Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, MLB Josh Donaldson and Luis Arraez: What Happened?

I don’t know who donaldson was yelling at whether it was a rise or was it with so it looks like arize is slow to take his lead off here and then donaldson says something to him. I couldn’t quite pick it up. Let’S. Take a look at that. One more time, and then let me know if you can pick up what he says, all right, so kind of a weird situation, but you know all’s well that ends well right. Uh, josh donaldson draws a walk here. You figure oh that’s, the end of that uh, but no, actually that wasn’t the end of that. Well, i kind of pointed this out. It was happening donaldson when is that bat started called time, and you know him and arise kind of getting into it a little bit nelson cruz, the moderator – and i think this had to do with aries, not getting off the base. You know you got a right handed pitcher out there and in your sight lines you don’t want to see either movement. You don’t want to be distracted and i think you know whether the discussion was about that, but they were still continuing their discussion as they ran on to the field which usually kind of leave that stuff in the dugout and move on. But you know it’s, you spend a lot of time together. You know if you’re, if you’re a veteran player – and you don’t, see something you like or something you don’t agree with, or whether it was he didn’t think he was taking a big enough secondary or he wasn’t getting far enough off the base to get out of His sight line during his at bat i’m sure they’ll probably continue that discussion.

If somebody else still has something to say, but you may as well get it out there instead of waiting nine innings if it’s, if it’s a problem, you think it’s affecting your at bat. So justin morneau as usual, with some really great insight. That theory is really all i have to go to at this point. I haven’t really seen anything else on this situation, but it makes sense when you’re hitting you do not want uh extra distractions. In the background that may hinder your ability to pick up a pitch now is josh donaldson seeming to make a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. You know from the outside look again again: we don’t have all the details. That appears to be so, but one of the concerns i have here is where is rocco baldelli? While this is going on, you have nelson cruz uh. You know, obviously, a veteran guy but he’s, probably not even gon, na, be on this team in a couple weeks and tommy watkins the first base coach: where is the manager of this team? Well, you have two of your players uh having somewhat of an altercation in the dugout here. That was a concern to me and it continued through the game. The the highlights we showed of the you know, donaldson and arise discussion continued as they came off the field and they took it underneath out of the view of the cameras and hopefully got everything settled so again.

Here’S one more look arise appears to be kind of uh checking out the defense where the defense is aligned, as uh peralta set up to pitch so yeah he’s, very close to the base again in the sight line but i’m, not sure. If maybe donaldson took issue to this aria is kind of reacting to the situation. You know it’s impossible to say really looking from the outside in what kind of the core of what’s going on here is, but from what we can tell i mean it seems like it was not a very big issue made into one potentially but yeah. They talked in the dugout, they talked heading onto the field in the bottom of the third inning. They talked in the tunnel after the end of the third inning, so hopefully that’s just all out of their system. Now you know i do question rocco’s willingness to. Let the players police themselves to this degree.

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