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But looking at the charts, looking at the fundamentals, looking at the history, looking at this from so many different angles, i think that there’s a lot of evidence to point that this week next week in the short term we’re in a bit of danger here, let me Tell you why, looking at the calendar of events looking at the fundamentals, also looking at the technicals and i’ll, give you my opinion on what i think you should be doing with your money right now in the short term, those of you new to my channel, my Name is dan i’m. A former wall street trader would appreciate if you guys, press the subscription button, the like button, as well as the notification button below and you’ll get notified anytime. I put out some new uh content today. Currently is tokyo, japan time it is 2. 11 p.m, and it is currently uh july, the 19th that’s right so right now it is still 1 11 a.m. Uh new york eastern time, depending on where you are in the world, so let’s get started first and foremost guys. Why do i think that there is going to be some sort of crash coming out uh guys before i get started just giving you an update that i will be probably releasing uh the latest version of my new social media platform post prime it’s completely free guys, But it’s different from every other social media platform in the world, i’ve looked at and changed based on all my experiences for the last year and a half trying everything out and i’ve come up with what i think is better a way for everybody to make money And a rating system so that we can all sift through all the stuff, because sometimes there is just a lot of garbage on social media to try to find really high quality posts, not just looking at the number of followers but more based on the quality.

So look forward to that. I’Ll probably give you guys an announcement towards friday or saturday this week. So let’s talk about this week and what’s coming up here so this week guys we got earnings from ibm, netflix, intel, johnson, johnson and twitter. So a lot of high tech, earnings, tech, tech results right, uh, they’re coming out, and these results are going to come out on the back of a nasdaq that uh nasdaq is the tekken tech stock index in the us. That has done quite well here. So i think that itself looks a little bit dangerous, so let’s first take a look at this nasdaq chart here, guys i’m going to be using some chart lingo if you’re not familiar with this. If you want to get started on investing whether you’re beginning or whether you’re an advanced person – and you want to just review how to use charts, feel free to look at the description area below you got some of my previous videos as well as some of the Brokerage accounts i use etc. It’S in the description area below nasdaq right now looks like a dangerous market to me. This is currently crossing on the macd and it looks like it’s about to fall it’s quite far away. Still from this 50 day, moving average, this orange line it’s still about six percent away here, usually in the past, when it gets above five percent, we start to see some sort of decline and we got a lot of earnings this week from tech stocks.

So people might be taking some profits otherwise guys this week we have some pmi surveys. This is the purchasing managers index from the us uk eurozone in australia. This is going to be keenly watched guys. Why? Because it looks to me like we’ve gone through a big v shape recovery, the coronavirus came, the market sank. Now things are going up. Usually, things go up really fast after they go down fast now, we’re going back to into this normalization mode, whereas in we’re growing, but we’re not growing as fast, because we’re not rebounding from a low point anymore. So this is just usual as part of a rebound from a lot of different recessions in the past or different economic downturns. Usually things start to slow down, and this is the point where things are starting to slow down here and a lot of june figures we’re. Seeing from around the world they’re showing a bit of a slowdown here and i think that’s going to worry markets a little bit as well and of course, in the meantime, we have this week, some central bank announcements, especially from the ecb and china. I think this would be important right now. China is doing more monetary policy, easing it seems they just caught their reserve. Reserve ratio requirement. Try to save that fast. Our reserve ratio requirement rrr, they cut it just last week, but the euro area. You know it’s a little bit difficult to assess right now, which area the eurozone.

The ecb is going in right now, the european central bank. So i think that people are a little bit worried about that end because they still don’t have a clear forward guidance. So that’s going to be all, i think something that we need to take note of, but most important. This is this guys. We have a market that has gone up for the last year and four months tapering is coming and i think a lot of investors are starting to become aware of this. If you look at the announcements, if you look at these speeches, the uh a lot of different information, we see here, the federal reserve in the us is probably going to start tapering its mortgage backed securities. When it does this, it will affect. I think the stock market, because the stock market will start pricing in tapering of treasuries, which is next and then after that, which is raising interest rates into this event. I think we’re gon na have a bit of a tumble here, not just that, but usually historically august and september, especially august. There tends to be a quite a bit of volatility, so we’re going into a historically volatile time with a lot of new changes. After we just had a huge growth in the stock market for the last year and four months, i think that now is a good time to be a little bit cautious now, which markets am i looking at specifically that i think you should be cautious in? I continue to think that nasdaq is probably the one that you think you should be more cautious of uh just looking at the again.

