Gucci, 100 Thieves, Backpack FREE BUNDLE NOW in Fortnite SEASON 7 UPDATE!

A like fauna has just came out of a ton of free awards that you guys can still claim right now, i’m gon na be showing you guys every free skin, free bundle and more that is available right. This second inside of fortnite, and also a load of new things coming in next update, so make sure you guys are staying tuned because you guys do not want to miss out on any of this. But real quick 79.9 of you guys are missing out on a free daily gift, as you guys have still not subscribed to the channel so make sure you guys are hitting that big red subscribe button down below, and i do give five subscribers every single day to People who do drop a like on the video turn on all notifications and leave a comment with the epic id, so i can add you and i’ve been trying my hardest to add, as many of you as i can remember, if you guys are picking up anything From today’s app shop for yourself, please do consider using my support credit code. Examples 56 in the item shop, as it does help me out a lot. It does help me i’ll, do more giveaways, for you, guys, hashtag and if you guys do going to enjoy this video let’s get into it Music. So, first off guys, you know when we get a new update, we get a load of new skins coming to the game, but unfortunately there is one skin that will not be able to get as an item shop skinner, which is human bill.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a cosmetic asset, which means he will not be able to be purchasable from the item shop, which i think really really does suck, because this skin is super super insane. But if you guys actually want to use this skin for yourself, all you guys need to simply do is a quick mystique and head over to steamystacks over at stevie stacks. He is there as an npc, eliminate him and you can simply just use mystique’s emotes and run around with human bill in game, which i think is insane i’m. Not glad it’s really really cool. How we can do that, but, as he doesn’t have an item shop tag, he could possibly be coming as a live event reward at the end of the season, which i think would be a perfect opportunity. I’M not glad the skin is an alien, and obviously this season is all about aliens. So if you do get mr live event reward just know, i commented on it. First we’ve got our first opponent, where you going. Where are you going going on a little holiday? I missed we ain’t talking about that one yeah we’re gon na leave that out no, you come back i’m, pretty sure he just fell off them for some reason: he’s not resin. His teammate that’s been meaning it where you going oh yeah, i’m, just so bad at sniping today knox. I didn’t notice one over here as well agent jonesy.

How are you talking about the live event? We also have some new interesting secrets around the map. If you guys have been paying close attention, you’ll know that the orange screens have added a new image, which is this laser cannon looking thing, and this can be actually located inside of the big like cylinder thing over at corny complex. If you guys do go to the top of that, you’ll be able to find it i’m guessing. This is something to do with the live event. We don’t know what it’s going to be used for, maybe like a laser cannon or whatever for the mothership, because it is literally right in the line of it right now, so we don’t really know what’s going to be happening with it, but we also do have A secret underwater bunker at the bottom of the map, which could possibly be where agent jonesy and the foundation are actually hiding out from the io. We don’t know what’s in there, but we do know it is located at the bottom of the map. If you guys want to go check it out for yourself who’s, shooting me you’re, oh you little camper, oh um! Where are you g, mongrel, say hello to my little friends? Wait i can make an org mate, big brain, big bray, big brain, but later on this season, pleasant park will be getting a major change with a vortex starting to form over there and i’m guessing.

This is gon na be starting next update, because what i know from a vortex, it takes quite a big time to become very, very big, but it’s gon na be insanely insanely interesting. To see why pleasant park is going to be getting a vortex, i’m extremely excited for it, i’m not glad i’m extremely excited to see what it looks like and what it actually does do to pleasant park, and we also have a new vehicle coming this season. We don’t know when, but it does look kind of like a futuristic car and no, it is not the whiplash. It is not a different version of the whiplash. It is a brand new, a different car that we’re gon na be seeing and i’m not gon na lie. We do need some new vehicles because we haven’t got anything in ages right now. This is just disturbing, like a full wolf pack with parasites on the red i’m going to ignore them. We also have some free rewards that will be arriving very very soon and in the battle pass tab on fortnite’s website. They have messed up a lot. They do actually showcase a 200 iq, emoticon that’s supposed to be in the battle pass and that isn’t in the battle pass so we’ll most likely be seeing this new emoticon come as a free reward within the near future, which is pretty cool, and, alongside this new Summer loading screen that was supposed to come out in the cosmic summer event, but actually didn’t and now that cosmic summer event is over.

