up being true, i’m. Just saying this game was not great at all. It was a dominant game, but not good enough on the score line and that’s, just not good when you’re going into a team, that’s actually worth a damn in this group and could win it. If you screw this up by drawing or losing i’m just saying and you’re, probably in the quarterfinals anyway, and if you lose, you probably i think it’s either. Would it be honduras or or would it be honduras or canada either way you’re probably losing to either of those teams anyway, if you lose the group or if you draw the group or second, the group should, i say, not lose the group because you’d be going Through but second you’d lose to them too, so i don’t know about you, but i i don’t like that. Well, if it’s, qatar, mexico and usa jamaica, it would be mexico, honduras and canada, costa rica, suriname, probably costa rica, but there you go so with that said.

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