Gucci, 100 Thieves, Backpack [vlog] go out with me! night market, sushi & yakitori, hmart, taobao haul

Her yvonne see me. I am so excited for this place. It’S called takoyaki and i love talking about him. I like tacos, yeah, yeah, sorry, Music, Music. Oh, this is how it is. This is celine’s baby bottle, and this is Applause you’re paying for the experience hot dog in there. Hey guys, welcome to. I come drop vlog here we are day one at the 626 night market. Oh geez, you’re, scaring them away again. Like comment subscribe, like comment subscribe little does she know i’m recording her i’m also playing pokemon go he’s playing pokemon go there’s, many guys out there who is willing to go on a date with me without go playing pokemon go hit me up. Music is really cute. I, like this dress Music. I don’t like the colors Music, wait that kind of looks like this girl. Do you guys know? Amy is already really tipsy. This is all she drank she’s. Definitely, look at her she’s, so drunk she’ll be really tricky. Jamie today was like i want to try drinking two sips of beer, babe i’m drunk i can’t drink alcohol. Jamie has decided that she’s gon na speak chinese only for the rest of the night, Music Applause, Music, Music off shoulder top – and i got this from korea. I can’t tell if it looks cute or it’s like bunny, i don’t know, and these earrings, that i got at small little korean store, they’re, so cute, so hungry, weather’s, so nice today my mom asked me to keep my vlogs more stable.

She said she gets dizzy. Applause, Music right there just turn it up. It makes me smile. I need a little time from you, Music, Music, oh Music. My dream is to be sponsored by bakari sweat. This is my dream. I think i can become a bakari swap model. Did you hear me from you? Oh yeah yeah. I don’t say that it’s, embarrassing, mushroom chocolate Applause, Music, like comment subscribe like a pale pink shoe, earrings so cute. I got this belt right here really cute. I was thinking about wearing into your babe or something i’ll. Try to link everything down i can down below, but when you order from tapa everything’s tiny, i got this retractable hello, kitty hook. This kind of stuff has been trending on tick tock, but i found like this strawberry one and it’s so cute. I got this really cute it’s, like a choker, and it has like this blue heart on it, so Music it’s a little bracelet how cute it is. Oh yeah! I got this really cute. This it’s, like a bunny, crystal necklace too. The thing about ordering from top is that it takes like almost a month for things to arrive, that’s. Why i’m so surprised, i like everything they got gummy bear earrings! Oh cute. I got these silicone star Applause Music. That was very like black pinkness. It has a giant bow my battery’s running out, so i have to speed run this. I also got this grass.

I don’t know what i’m gon na wear this it’s pretty cute, i don’t know maybe for a maidstream or something. Then i got this bruce. They might have given this meat to me for free, but i found this on my instagram ads, also by the way those instagram ads really work. For me, i bought a lot of stuff from them. This is the bag i got. This is not sponsored by the way, but if you want to sponsor me, this really cute blue color matches my hat, it looks like i can fit a lot of stuff, so i’m really excited to use this bag. My favorite part about this bag is the back it’s, so smart. They have like this little pouch thing here on the back also over here, there’s one storage here and then over here, there’s, another zipper and there’s more storage here. So really nice, hello, jamie here, i’m. Currently, editing the vlog – and i realize this part literally, sounds so sponsorshipy, even though it’s not, i just really like the bag, but i also don’t want to shell too hard for them because they’re not paying me. So bravo, please hit me up if you want a sponsorship and i’ll dedicate a whole video to your backpack, but in the meantime, thanks for watching the vlog, i don’t have any better way to end this bye, yeah.

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