We can’t actually get into this loading screen. So it looks like it’s going to be coming for a free reward in the near future, but we do have my bounty here. Okay, then you lasted long and we also have some new skin styles coming next update as well, which is just insane we’re. Getting quite a lot of free skin styles recently, so the first one being the grey chomp senior skin style that we did see in the loki. Trailer which i’m not gon na like does look really really cool and also the shaved hayseed style that we did see in this season. Seven story, trailer, which looks a bit disturbing i’m, not glad i shaved, hay seed style does look a bit weird i’m, not glad but we’ll be seeing these new styles come to the game very, very soon, which i’m extremely excited for we’ve also just got. The official reveal for the lebron james skin this skin just looks insane. If you guys do hopefully news tab right now, you guys can see the lebron james skin with three different styles. One is his usual style like a taco t shirt, then like a king style, and then we got a tune squad style. A lot of people did want this and it looks like we’re finally going to be getting a space jam, skin style, which it honestly looks really sick, i’m, not glad, but the king style. Honestly, it looks really amazing the casual style i i don’t know why.

They’Ve done that it looks a bit weird, but either way all of these skins look super super amazing, so these will be all dropping on the 14th of july on wednesday, so it’s literally a day away, bro it’s gon na be insane i’m super super excited for The lebron james skin, let me know in the comment section below, if you guys gon na, be picking it up and finally it’s time to talk about the new bundle that we’ll be seeing come very very soon, and these skins have been leaked for ages bro. When i say aegis, they have been leaked i’m, pretty sure since season two, and that is the henchman bundle. As you guys know, these two skins are always together and they are now found on the map as well. If you guys do go to the bottom of the map, you’re gon na be able to find these two skins just dancing around in a log cabin. But these two skins have been in the game files for ages and they’re supposed to be coming as cosmetic assets, and it would only make sense if they did come as a bundle as like i just said, these skins are always together, so i’m extremely excited for These skins to come into the game, bro they’re, going to be really really insane i’m guessing they’re going to be having some sort of backlink. But i really couldn’t tell you what and some sort of pickaxe, but this bundle should be coming out very very soon, as they have just been added back into the map.

So make sure you guys are keeping your eyes peeled for that. You like that little pun, because we’re using peeley but keep your eyes peeled for this new henchman bundle that would should be coming into the game very very soon, but yeah man, that is everything we’re talking about in today’s video. The brand new bundle, a load of new free rewards, which i’m really excited for, and a load of new stuff that’s gon na be added within next week’s. Update i’m excited for the new car i’m, not glad it’s, gon na be pretty sick and the vortex forming over at pleasant park, but we’re gon na go and try and get this w right now we haven’t ran into that many people, this game i’m, not gon Na lie so hopefully you can get all the remaining kills. What are you doing? Raz, not much by the looks of things? Oh there’s, you right, there’s, raz’s, teammates, hello, darling. How are you oh you’re, a bot you’re? Not even building wait. I thought here we go. Oh, i was not saying i need to. I need some sort of uav bro. Oh, this is bad! No back away! Oh! Oh! My hey we’re getting out of here i’m, not feeling it i’m gon na, be honest, huh. Now. Why are you all the way over there? I can’t even see you, i didn’t even see him. I was getting sniped from this way, i’m pretty sure somewhere around here.

Oh, oh, hey, who are you mate? He tried to flick me but yeah man. That is everything in today’s video hope you guys enjoy. Let me know in the comment section below which thing you’re most excited for next update, i’m. Gon na be honest, the new bundle is probably on my mind, the most i’m extremely extremely excited for that. Let me know in the comment section below remember: if you guys, aren’t already subscribed to the channel, make sure you guys are hitting that big red subscribe button down below, as 79.9 percent of you guys, are missing out on a free, daily gift and remember, if you Guys are picking up anything from today’s app shop for yourself, please do consider using my support or credit code example. 56 in the item shop, as it does help me a lot.

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