El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup XICO vs EL SALVADOR | GOLD CUP – GROUP A | JULY 19 – PREDICTION | PES 2021

The roads outside of the stadium have been bumper to bumper with traffic. The car parks are full. There is a torrent of humankind making its way from the nearby station and we expect every seat to be filled, an atmosphere of a great expectation and excitement Applause, this one of the great amphitheaters of the game. You are welcome to it and indeed to one of the grandest fixtures. The action has already started and here’s raul good challenge. He just stood firm that’s just very well played. He can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel. Defending of the desperate variety Applause and it’s paid forward and it’s lion and help’s available out wide lozano and that’s been one straight back gets up to head. Foot in this is gone. That’S, a foul that’s, a decent ball Applause, raul played out to the right, gets away from his opponents Applause. The breakthrough strike. Mexico are really pouncing on any straight passes at midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s counter attacking heaven, Music. So we have our breakthrough still a fragile lead, though they can’t afford to sit on. This tries to get it forward quickly, going through, gets it back. He wasn’t very far from making something happen by himself lovely to see Applause and here’s raul Applause back into the middle gets good distance on it. Applause gets the chance to crawl massively that’s been leave it clear, hoist it forward Applause and here’s raul Applause.

This is promising 30 minutes gone, hardly anything between the sides and it’s one nil Applause plays it out to the flank, cuts it out. Applause just brushed off the ball there. Mexico are in control here on the brink of halftime kings. It out wide yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities. Great strength, too strong for his opponent played down the flank lozano, provides an outlet and it’s dos santos battles to win it back Applause, as he picked him out, he’s away. Big chance mosby, regardless of the outcome, it is good to see someone running at the defense, like Applause, that he’s got options out. Wide Applause tries to shot a real chance and a real let off. Oh no. That was a chance. What a chance he’s made sure that that won’t get through Applause there’s the end of the first half there we are off, they go for half time did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that one goal. It is very, very tight. Well, you obviously have to give credit to the front men for the halftime lead, but i think the midfield can really pat themselves on the back too. They work tirelessly for me, mexico, for the dressing Applause already up and running for the second half a solitary goal that has been the crucial difference, Applause and he’s on his way it shapes the suits and out to safety.

Applause balls out it’ll be a throw in again across the field. It goes a finish of true class Applause, and with that goal comes comfort, no space, no problem, you just cannot stop him. Oh this smell is as slippery as a neil. The way he freed himself to score, i mean for that defense. It was a case of no you’ve got him. No, you don’t, brilliant mexico. Take a two goal lead, and things should be comfortable from here on in well at one nil. This contest was still nicely poised, but now that it’s gone to two mindsets are lozano has been caught there it’s a foul Applause and he’s cut it out, danger averted for Applause. Now, what a good way to assert your authority for this second period, they were prepared to commit numbers forward, that’s a foul, simple position for the referee, losano Applause, santos, herrera forward. It goes Applause and he heaves it forward dos santos. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. That’S a foul free kicks been given played out to the right loves. It in gently looks to play him in a minor communications breakdown. Applause herrera tries running with the ball at his feet. Applause and it’s there and the lead is extended still further, and that is about as cool as they come. He picks his spot expertly. Well, you know. Sometimes it pays off not to think too much about things. Just put your foot through them.

That was a good example. Great contact and the keeper had very little chance when the manager called on him. He was only too happy to repay that faith, that’s how you make an impact as a sub. You know when most are tiring. You can impose a freshness and energy, the best effect. What an introduction Applause! Three without reply – this is becoming a stroll hoist it forward, throw in the changes, then, in quick succession, dos santos out to the right and it’s hoisted clear dink swan in defending of the desperate variety and they win it back again forward. It goes Applause, herrera, a searching ball out wide lozano Applause, herrera and the shots. Oh just lacked a decent finish. Herrera, certainly caught it well enough, but that was never really going to trouble. The keeper over to the left. Defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Applause tried to play it through yeah. The idea was right: the delivery wasn’t they can revisit that further on Applause, he’s got away Applause, he’s good for it disappointing finish. In the end, Applause already know and it’s paid forward, knocks it away and it’s got through and helps available out wide Applause and the shots dos santos plays it forward. Doesn’T get the pass he’s looking for Applause officials, showing that there will be three minutes of added time, tries to get it forward quickly. Applause looking to break out here, lozano, going for goal hernandez, put Applause Applause, and that is that mexico class apart opponents torn apart.

They are comprehensive winners.

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El Salvador national football team, Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup ⚽ Mexico vs El Salvador ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (18/07/2021) | PES 2021

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