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Dogecoin is up 10 i’m recording this on saturday by the way so you’ll be watching this on sunday, night i’m gon na be releasing this video it’s sunday stock talk, so you guys know what’s in store. It’S gon na be five different stocks to have on your watch list and to be watching this week. We’Ll also do a quick earnings recap of some companies that are going to report earnings this week. We’Ll do a full video on earnings later on in the week. So make sure you smash the thumbs up on this video before it even starts share the video with a friend, because you know they will be getting value about it and let’s go over five different stocks to watch this week and have on your watch list and If you guys don’t follow my instagram, yet i post awesome stories so make sure you turn on story. Notifications, and my close friends list is on my story too, so you get even better information. If you like my regular story, my close friends list is even better. So what you’ll see is tech earnings start monday. Here are five trends to watch earning seasons here, so we have ibm, netflix, intel, twitter, sap at t, surrogate texas instruments and snap all reporting earnings on june quarter results this week expected strength across tech, landscape, hardware and chip companies will be hampered by component shortages. So, keep that in mind with um ev vehicles and the chip shortages stay at homes will plays, will likely be seeing moderate growth.

It should be a strong quarter for cloud computing, online advertising and e commerce, and here i actually put a poll: do you agree that all five mega caps will actually beat earnings, and everyone said yes, can anything slow, mega caps on betting, all five of the tech Mega caps, apple microsoft, alphabet, which is google amazon and facebook, beat estimates together, they’re worth nine trillion dollars, wow here’s, the actual earnings calendar, so we’ll go over briefly and then we’ll get into the watch list. So you see on monday, open you don’t, see too much action going on. You see kind of a bank reporting, you see autonation reporting and then, after close on on um monday, ibm reports, which is a big one and first bank, some other banks and then tuesday, before open you’ll, see allie bank reporting key bank lots of banks in the Earlier section of earnings, now after close on tuesday you’ll, see netflix, which is a huge one. Obviously they usually go up or down 10 when they report earnings. So that’s a good thing to note. If you’re an option trader or a swing trader, netflix does usually go up or down 10 when they report earnings that i’ve seen um pretty frequently. I think they have a chance of going down. So, if you’re trying to play earnings, it’s good to know how these stocks react in the past when they report earnings united, is another big one. United airlines chipotle is tuesday.

After the close cn, we have sleep number and then wednesday, before open, we have coca cola, which is another huge one. We have johnson, which is a huge one and we have verizon, which is a huge one so wednesday before open. We have a lot of dividend. Socks, we have the nasdaq, we have harley davidson, we have anthem, we have tenant and we have discover financial services thursday. Before open. We have a t american airlines southwest amer, alaskan airlines, which are all very, very big company, and after close on thursday, we have intel snap, twitter and dell taco and capital one and sam adams and skechers and those guys too. So we have some a big earnings week coming up and we’ll kind of highlight some more in a future video, probably on wednesday or tuesday. We’Ll make another video about earnings here. Okay, so the first one we’re gon na be talking about is snapchat and it’s. The first one on the list and it’s reporting earnings this week is why it’s on the list too, so every stock that we’re talking about on the list today is going to be reporting earnings this week, so we’ll hopefully see some big price movements in the stocks That are going to be discussed in today’s video. So with that being said, following the support and resistance for about the last six months since december 2020 – and you can see it’s right at that 51 mark.

So i think there’s a strong possibility that snapchat can go down 10 and go to that 50 or 55 dollar price point, and once we see a sell off happening, if we do see a sell off happening, i think that it will go back up 10, pretty Quickly and regain that loss so there’s a definitely a buying opportunity there as well. We won’t do too much of a deep dive today, but i thought this article was interesting. Snap put options build ahead of earnings, snap inc report earnings next week and the stock has seen a build and put option interest. The company will post earnings on thursday, the 22nd of july, and the consensus eps forecast for the quarter is negative, 18 cents. So if they post that their actual profitable, that could be unexpected, snap is expected to post a rising eps earnings per share. If you guys want to learn more about some of these fundamental stuff, like earnings revenue, eps pe ratio, i have a course that teaches you everything in the most simple manner, so you can be successful in the stock market. It’S very easy to understand. Snap is expected to post a rising eps over the next three quarters and get closer to the profitability, so if they report profitability, this quarter, that can be huge. The price of snap currently trades at 65 and a large put option interest was seen on friday with a january 2023 expiry and strike prices from 37 down to 32.

