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Well, the one thing they don’t tell you about trading on a bus in july. Is that it’s really hot? It is so hot in here it’s, a lot of fun, uh it’s, doing something different, which is cool, and i was kind of like this will be fun and it is i’ve got my nice little set up here, but it is so hot. This would be a great place to trade in the spring in the fall, but not in july. I am sweating it’s, so hot. So i got to get out of here. I’M done for the day. Got green on sgoc took a few trades on it, we’ll break it down in the recap and i’m, not overstaying. My welcome i’ll be back to live another day on monday, so monday will be day five of the small account challenge and just a regular monday in july, for my main account and hoping for some decent momentum. I hope uh sgoc closes strong today. They’Ll lead maybe into some trades early next week. I still think there might be a little bit more in it, we’ll see, but um i’m also, i guess hoping for some fresh breaking news, which would be really nice. I was hoping for something nice today and all we got was a little continuation on sgoc and a little on newegg, but not as much as i was hoping for so didn’t quite hit the daily goal today, didn’t quite hit it yesterday, but got green both days And i’m walking away and not over trading, so i hope you guys enjoy the recap.

As always in case you didn’t already know, trading is risky. Most beginner traders lose money so make sure you trade in a simulator before you put real money on the line. I’Ll see you guys first thing on monday morning, and hopefully we have some good momentum. All right enjoy the weekend. I’Ll see you next week, Music, all right everyone, so uh recap here: for friday finishing the week with a couple of trades on sgoc got a little aggressive on. It was hoping to see a little bit more momentum. We didn’t have a lot on the gap. Scanner that looked good today sgoc was our second leading gapper. It looked the best out of what we had. I was considering not trading at all, but i didn’t trade, uh, didn’t trade or take any trades yesterday in my small account felt like i should kind of go for a trade um today, and so i did trade in my small account today. Sgoc and i traded in my main account as well so uh. This is the chart kind of wild just got back above the v web here as we’re coming into the close. This was a big momentum stock from a couple days ago, and so i liked the idea of it. It was strong yesterday had a nice squeeze. Yesterday gave some nice action the day before so it sort of had a few days of popping up. I had drawn these yellow lines and i recognized that we had room this morning up to about uh 13 80.

. I was hoping maybe we would tap 14 and we ended up hitting a high of 14 42, which wasn’t bad so uh. I traded it basically through this move right here, buying the micro pullbacks, the one minute pullbacks we had a micro pullback on the 10 second chart right here. Then there was another um nice little setup right here going into the open micro, pullback micro, pullback micro, pullback dip at the open rip up to 1440 was looking for that squeeze higher it flushed lost some money on the dip. Here added tried to buy the dip off. Ascending support lost a little bit more, did another dip trade and made back um some of what i’ve lost, but my last dip trade on this was at 12.50, buying it off the the half dollar of 1250, which was right around here, and you know that gave A move back up to 1295, which was okay, and that was my last trade put me up just under 17 000 on the day, not a bad day at all, made the best of the momentum. We didn’t have a lot, but i got green and shut it down. My last trade was just only a few minutes. Past 9. 30.. I didn’t overstay. My welcome. I just said you know what today is not the day. It’S friday yesterday was choppy so that’s it and uh stay disciplined shut down the charts and look at anything else did some sessions for warrior pro students.

Thank you guys who tuned in for that. That was awesome. Fomo friday, that special two hour long session was great. We did an hour long q, a for uh students and so yeah i’ve been doing stuff all day, but no trading, past 9, 35 or whatever it was yeah. I see a couple things popped up, but we’ve been in a little chop. The last couple days and sgoc, although i’m happy that i was able to get green on it, it wasn’t one to overstay my welcome on and it got red kind of at the open sold off hard. You know now it’s curling up and, to be honest, it’s still going to be on watch next week. I think there’s more potential in it, but this is very common. Where we have this momentum stock, it then starts to you have a couple days of pretty hot momentum, which was a little unusual with this one, because we had this sort of a green topping tail the next day. It opens higher surges up and then another topping tail shooting star candle red the next day, then bounces way back up to green first daley campbell to make a new high up to 19 back down pops up this day, pops up today so kind of a wild. A wild stock and new egg was a little bit wild today as well. Sometimes it’s like that new egg. I decided to not chase this momentum. First daily camp would make a new high.

