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m, to discuss analyze and learn about the stock market right. So i hope my video audio everything is clear, as a lot of you probably might know. I’M. Actually, traveling i’m actually taking a trade question right. A lot of people uh in today’s world they’re taking vocation. So i thought i’ll take a trade question, so i’m traveling i’m at a very beautiful hill station, uh for taking some time out and working and trading from here. So one thing i made sure from the resort which i am staying at us. I need really good internet connection and that was promised to me right so now i was here and i thought even the stock market show we would be doing in a very beautiful normal setup that we normally do with the camera, with the proper setup uh with The charts that you can see so that was the plan, but again after reaching here, the promised internet was not delivered in the way uh. It was expected so they’re working on it. So that is the delay that’s. The reason for the delay in the show right so i was trying to figure out internet. I was trying to figure out the whole setup with the lighting in the camera and whatnot. But again i had to make you wait and uh so sorry for the delay. Anyways right uh, so that’s not the point right, so i know i’ve taken a tripcase, i’m traveling and having trying to have a good time, but at the same time, if you’re looking into that indian markets, the global market’s more important, i hope i hope video and Audio is clear again yeah.

I i hope things are okay right. So again, what i’m trying to say is uh. What i’m trying to say is things are a bit too concerning right uh. So if you look into the international markets, asian markets are really down. One to two percentage down. European markets are down by more than 2.5 percentage. At this point of time, u.s markets futures were superbly down. U.S futures were down by more than one percent days and now they’ve opened so since uh the show got delayed so by 7 pm the u.s markets have opened, and now, after opening with the last gap down, u.s markets are trying to move up. All i could see was the first good green candle was forming so yeah. A green candle has been formed, so they’re trying to up let’s, see what’s going to happen there. But if you see even in the indian market, as i wrote in today’s pre market report, it was expected that even after a gap down opening the market can form green candles and it can move up right. I wrote that in today’s pre market report and that’s exactly what happened. Market opened with the gap down then came a lot of good green cameras, giving a feeling that hey the market is recovering, but hey at the end of the day. Uh. Even we closed really downright so that’s there so anyways. This is something major is what i think, because uh europe down by 2.

5 percentage, u.s let’s check towards the end of the show what’s happening there. Uh, probably we might be able to see four or five candles there, so what this is all being attributed to the increasing cases of corona virus in the uk in the euro. Specifically but again, if you ask me, a lot of people are vaccinated there and whenever there is a fall in the market, all of these so called analysts. They just attribute it to delta variant of corona virus or the increasing number of virus. The cases right so i’m, not sure about that. I wouldn’t comment on that. As of now, just like, i did probably two weeks ago, two weeks ago, there was a fall and everybody was like: hey delta variant, it’s, all because of the delta variant and just after one two days the market recovered from there. So i wouldn’t probably comment on that. But what we can understand here there is weakness, u.s, uk or the european markets down by 2.5 percentages, no small feat at all, and then there are fears regarding the tokyo olympics if there’s a an outbreak there. What could happen and all of those uh and then i could read a lot of analysts writing on bloomberg, saying that in the us traders and investors feel that the market has peaked out right. It has been at an all time high for a very long time. It has peaked down and it is moving down.

So the point here is global weakness, probably because of fear of investors, global weakness but locally, is there any weakness? Local queues are strong. I would say today there was this bad queue of htfc bank’s result. Hdc bank and spfc fell a load today right hdfc bank down by more than three percentage in the day, so there is local queue. Negative local queues are given, probably only by htc bank and hdfc. Otherwise, things locally are looking good, but again when the global markets are, if they’re falling, then it’s just a tradition in the market that we also do bad so that’s, something to keep in mind. So yeah uh one good thing is nifty is still above 15 700 and bank nifty, though it broke 35 000. At one point of time, which was really bad, i mean i was concerned seeing that bank nifty going below 35 000 but again towards the end of the day. Uh closing above 35 000 was a good sight for sure right, so yeah uh. This is what i would say was a summary of the day uh now, since we are doing it like doing it like this, we don’t have a proper structure to the show i don’t have all the intro and the structure. Anyways let’s look into what happened in the markets today right so no general news it’s all about the panic which is happening in the global markets, everyone’s kind of worried about what will happen to the global market.

