Well, we starting our weekly review about gas prom and its news today today, it’s 19th of july, and what happened for the last week. We will also discuss all the news and how it already influenced or can influence on the price of gas from stocks well uh and please don’t, forget to subscribe and push like or dislike comment bell. Everything you can do will help me and also uh. You can ask there some question what you are interested in about guest prom. Also, you can make it in our telegram chat that you have in uh and link. You will find in the description thanks god we have 100 and even 10. Subscribers already congratulations guys and we coming to 1 000, 1 million and even more okay, well about the price it 279 right now and what is the reason? It’S, of course, the dividends that we had 14th of july and after it it was a dividend gap, but not so deep like i was thinking um and then you see that it still continued to fall down a bit and let’s see what we will have during This week, because our session morning session for the futures of guest prom will start uh in 32 minutes and we will see what’s going on well and let’s see what was influencing and what is. The reason here is our channel guest prom used by russian stock market, and you can find let’s see starting from morning of sunday last week, regular maintenance procedures for yamal europe pipeline were accomplished without any delays.

Good news, any delays in transportation means guest. Prom will have everything all will fulfill all its contract obligations and will receive all the money they want. Uh german government will not change its position about north stream too, and ukraine knows about it. It looks like very good that germany continue to support the north stream too and it’s good during the current uh government, because in september i think they’ll change their government. They will have new counselor of germany, but let’s see second line of north stream. 2 is at least finished: there are some regulations, procedures now and that’s. It very good. Second line already finished first line. They were already test, eat, tested it before and everything. Okay, it’s full of gas and uh guest prom already opened its pocket to receive money from it. Okay, gas consumption in european union in first quarter of 2021 is increased on 7.6 it’s great for us yes, but it’s comparing to 2020, as we remember, 2020, was not so good and historical hates were of gas. Consumption were in 2018.. Let’S see the next news. Nordstrom 2 will stop gas delivery. We are both lines of north stream, one from 13 till 23rd of july for carrying out some maintenance, it’s, okay, uh ministry of energy of mclennburg region. Oh sorry, it’s mistake in germany telling launching of north stream 2 is not requiring any additional approvals and it’s a positive news. As you see no any more approvals, everything is good and so on it’s, our subscriber mr venue kadari told something and he want to see uh the shares of guest prom in other companies and how much they of revenue they can have well mate.

Yes, i will make it one day, but not so fast, because i started already to check it and you know it’s a bit complicated, because guest prompt has more than 100 subsidiaries and it’s here, really not so easy, but we’ll do it soon: guest prom board of Directors organized sustainable development committee in the company. I think it was not influenced on the share price. Let’S see incredible. Growth of gas prices in europe gives to gas prom. Additional leverage to clarify conditions of north stream to launching construction is at least accomplished, but it’s still an important issue with some regulation procedures that is still in hands of germany, and it will be finally decided, after visit of merkel to united states 14th of july. It is important for gastron to guarantee 100 of pipeline volume access to itself, and it need to do it until october, with current german government that confirmed support of north stream 2 previously in 2019, well it’s good, i think, until october they will have all the time They need – and this meeting also is not so you know significant all or everything is already finished for 99 mars is a german minister. I don’t know maybe of energy supposes that they achieved success in negotiations with united states about north stream too, but he didn’t mention whatever it could be new breakthroughs after merkel biden meeting yes, and it was no any breakthroughs. Frankly, speaking ex president of united states, george bush, you remember this smart guy criticized construction of nordstrom 2 and position of german government about it, and he told that nordstrom 2 is increasing dependency of germany from from russia yeah.

Of course they want the increasing of dependency. Energetic dependency of germany from united states, not from russia, haha counselor candidate from christian democratic party, armin lachet, offered to add a special condition before launching of oh sorry. That of that will give an opportunity to stop usage of the project in case of joe political risks. Sorry, i will edit it later. Merkel will make farewell visit to united states and will have negotiations with biden. This visit should make a positive impulse to the development of german american relations that were under negative influence during the trump presidency and should close some disputes, especially regarding north stream to launching uh european union union limited access to the opal pipeline. Yes, let’s see it later. It was urgent news, but it’s not so important. Frankly, speaking, european court of justice supported position of poland regarding requirement to decrease power of oppal pipeline on 50. Opel is connecting north stream, one with gas system of central and western europe appeal of germany was rejected. It’S. Okay, united states, we are not waiting for official declarations regarding north stream 2 during merkel’s, far well visited to united states, uh it’s, okay, guest prom export is disappointed with this decision of european court regarding opal, okay and it’s. My comment now it’s not a big issue with opal. Actually, in 2016, european commission expanded access of gas prompt to opel, transporting power, sorry and gas prompt could book 50 of power directly via exclusive rights and other 50.

We are special agreements or auctions with third parties, but in 2019 uh this european court cancelled this exclusive right in 2019, guys it’s already was cancelled to guest prom and now, due to the request of poland and gasprom, will receive this access via all the standard procedures Of booking auctions without any exclusive rights, it’s, not a problem uh everything continued to be the same. Don’T worry guys. Gaspron continued to export gas to foreign countries on the level close to historical hates, yeah, it’s great for six and a half months of 2021 company mined 278.8 billion cubic meters of gas. It is on 17.9 42.4 billion cubic meters more than that for the same period of 2020.. Gas problem is also increased. Deliveries to the inland russian market on 15.5 percent and export to the foreign countries was increased to 107 107.5 billion cubic meters of gas it’s nearby. The historical height of six and a half months of 2018 in amount of 108.9 billion cubic meters of gas comparing to 2020, the growth is 24.3 it’s. Great. The amount of investment to arrange free gas access for uh, four million households in russia is estimated as 7.8 billion uh us dollars. It’S expensive. Yes, you know. In russia, we have a special program that there are still some households that has no any access to the gas and they still using these wood. Fireplaces blah blah blah electricity and gas prom want to expand its presence in inland russian market and they receive a confirmation from the government that this program will be supported by uh different uh subsidiaries from uh from the budget of russian federation that’s.

The good news guys uh soon we will have new information about guest prom. Please subscribe to this telegram channel. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. Also.

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