The value of the bets would be around 600 000, but there is potential for further purchases into the earnings date, so that’s already what people are buying and he’s saying that even more people can you know, jump on this train of the put options for snap and Go above 600 000. The company has been on track to profitability. In the last earnings report, snap posted a revenue increase of 66 percent, which is huge and an eps growth of 10 percent. These headline figures are being driven by 20 percent year on year, growth in daily average users, dau company guidance for q2 was estimated between 820 million compared to 450 million and q2 of 2020 ebitda was estimated between 20 million and break even compared to 96 million q2. The average revenue per user increased 36 percent year over year to 2.74 cents, so look at the daily average users. People are saying snapchat’s dead and no one uses anymore, but the daily average users are growing and the daily average revenue per user is growing. Also, the chart above highlights daily average users are on a fairly steady pace, and this can be explorated for the future growth at 20 percent. Overall, the price of snap is seeing a strong move towards profitability, with 20 growth in daily average users and resulting building their revenues. The headwinds for the stock is that costs are rising, to create fresh content and to hold on to users, which is unlikely to see similar rate of return on average cost per user.

The company is therefore relying on user numbers growing and that cannot continue forever. Obviously, it’s going to cap at some point. With this in mind, the stock seems fairly valued for a growth perspective. A recent increase in put option interest could also be an ominous sign for the shareholders ahead of the q2 earnings report. Okay, so after snapchat let’s talk about verizon – and this is one that i’ve been picking up some shares of recently – i wanted to go closer to about 50. You know 53 dollars or 54 dollars per share, but what i really like about verizon is in the past five years it hasn’t moved much right in the past year, it’s only moved like 0.6, and i like that, because it’s a safer investment where i can put My money and i i’m not fearful that it’s gon na lose 20 30 40 of my investment. This is a safe investment. It’S like a money park and the sweet thing about verizon. Is they have a sweet, sweet dividend yield? Okay, so if you’re a dividend investor and a safer investment, uh investor, you get a four percent dividend yield. You get a 12 p e ratio on a great company like verizon all right. So now, obviously you want to buy closer to the 47 48 dollar mark. I don’t know if they will be going that low, but even if you can pick up to 54 or 53 per share, that’s going to be a strong investment over the course of a long term and if you’re a bigger like a bigger whale.

For example. And you have a hundred thousand dollars in your account um. You know you typically don’t want to put into riskier investments, because that hundred thousand dollars could go down to forty thousand or sixty thousand dollars and that’s very painful. So if you put a majority, not majority but a large some of your money like ten thousand dollars into something like verizon, you know it’s a safer bet and you’re not going to lose a lot of your money. So it’s, almost more like a savings account at that point that can get get some capital gains year over year. You can still get some gains on the stock and you can also get that four percent dividend yield. At the same time, now verizon is expected to report earnings this week, obviously on the 21st of july, and they beat eps or earnings every single quarter. For the last four quarters. Um, you can see here the bright, green dot is the actual earnings and the dark green dot is their expected earnings. So q2 is pretty much the same as q1. So here you’ll see dividends are all the rages: inflation crests above 5, while interest rates remain in the basement. This article assesses two of the most popular dividend: stocks where investors might turn to inflation proof on their portfolio, which is going to be a t and verizon, and one of them received major backlash. After announcing a spin off deal which 50 percent dividend cutback, which spoiler alert, is a tnt before cobit it’s hard to imagine dividend stocks would suddenly become the new momentum stock and that’s exactly what happened this spring by may the spdr s p dividend etf, ticker, symbol, Sdy had gained more than twice the nasdaq 100 15 after all, american america had just gotten smacked with a tidal wave of inflation, it’s, no surprise that investors would look to boost their portfolio yield and when it comes to your future, financial health beating inflation is arguably The even more pressing concern long term for years at t was the dividend giant among telecon giants, with yields now above seven percent, that is until the company completes its spin off with warner media, discover ticker, symbol d.

I s c a which we’ve talked about on this channel next year, at which point the quarterly payout will drop nearly by half was this the right move for a t, and thus its investors does verizon now become the attractive alternative and what’s. The bottom line on the dividend yield verizon, will also be more of a pure play as it’s offloading its own media business like at t verizon has two big name: acquisitions under its belt yahoo and aol now, it’s selling them for 4.2 billion, though retaining 10 of The media assets that regain double digits growth under verizon’s leadership right, so you guys, probably didn’t, know that about verizon quarterly results in the sector are rarely eye popping, but in the fourth first quarter, verizon turned into a modest beat on both sales and earnings, including 4.1 Revenue growth, far outpacing atn t we don’t want to spend all day talking about verizon, so the next one on the list is going to be twitter twtr, and this is an interesting one that we’ve been talking about on the channel. In the past, we were buying basically at the bottom right, around 50 to 55 dollars per share, and we sold right around 60 to 65 per share, took some profits and now we’re looking to get back in. In my opinion, this is another one that can drop just like the first one we talked about on the list snap. I think that a put option couldn’t be considerable for this one, and i think there is a possibility that twitter can go back down to sixty dollars per share being a possible opportunity to buy at sixty dollars per share and maybe write a put option down to Sixty dollars per share and then once it hits six dollars buying some shares, so you’re making money on the back end and the front end you’re, making money on the put when it goes down to 60 and then you’re also making money on the shares when they Go up from 60 back to 66.