Speaking about nifty, as i said, things were all looking good if we shot up after the gap down opening. There was a huge consolidation around 15 840 range, which i wrote in today’s pre market report. But after that, when the european markets opened looking at the way they were falling throughout the day, our markets also started moving down, took support at 15 700, which is good right, which is absolutely good and then uh closing somewhere around 15 750 uh, which is good. I would say in 900, but again uh towards the end. We could see bank nifty closing about 35 000 right uh. I can see a message here saying: your internet connection is unstable, uh again uh. I assure you that this will be uh all okay. I assure you that this will be uh all okay by tomorrow, right because this is supposed to be a proper working setup i’m supposed to work properly, as if i’m at home from here. So i’ll definitely make sure that this is sorted from tomorrow right anyway. So bank nifty’s considerably down at one point, bank nifty, was even down by more than two percentage speaking about sectors which moved the most today it was banks, bank, nifty and fin nifty financial services also considerably down. We could also see auto and auto sector and nifty, auto and nifty metal, also to be down right. Pharma and realty were the only sectors to slightly close in the green.

It also did not fall as much as other sectors. Right so again, i would say: bank nifty led the fall in the indian markets today and what’s. The main reason, as i said earlier, it’s hdfc bank down by three percentage, absolutely leading the fall in bank nifty right anyway. So again i wrote that in today’s, free market report again keep your eyes on uh hdfc bank for sure right. So again you can do the same tomorrow as well. Looking into the stocks which moved the most today, if you look into the top gainers in 5050, only eight stocks out of the 50 stocks, there have closed in the green 42 stocks closing in the red and even in the stocks which have closed in the green They’Re not very strong slightly in the green, is what we could see now. This is one stock, one or two stocks which are closed strongly in the green and one among that that is ntpc. Ntpc is up by 1.93 percentage on a day where the whole of the market has moved down right. So the reason there is government has planned to collect rupees, 70 thousand crore from asset monetization of power grid, ntpc and rec, and this is the reason why, over five years right. So this is the reason why npbc moved up by one point: nine three percentage today, pharma and fmcg had a good day, diverse lab. Is there a lot of pharma fmcg companies there on the top gainer? So this is what we can see now.

We’Ve already discussed about banks falling in the in the day. Hdfc life also had a bad day after a bad result, just like hdlc bank right, htc life, uh it’s down by two point three percentage today, mostly because profits are down by thirty three percent. This quarter on quarter thirty three percentage is a bit too high right anyway, and that two quarter, one quarter, no, not even here on here, it’s quarter on quarter so that’s the concern so it’s, just like down by two point: three percentage uh, the next next news That we should discuss is again i’m. Getting this. Your connection is unstable. Please wait. While we try reconnecting. Can i get a confirmation, please ajay abdul, if you’re, seeing if you’re watching, can i get a confirmation here, uh yep, guys, okay, no scene cool! Thank you! Maybe it’s just uh it’s, just an uh report here: cool yeah, even aj, has a send a message: anyways uh. So the point here is the next news to be discussed as the whole of adani. Family is down it’s, not just adani ports or adani, ent or adani the whole of adani family down today, mostly because uh ministry saying that sebi has started investigating the whole adani case. Everybody had a. I have this doubt in mind: what’s happening there all of a sudden two weeks before three weeks before the headlines everywhere, where uh adani families facing problems. There are some fishy things happening there and after that, no follow ups at all right.

