Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, MLB me run ball that NO ONE can get at Target Field

For the third and final day of this trip – and i should mention this – is the 14th major league baseball stadium i’ve been to this season today, got some really cool seats up in the club level. The goal is to catch a foul ball and by the way, quick turnaround time from last night, first pitch today: 12, 10 p.m and the gates are opening any minute. I got ta get my hustle on so here we go. First, look at the field and, as you can see, no batting practice, that meant a whole lot of standing around and waiting for the white sox pictures to finish. Throwing here is, i think, matt foster if i’m wrong leave a comment, and let me know and here’s jose ruiz talking to pitching coach ethan katz about release points. I thought i had a chance to get a ball, but no then i thought i had a chance at another. Also, no, but eventually i got jace fry to chuck one to me a bit high, so i climbed back up over a row to make the catch. That ball was a real beauty here’s an even closer look. I love the ones that are all banged up. Then, after witnessing this embarrassing display, i knew i had to get out of there and wander a little bit up a few steps and passed a snazzy bar toward the left field corner. I think this spot at target field is really cool and from up there check it out more discussions about release, points and movement ready for some arm strength.

The player below me threw an absolute seed to the warning track in center field. That was lucas giolito by the way, and you can see him closer up right here. His teammates were getting in some bullpen work and this is kind of fun. Garrett crochet on the right, wasn’t, actually throwing a baseball, but you know who did throw one zach collins who hooked me up from about 100 feet away now: pay close attention and read my lips here: who wants one there weren’t any little kids nearby. So i tossed it to this fan, who thought about for a moment and then thanked me here are a couple of things: i’d, never seen before. First, there was a pitcher working on his mechanics with a harness around his waist and some type of stretchy resistance, cable, that’s dylan cease, and i would like to take a moment to applaud his effort and next up thin metal cables stretched across the plate at varying Heights g alito had made his way into the bullpen by this point, and i knew this would happen. One of his pitches actually hit the cable that’s got ta be unnerving for the catcher. Meanwhile, this security guard was like man. I better get my arm loose. Just in case, and as for me, it was time to go, find some breakfast after perusing all the food options on the 100 level and feeling thoroughly unsatisfied my videographer fenway chris had the brilliant idea that we head upstairs toward our actual seats in the delta club.

Now, as a general rule, club levels in various stadiums usually have better food, and that is definitely the case here in minneapolis, you can see what this delta club looks like. I love having rod karoo the hall of famer. Looking over, my shoulder guiding me in my food choice so swing around this way, and you can see that there’s, a bunch of people lined up a lot of choices there, so let’s see what they got: Music, Music. I have made my decision mac and cheese with buffalo chicken and over here we have a brisket sandwich for fenway chris. Well, all right, the flavor’s good. It has a real kick to it, but there’s, just not that much chicken. If you want to take a closer look, there’s these little pieces of chicken here and it’s all mac and cheese – so i got ta say that is pretty disappointing, but overall pretty good choice. I guess Applause, oh Music, Applause, Music Applause during last night’s game. I saw more than a dozen foul balls land in the second deck here on the third base side of home plate, so that’s. Why? I picked this spot today and it paid off in the top of the second inning leori, garcia that’s, who hid it and no one else even seemed to react or go for it even after it was bouncing around on the stairs. This is my 12th lifetime game. At target field and that’s, my first foul ball here, so it felt extra good to snag it.

Garcia was also feeling good right after because he launched a home run into the right field, seats that put the white sox on top two to nothing and as long as i’m talking about numbers. Let me say this: this is now my 32nd different major league stadium. At which i’ve snagged foul ball during a game so it’s fun to see the numbers keep piling up. I don’t want to miss one, and you know as good as this spot is in general for foul balls. I figured it would be extra good today, based on the pitching match up lanceling for the white sox, michael pineda, for the twins, both of those guys throw hard they’re, both right handed so more lefty batters in there and guys swing underneath the fastballs so yeah. You can see that it all came together today, the official bank from the minnesota twins. What is this? Are we getting a tornado or something tonight? Applause that’s, who just blasted the home, run to left center, and this might be crazy, but i saw that baseball land on top of some little shelf or basket thing in the bullpen i’m gon na run out there with my cup trick and leave fenway chris here. If there’s any chance for me to lean over and see that baseball i’m gon na try to snag it, and hopefully uh fenway chris behind the camera don’t get hit by a foul ball in my absence i’m, not gon na, be here to protect you so we’ll See how this goes thanks a lot.

Oh man that’s the baseball right there and unfortunately it is talked underneath that ford advertisement board. So there is no way to get that thing from directly. Above damn, Applause top of the seventh inning white sox are on top five to one and leori. Garcia is having himself quite a day three for three right now, with a single, a triple and a homer, so just a double short of the cycle and he will get at least one more bat, so let’s hope it happens. Applause, the official peanuts of the minnesota Applause twins – oh Applause, as you guys know, i usually do a good job of picking the right place to be for baseballs. But today i was off. Most of the foul balls landed one or two sections to my left. But despite that and the fact that the twins lost this game, it was still a solid day for me here at the ballpark six to one that was the final and the white sox man. They pounded out 15 hits, including four from their shortstop tim anderson and as for me well, i got two baseballs before the game, both toss ups and then a foul ball in the second inning. So that was definitely the highlight. The three baseballs brings the lifetime total to 11 507 and my lifetime target field. Total is 74., so i still need 26 more to reach triple digits at this stadium. It’S going to happen just you wait and see.

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