I just want to take a look quickly at the positioning here. I want to look at the nasdaq positioning from an etf perspective. Then, from a futures perspective and then also i’ll, look at a cfd perspective here, so looking at the nasdaq here, i continue to think that, okay, from a cfd perspective, only 67 of clients are short here. This could go down a lot more, i mean we could go to 70 80. 90 very easily here, it’s still not an oversold territory whatsoever. Looking at the future scenario here for the nasdaq futures, if you look at the positioning right now, it’s around normal it’s, nothing really abnormal here right now, it’s, maybe it’s, actually a little bit high. If you like, look at the last eight months or so for the uh that’s that’s, the uh non commercial positionings here, uh again, the nasdaq futures, it seems to me like, in the short term, they’re a little bit high uh. So we could still still see some selling off. I think, looking at the etfs, however, for nasdaq that’s a bit of a different situation here, we see for the etfs there’s a little bit more of a short interest ratio, that’s increasing here so 23 or around 23.99. Here, it’s a little bit high, so yes there’s other people right now, shorting this uh to me, though, in my experience just because something is already being shorted, that doesn’t mean it can’t go down more.

When markets decide to go down, they go down fast and it’s. So much easier for investors around the world to press the sell button than it is to press the buy button panic. This emotion is so much more powerful than greed, usually, usually greed and saying, okay, i should be buying more. I should be buying more that’s kind of slow, but panic. It can be it’s a human emotion, that’s, quick, sudden violent and you could see selling a lot even with a short interest ratio high up here. So, given all this guys, what is my recommendation for you? Guys, and what do i think you should be doing, how do i think markets are going to uh sort of flow into this next one or two weeks or so? Let me give you my opinion on how you should be uh coping with this scenario. With this volatile scenario that we’re probably gon na happen in the next one month or so as usual, guys, investment is self responsibility. Please do take note that guys take what anybody says, including what i say with a grain of salt, get a lot of different advice. Get a lot of different information from different people. You don’t want to sit in an echo chamber, so i highly recommend you get lots of information, make sure you’re always diversified in your opinions. This is very important because you don’t want to sit in an echo chamber. That’S very dangerous, also guys long term investment and short term investment highly advise that you divide up your strategies, especially right now guys don’t just sit with the long term portfolio thinking, ah whatever i don’t care, whatever happens the next month or so guys, every time the Market goes down, we all care, don’t, let’s, not kid ourselves.

Our retirement accounts goes down. We all get a little bit bummed and you’re like uh, damn but short term. You can make money and you can also protect yourself. So don’t just have a long term account but also have a short term investment account here, and this is where you can be hedging and selling stuff. I am still advocating selling the nasdaq guys. Why? Because if you look at all the big stock markets in the world, our size still the highest, if you look at the nasdaq guys, it’s still at around around the 60 level or so on, the rsi daily rsi. If you look at the s p 500, here it’s at 56., if you look at the dow jones here, it’s at around 53. uh. So all these major indices in the us also the russell’s even lower here russell’s way. Lower russell’s like russell 2000, is at. Like 32. uh it’s way lower than these other indices that i’m looking at looking at europe here, the daily rsi is also around 40 or so uh, looking at especially asia for the most part from what i am seeing here, looking at whether the hong kong market, It’S around ‘ on the rsi. If you look at you know the uh let’s say the nikkei in japan as well. The rsi is at 36.. So a lot of these markets they’re just not as high as the nasdaq. So if things are gon na fall, i’d rather sell the one that’s gone up, the most that’s, still the relatively most overvalued and that’s, where i’m gon na be still putting most of my money for shorting near term to hedge myself in case there is a market Downturn, but also try to make some money, because, right now the trend is down.

We looked at the chart before but guys this macd is already crossed here. It’S just crossing it’s going down here in the past, the macd crossing up or down has been a very good indicator of how this nasdaq has moved over the last five or six months or so. So i continue to believe that now it’s probably going to be right again, as it has been in the past, so guys into the next couple weeks. That’S, my recommendation feel free to use etf, cfds futures. Whatever you want to use, i personally have been using futures and cfds. One brokerage account i’ve been using is in the below description area. If you want to check it out but feel free to use whatever you want and guys stay updated on this market, because the next one month or so could be a little bit more volatile thanks guys for watching my show. If you enjoyed today’s content, please press the like button, as well as the subscription button and the notification button below to get notified and i’ll put out new content anytime. I think that there’s something that needs to be talked about thanks, so much guys have a wonderful day.

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