So all of a sudden we can hear that sebi is investigating into adani family, so that’s uh matter right, so the adani family is down angel blocking again up by 15 percentage. We discussed about that last week, cds and mcx bse again up by 10 15. You know 5 to 10 percentage, so all of you, uh cd, slm, cams and a bsc shareholder, so i’m sure you’re happy in the day. Speaking about fi idea, activity, fi selling for 2 200 crores, but again good to see that good to see that, even when there is uh global weakness, there’s negativity all around dias are still buying. So probably when nifty went down to 15 700 dia is kicking in buying again taking the market up dis buying for 1047 crores, so dia is showing absolute confidence in the market is something that we should absolutely appreciate right, uh, so yeah. I can see a super chat from justin john i’ll. Make sure that i take that uh towards the end of the show now let’s get into and discuss what we can expect tomorrow and in the days to come. One thing here is day after tomorrow: is a market holiday for us, so it’s just two days: oh just one day ahead of expiry, which is on thursday, so for all expiry, based traders, uh weekly uh, expiry based traders uh, you should probably take decisions about uh. Should you hold your question over wednesday or what to do before that? Because markets are being too volatile, there’s a gap down today, then maybe uh, if you’re holding it over wednesday, they can be or the global markets.

If they’re recovering, then we might see a large gap up on thursday, i’m, not sure what i’m saying is. There is uncertainty all around uh because of the wednesday situation. But again, if you look as i’ve been saying since the beginning, europe was down by nearly 2.5 percentage u.s. Let me just check and give you a real time update. Yes, uh. What we can see is uh dow jones, two green candles and a red candle. Now nasdaq is just uh doing an open opening range breakout and is trying to move up even snp, 500 is trying to move up, move up after the last gap, down opening like that’s what we can see last jab down opening across the u.s market, but trying To move about hey, we cannot judge ass off now, right, eb, so indian markets, also opening with the gap down then moving up but towards the end moving down is what we saw right. So we cannot reach a decision now. So what i would say is today is super important watch out for what’s happening in the u.s markets and then let’s see how the asian markets, if they’re, going to recover or maybe consolidate at the lows, depending on that as what we can see in our markets Tomorrow, right so looking quickly, looking into uh oi analysis, we can see the largest coal oil buildup suddenly is at fifteen thousand. Eight hundred then followed by sixteen thousand largest color build up at fifteen eight hundred now you know i’m, not someone who appreciates so aggressive traders.

So seeing the markets falling down all of a sudden selling everything at 15 800 1580 pc there are two more days to expiry markets may recover right. Who knows? Who knows so? I still think there’s, no concrete reason for the markets to fall in the way. It is falling currently, but hey again, markets are markets, i mean they. Don’T need uh, concrete reasons to move up or move down right, so that’s there. But again. The point here is that this colloid build up at 15 800 strongly indicating that traders are having a bearish view on the market and pcr also says the same: put: call ratio at 0.6 right and the largest photo. I build up there’s similar amount of puts at 15, 700 and 15 500, but again there are a lot of straddles at 15 700. So i would say: traders are super, confident that uh nifty would be trading above 15 500. This expiry looking into bank nifty things are interesting. The largest color build up is still at 36 thousand. Now just put two i built just at thirty, five thousand lot of straddles, that’s for sure uh again, pcr is zero point. Six indicating bearishness so technicals are indicating bearishness global queues are indicating bearishness, but hey again, we’ve been seeing this range in nifty fifteen six hundred to let’s say sixteen thousand well, let’s even be larger, so shorter range is fifteen. Six hundred to fifteen nine hundred and the wider ranges fifteen five hundred to sixteen thousand.