I was tempted, and i said you know what don’t do it just it’s friday man be done so that’s it for me. I didn’t quite hit my uh my daily goal of 20 000, which is pretty aggressive. Yesterday i didn’t hit it either. I was up about 9 000. I think it was so these last two days i was a little below the daily goal. On the other hand, i was above it on. I think i met it on monday and was above it on tuesday and wednesday, so all’s. Well, that ends well it’s been a good week for me, i did uh get a little aggressive on tuesday, wednesday, midweek and then tapered off thursday friday, as things have been getting a little choppy. Some of you guys mentioning k, d and k d m n popping up here: uh yeah. I guess i see that so you know get a little action there in the afternoon. Fda approval high was 487 needs to break over that level, but that’s it’s not going to be i’m, not going to go for that not going to take a trade at 3 30 on a friday it’s, just not a not a smart move, so uh good. For you guys practicing in the simulator simulator simulator simulator keep practicing you gain experience, but when it comes to real money, we were talking about this for warrior pro students um that that one trade, you know one entry, one exit like i did uh well in my Small account the last week so well last week, thursday friday and then all week this week has been one trade in the small account that’s it one trade a day, small account way and it’s a great kind of trader, rehab, um boot camp kind of you know Trying to cleanse the palate after a big loss, just one tray get green shut it down or if you go red, stop the bleeding right then, and there and don’t overstay your welcome so anyways that’s it.

For me. Not a lot really else to talk about. Sgoc was the only one i traded um one thing worth noting um i don’t know where i sit on the month. I mentioned that earlier in the week i haven’t been tracking. I don’t know how many green days i’ve had i don’t know when my uh i don’t know really what my last red day was. I don’t know where i sit on the month i’m kind of in this um it’s been enough days since i checked that i feel this sort of like it’s, almost like a freedom like. I just feel like that kind of weight lifted off my shoulders of being obsessed with that number and it feels pretty good um. Now i can assume that i’m green because i know i’ve had a good month. If i was deep in the red, i might feel more inclined to check, but my feeling right now is i’m, not gon na. I don’t want to look until till august and let it just be what it is: hey, what’s, what’s, really the difference between let’s just say: you know, 100, 150 or 200 and 250 or on a smaller scale, between 15 000 and 18 000. At the end of the day, it’s not going to make a huge difference in most of those scenarios, but if you know that you’re up x amount and then you start losing, you could start getting fixated on that.

You could start getting frustrated and trying to get back what you lost man. I hope sgoc closes green, because that would be a nice little bottoming tail it’s, not far off from that level. You might have some people who have been swing trading. It short thinking, it’s going to fade and what you may see – and i don’t know, but you may see at certain levels like 13 dollars – maybe 13. 25. 13. 50. 13. 91, that you have stop orders that just fire people that aren’t sitting here watching the market. But they just have a stop on it and all of a sudden it crosses that level, and then you see a little burst of volume. Right, stop orders are firing. Well, we see that on on in the inverse when stocks are dropping, you start start breaking critical levels and you see stops fire and it just breaks down more and more so it may be uh one that we’ll be watching early next week that 1648 level yesterday’s High will be interesting. The 19 from uh wednesday’s high will be interesting if it gets above 19, then you start looking back up there towards 29, and you know sometimes on these. You think no way is it going to go back up there. Maybe it’s optimistic i’m. Probably ever the optimist with trading, i think you have to be to be a trader because we all know how risky trading is and how many people lose, but uh at the same time, if that got over 19 what’s, your next resistance.

Well, an interesting point: uh someone brought up would be the fact that you had that red candle on the day the red topping tail on the day it made that high. Would you have levels where you might have some bag holders from that particular day? So maybe you’d have an intraday level at 25, maybe another intraday level here 27 and then the high was up here sold off there, but then came back up 1648 1774 there’s some interesting levels so it’ll be interesting to watch but um. You know i’m not going to stick around to see what it does the end of the day today, there’s, i have no interest in trading the close on friday, so i’m, shutting it down and locking it up a decent week, good in the small account not exceptional Or outrageously, amazing, but good and good in the big account, also not outrageous, nothing crazy, crazy, good but uh. You know no no record breakers this week, but that’s okay, it’s a green week and i’ll be back at it. First thing, monday morning day, five, a little small account challenge and just a regular, regular old monday in july, for my main account. So i hope you guys have an awesome weekend hit the thumbs up for those on youtube. I hope you’re subscribed to the channel and um. You know practice and study watch those videos over the weekend, students that are in the classes simulator will be ready for you on monday morning, so get back into it and keep practicing all right.

Thanks guys have a great weekend, i’ll see you on monday. I hope you really enjoyed that video and make sure you hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Our goal is to hit 1 million subscribers this year, but we won’t get there without your help.

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