, there have been several deployments at twitter in the last couple months. What updates to truly focus on new revenue and monetization streams are on the way for twitter creating enthusiasm amongst institutional investors. The focus will continue to be whether users growth will benefit reducing twitter incrementally in my portfolio to reduce risk, which i was also doing as well. As you guys heard me talk about earlier, we sold at my private group. We bought at 55 or 50 between 50 and 55 and sold at 65 dollars per share, so that was a nice little swing trade. We reduced our position since my last research article on twitter, titled twitter can revisit 80 per share in 12 to 18 months. Twitter has nearly rallied 25 to reclaim all its losses from previous quarterly earnings and it’s now back above 70 per share, while my postings that were stated in the low 50 range are now greatly rewarded. Investors who haven’t started positions in twitter yet need to evaluate the risk more carefully at this price juncture, which i agree also that’s. Why? I was saying that i think it can go down to six dollars per share or even the mid, 50s or high. Fifty dollar range here you’ll see the latest developments. While there are always going to be many news updates for every company. I believe twitter shareprice continues to follow a specific formula used to evaluate social media companies. The primary metrics that should be used to evaluate twitter continue to be followed.

Data points, user growth in its us network and international network, which is you know, we already talked about in uh snapchat, also average revenue per user, which we talked about snapchat also and product releases that could help energize content creators or attract more users to the network. I continue to believe that the driver of social media network stocks that primary metric above so here are some timelines of some of recent events. Late may indian police raid, twitter offices, due to compliance issue early june twitter, launches bird watch to deal with misinformation early june. Nigeria suspends twitter operation within the country. Early june twitter launches twitter, blue, a subscription service for their content. Creators to monetize the following early june jack dorsey speaks at a bitcoin conference and discusses his enthusiasm on how he uh can have companies make bitcoin accessible to everyone. Mid june twitter announces the super following feature: late june: twitter sales chief resigns. So there is a lot going on with twitter and stuff to be watching what i’m doing at seventy dollars per share. Nearly 25 percent appreciation the share price in less than two months. I have recently cut my twitter position by 20 in my portfolio: i’ve actually cut it by 50 to 60, or even more probably 75, in some of my portfolios to have more dry powder, given the evaluation, elevated valuation ahead of its next earning report july 22nd, twitter Is now approximately seven percent of my portfolio and i most likely will add to any weakness after earnings report if the used basers continue demonstrating growth – okay, i’m going to be adding to my position too, between 55 and 60 per share.

I believe twitter will continue to have more room to sustainably rally if it’s upcoming earning report on july 22nd surpasses positively on user growth, so it’s all about user growth to pay attention to on july 22nd for twitter earnings, while wall street is currently giving company benefit Of the dow, with its increase in monetization streams, the most important focus continues to be on user growth metrics as a social media, equity investor. This is very important and i hope you guys really did enjoy that video. Sorry if it turned out to be a little bit longer than expected, i didn’t expect to do a deep dive into all these different stocks, but i felt like it was important to hone in on those three stocks specifically because i think that they can make some Big movements during this earnings week now make sure you subscribe here on youtube because i’ll be posting earning videos, just like this one all week with stocks that are going to be reporting earnings this week, so make sure you subscribe i’ll be putting out a video on Monday, as well tuesday and wednesday, probably all of them very similar to this one going over different stocks, reporting earnings this week so comment below on what stock you want me to go over next um that’s reporting earnings this week and i’ll be happy to dive a Little bit into them give you my two cents on, if i think they’re going to be having a good earnings if they’re going to be having a bad earnings if they’re going to be going up or down so also.

Let me know if you like these longer deep dive videos where i only go over three different stocks, three to five stocks, or let me know if you like, the the quicker videos, the rapid fire, where i go over five to ten different stocks in one video And they’re, more brief explanations of what’s going on alright guys, i’ll see you in the next video don’t forget to subscribe with notifications on hit that bell.

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