This has been a super consolidating range for nifty for a very long time now for more than a month now. So i guess this expiry. Uh nifty cat should probably be in this range itself right, even if nifty is moving down so yeah let’s talk about tomorrow’s levels. If nifty is opening above 15 700, then again, 15 700 will continue to act as a strong support. 15 690 to 15 700. I would say if that is being broken, then we have a huge support of 15 600 yeah, so that’s. A major support for this week is what i think: 15 600 moving up. You know 15 750 to 15. 800 is a major resistance for nifty. So 15 600 to 800 is a tight range in between what nifty has, depending on what is being broken us, where you should have a directional view or nifty. If nifty is between this, i think nifty will be consolidating right depending on again where the global markets are similarly for bank nifty, i would say: moving up, we, you know 35 400 to 35. 500 are important resistance. Looking down 35 000 is a super support then followed by 34 500. So those are the lower levels to watch out for in bad nifty. So yeah uh let’s see all my eyes on uh the us market. Even i am in a trade. So normally i don’t end up trades on monday. Hopefully, if you follow me on instagram uh, i did share my trades there, so i did book nearly 0.

6 percentage of my of my capital as profits. I already booked that today, but i’m still in positions holding for tomorrow, uh i do have some puts as well. Uh let’s see how it goes right, so yeah uh again so that’s. Why i said i’ll definitely be watching the u.s market uh, seeing what’s happening there and looking for how the markets will be opening tomorrow, right, so yeah uh again, http ban can be decisive. Today, hdfc bank a lot of banking stocks. They drag the markets down. So if they are kind of consolidating tomorrow, then hey markets might not move down a lot more right, but let’s see how it goes. Anyways so yeah make sure that so tomorrow’s pre market report at 8 30 a.m is going to be super important right. Super important that will have a lot of analysis about the u.s market about asian markets. So what you can expect from our markets tomorrow so make sure that you read my free market report at 8: 30 a.m tomorrow, so yeah, i did prepare a watch list for today, but again since we are doing it like this, i cannot share the stocks and The charts so i’m, sorry for that, as promised tomorrow, i’ll definitely try to bring back stock market show in the normal setup right so yeah. Let me look into the super chats which have come in uh. The first question, john uh, hello. Thanks for helping us helping us out every day, please please let me know about fcl and mk financial uh, so those are not stocks which i can talk so confidently about.

Then we had a super chat in the previous stream from srijit cs. I got gr infra ipo. Thank thanks. Sharik to help us learn stock market very happy to hear that the next one is from sanu pisaji join 24th july uh breakout batch any prerequisite before the match super nervous and excited prerequisite is you should have good experience in the market acid? You should be able to look into a chart. You should be able to draw support and resistance lines. You should know basic uh chart patterns. You should know basic technical analysis. You should be experienced in the market. You should know how to place, buy and sell orders right so that those much basic price action, uh knowledge and support and resistance knowledge. Those are definitely expected. Uh. The next one is from bonnie m ashani. We love you ma, uh nikhil, boni, ika fans. Thank you very much. Thank you very much right, uh, so we’ll. So let me take a few questions from here as well, because i do that when we do a show like this, so ah even jay rajan is asking: will american market recover from the sudden let’s see now that’s? What i’m also saying right? So i have my trading view open here. I have all the indices from the u.s market, open there so i’m watching into that. But again now, if you’re looking there now, if you’re looking there, you can see uh things are not that great uh s.

P 500. Is actually giving an opening range breakdown actually and dow jones is also moving down. Dow jones is actually moving down from there, so i would say things are not looking great now, as of now, dow jones is down by 1.68 percentage. It’S, an opening range breakdown, it’s moving down from there it’s, absolutely not good, so yeah let’s see what’s happening there right so yeah let’s, see uh and another thing, very importantly, which i missed to mention is uh the 10 year u.s treasury bond yield is down by Six percentage crude oil is down by three percentage, so there is super weakness all around right yeah. So i can see many of you saying you quit all positions today, making sense right right, let’s, see! Okay, so are you still holding idfc first bank is what nibbed g is asking. I am my average is so less i mean i was sitting on top of more than 100 percentage returns, so i mean not a concern for me right, okay, yes, okay, then that’s. Why, i think i’ll take a leave we’ve reached nearly 20 minutes. I hope the experience was all good uh. I hope what i really wanted to convey is conveyed well hoping to meet all of you tomorrow and things go well for all of us right so yeah. This is mr ashikam signing off stay safe, stay invested. Wish you a very good night.

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