All of these things, if you’re new, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell be sure to hit the like button. If you enjoy this type of content check out the twitter, if you want to get my updates a little bit earlier about the markets and clover health and the stocks i like, if you want to get two free stocks, use weevil and check out the patreon page. If you want to get my buy and sell alerts and be a part of our awesome discord community for right now, it’s very crazy in the markets. As of right now, you can see the futures they’re down about point five: six percent for the dow, the s p, 500 down about point four, six percent and the nasdaq, which is mostly tech companies down by 0.3 percent, and i know that may not sound crazy. You know for futures to be you know down by point five: six percent, because it’s only a one percent down day and seeing how the s p 500 was in the red on friday. You know it’s not too crazy to see a red day, but for the futures to be down this much while the markets haven’t even opened yet it’s, actually very crazy, and for the past six months you know we never really saw the futures go below 0.1 and On average it’s below 0.1 percent most of the time, but this is over six times that in the red, which is crazy and there’s a lot to talk about with the markets and obviously i think i’ve said this a few times on the channel.

I used to trade, futures forex and different currencies, not crypto, but as soon as the the markets open and the futures opened from friday january or june july 16th and saturday was closed right, then all futures were down especially for the spx, the s p, 500 and All of these different commodities, but there’s so much fear in the markets, especially right now we have all of these. These reports with masks the delta variant kovid all of these things, especially in the bluer states and that’s. Obviously, you know contributing to the fear we’re seeing and we also have a report from michigan saying the consumer. Confidence is very low and people aren’t really buying things like they expected last year with jerome powell, and you know most of the expectations from last year were the pandemic would be over by now and obviously that’s not the case at all and there’s. So many people talking about inflation and how it’s going to be extended and even higher than expected, and we have also yellen tomorrow, who’s, going to speak and that’s going to even contribute more to this red day. We’Re, seeing especially seeing her opinion on the markets where she wants more money to be spent and all of these things, it’s really piling on and that’s part of the reason today, it’s down by over 0.58 percent. I have a lot of friends who trade futures still. I don’t really trade futures anymore and they’re, taking short positions for the short term because of all of this fear in the markets, they started their put positions, their short positions on that you know the s p, 500 and and the the russell 2000, especially – and you Know it’s even more concerning for the small cap stocks right because it’s down 0.

8, so that’s extremely high, especially if you consider we’re only about three hours into the trading day for the pre market and futures. So if you guys don’t know what futures are it’s, basically, you know contracts a bunch of contracts where investors are basically betting on which way the markets will go and obviously the volume’s a lot lower. But if the futures are this low and it’s low volume and more people are agreeing on the downward side of the s p, 500 and the economy, especially for today before markets opened it’s, usually a bad thing. The last time i really saw anything like this was during the covet pandemic, right where it was over one percent on the futures down right, and that was you know during the circuit breakers all of those things, and we haven’t really seen anything like that until today And last year, in september, where they were talking about interest rates – and you know all of these things with the pandemic and unemployment, but today it’s extremely volatile. So i think tomorrow is going to be a red day and we already are seeing. You know a 0.58 percent down in the dow jones 210 points down 21 points down for the s, p, 500 and nasdaq. So with all of these things happening, you know, like i talked about with yellen speaking tomorrow on friday. All of these things is something to look at when you’re executing a position, especially in a smaller cap stock.

So, with all of that said, i think tomorrow’s going to be a red day with all of these things happening, i thought i’d.

What do you think?

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