Power outage, Manitowoc, Public utility Super Tech or Super Hack ?

The other company told them. The evaporator has a leak too large to fix they need to replace the coil and they never got back to the customer. So he’s begging me to go out there and take a look at this see if he can get his walking cooler going. So i thought i’d bring you guys along it’s it’s, a box. I put the coil in if you guys remember the video where uh it had so much uv dye. I was all like it was like predator bleeding on the roof. Well, it’s that unit and they’re saying the leak in the coil is too big. I don’t know: maybe they ice picked it or what happened but let’s get out here and take a look and see if we can come up with something and i’ll bring you guys along for the ride, i can hear it leaking let’s get some soap bubbles on It three years old, terrible that’s, the only leak i found on the whole coil yeah, and i think i can fix that. Um that’s, it it’s the only one i can see. So i think i can fix it all right, it’s time for some super tech, shoes let’s do it. I got a good flow on there. I think we got it. No more leaky leaky. All right. We got ta, go upstairs change the dryer and then pull a big old vacuum in the whole deal all right. I need to change this dryer out clean this coil clean the downstairs coil now that we got it fixed and then pull a monster vacuum we’ll get started on that right.

Here, Music he’s got specially all right, whether it’s super tech or super hack, the navac battery vacuum pump, sure comes in handy. Let me tell you and uh. I got two fully charged up: batteries i’m, ready to rip i’m gon na get my pump sprayer and wash this coil out now that i’ve got the uh i’ve had a bunch of cleaner on it, i’m gon na get my pump sprayer and wash it out real Good, i also cleaned the downstairs coil and then we should. We should be able to get these guys back online, see how we make out here, it’s one dirty coil too so whoosh crusty see these are all you know, repair on break no maintenance action yeah that evap coil did it sprung a leak in three years 2018. We put it in you guys, probably seen the video um. Maybe i could. I could share that video in the description. You could go back and watch me. Do the coil install there’s some funny? We had some funny comments on that one. Let me pump her up. All right so the box we started up with 71 degrees, it’s, probably close to 80 degrees outside ambient using the water. You know that i rinsed the coil off with to keep the head pressure down to take the load off the box, while we’re running and uh that’ll help me catch up on my temp for charging rubs but uh. I don’t want to add a bunch of gas to it.

Just you know these. These little systems won’t hold much charge, maybe two to three pounds of gas and that’s, it and degree um, and what do we have yeah like? I need for dancing because i got the coil wet with the uh. You know with my sprayer over there i’m taking the load off as i go, and then i’ll keep getting it wet to help the box catch up, so that’s that’s. What i’m doing here super tech or hack you decide leave me a comment below let’s chat about it and i’ll leave a link to the video where i put that coil in in 2018 and it’s the one where we have the predator blood. You know this thing’s so full of uv dye from whoever worked on it before and it still is it’s still, predator, the predator’s revenge dude. That coil only made it three years till it sprung a leak, freaking bony maroney. All right. We got the roof all done back together, look there’s up on your longboard here. If you were looking for your longboard there, it is that’s some funny stuff, i’m gon na get off here. We’Ll go down to the bottom and then uh put that vap coil back together heading in the right direction. It was 46 until i opened the door Music. Okay, all right well that one was either super tech or hack. You can decide, but that guy’s walking box has been down since last friday, today’s thursday.

So almost seven days no walking cooler and supposedly the other company was supposed to get him a quote or i don’t even think he needed a quote. He was going to let him change out the evap coil um. I got it patched up for now. I did tell him: let’s get a game plan together to replace the rooftop unit and the evaporator coil, and we plan it out. We can probably get a coated coil from a different brand it’s what i’m hoping for and see if it’ll last longer than three years. You know they’re they’re, putting barbecue sauce in there and all kinds of rubs and stuff, and i think it eats the coils up. Pretty quick but we’ll see how that goes so yeah leave me a comment below. Let me know if that was super tech or hack hackalacka. All right hit the like button. If you didn’t, like the video, hit the thumbs down button, please if you haven’t yet hit the subscribe and hit the bell to get notifications when videos come up all right, all right, all right! Youtubes! Oh here we go into the traffic, so we’re gon na go uh measure up there’s a walk in box. My customer got installed, but the people that put the box in are not gon na install the condensing unit or the evaporator coil. So she had asked me to do it so i’ll. Take you guys out here and uh we’ll measure it up.

We got to order materials and figure out where we’re going to run our line set and all that fun stuff. She does have an electrician and a plumber that’s working on her project, so i won’t have to take care of those parts, but we’ll see if we can uh. I don’t know how big the box is, or the coil or anything. I imagine it’s pretty good size and so let’s get out there and take a look and see what we’re getting into all right. That’S, how you do it when you’re you know your box isn’t, ready, portable cooling and oh yeah, wow that’s, a big walking box, big drink lineup! Oh it looks like the cananzi unit’s gon na sit right here. Look. They made a little skid for it: Music that’s. A good size box, one two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve doors, two evaporator coils right here: where is the condenser gon na? Do it maybe right here all right, so i’m gon na need the high lift. So it looks like i’m gon na go coil and then coil and i want to find the um condensing unit, so yeah i’ll pipe it where it comes down this way and uh that coil will go up into the suction line and then out all right. Each coil has a txv 448 it’s on solenoid. I got a call for a ice maker at the hotel here. Look at the pool, freaking gnarly that one’s no good for skateboarding it’s right, it’s, all wrong.

All right, let’s see what we’re getting into here. Man until whack see what it says come on tippy, oh yeah let’s, see see where we’re getting into here. I can’t make this stuff up. I just can’t make it up i’m serious. I got no water pump. Actually this one gets better and better watch it. So we got the plug filter and then there is no water in there. I see angle. Stop. We got the angle stopped right. There, Applause, Music, just broken off that’s epic! I got ta get my butt back here and take a look at this hook up some plumbing Applause. Oh dorcal’s, been installing a ton of ice makers. Look what i have. I got a hose six footer let’s! Do it all right, we’re back to making ice, also had the drain down here, plugged we’re going into a harvest right now, so i just went ahead and i’m chucking i’m chucking the pre filter let’s shot and we bypassed that crappy water filter. We just went straight into the to the angle: stop to get her going Music. This was plugger had to get that drain undone. This is no maintenance whatsoever. The usual out here all right. This one’s gon na get ready to drop some ice there. He comes hopefully waiting for it. Anybody home, i didn’t, really check the bridge thickness. Hopefully it’s good we’ll find out here when it drops Music hear the air pump going. So it should be closed here.

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