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So i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you do, please make sure to drop a like. It really helps out the channel also check out the weeble and the patreon links down in the description below. We did have a few spots open back up. So if you wish to join the link is going to be down in the description below it’ll, give you access to our public calendars, the private discord, the binds alerts, the swing trading ideas, a lot of research analysis as well, so the nasdaq right now down over 80 basis points over 116 points, while the s p, 500 drops over almost 42 basis, points really coming down hard about 19 20 points, and the dow jones is down roughly six business points are pretty much flat on the day as the vix basically rallies. Those are all my alerts going off there. We go so nasdaq, really coming down with the vix up over 5.33 um. So that being said, this right here is gon na, be the entire watchlist tesla down about one percent right now, so you’ll notice for the most part i mean we’ve got amc that’s up over six percent. We got so far. That’S up over four percent. Neo is up for 1.7, so those are some of the stocks that are up, but for the most part, if you take a look at the watch list, we got tesla, we got spotify amd apple pellentier.

We got google shopify erkg, we got square unity, software paypal, qualcomm, netflix, facebook, you call it like everything is pretty much in the red anywhere between three to four to five to six percent in the red, not to mention those high super high growth names as well. Like peloton, we got ttw, oh roadblocks, is down over 2.6 percent. Fiber is down dropbox octa. These are all companies that are also down in the red. So the first thing i want to talk to talk to you guys about is the very simple thing is to not panic. Don’T panic. This is very normal in the markets right when the markets are coming down, that’s, not the time to actually be panicking, but instead it’s the time to actually get excited, because in hindsight we always tell ourselves that we’re going to buy when stocks come down. 20. 30. I’M gon na buy it at a discount. You know that’s the company, that i really love. I’Ve done. My all analysis. I’Ve spent so much time and effort into my research into this company and i’m gon na buy it at this specific price. But when the stocks do start coming down, there is a tendency to basically you know, shy away from buying and basically start panicking. So the first thing that i want to address is to not panic and and don’t freak out. This is very normal in the markets. If you take a look at the nasdaq right now, you’ll notice that you know we’re down almost 90 basis points almost one percent, and this is something that we were expecting in the markets.

Right. You’Ll notice that the rsi coming down aggressively the macd just crossed below the signal line, which is why i’m making this video is to prepare you guys for what could be coming in the future. So this could be just the beginning. This could be just the end. This could be this dip could get bought up tomorrow. Nobody knows, but if we do see a more prolonged sell off, if you do see some more persistent weakness, maybe down to 14 200 that’s gon na be a drop of another two percent, maybe down to thousand six hundred that’s gon na, be a drop of six Percent, i want you guys to not panic and start thinking logically at how you wan na position yourself moving forward, so that’s gon na be the first thing. The second thing is just get ready right, rebalance trim your positions raise cash, take profit on the table. Whatever you need to do to get ready for some type of pullback, like i’ve, already mentioned how the markets are trading at near all time, high levels, a lot of the valuations have basically gone up and with this fear and this volatility around inflation about the interest Rates about tapering that just leads to some more volatility and some more potential probabilities for a pullback and or a correction. So the most important things that you can do is get ready and basically do what you need to do with your portfolio again.

Nobody’S here to tell you what to do. We had a lot of people in the discord group, basically taking profits off of apple, taking profits off of google taking profits off of facebook. All those big tech companies that have basically been hitting new all time highs to raise more capital, uh rebalance their portfolios or trim some of the positions and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that right. If you want to do that, that’s completely up to you and your decision, but i would start thinking about that as well. Moving forward as prices continue to come down. As the nasdaq now drops over almost one percent, the s p also pulls back over half a percent as well uh. The the third thing is create a shopping list right so that’s. The reason why we have a watch list specifically desired to a buying a list or a shopping list and i’m, also working on a lot of financial spreadsheets, like fundamental analysis and valuation models to basically go over the price targets i have for those stocks as they Continue to come down right, those are going to be software as a service companies, tech companies, growth companies, even some value and dividend companies kind of thrown in there that are going to be as they retreat as they come down to our desired level or under price Level we’re going to be jumping on those stocks. So again, if you guys want to get access to those spreadsheets get access to those price targets, the link to our patreon is going to be down in the description below, but that is going to be.

The third thing is to basically go out and create your shopping list or your buy list, and as prices come back down, then you’re going to be using this cash that you’re raising to actually go out and shopping once again. The third, the fourth thing is going to be set your price targets right, set your price target set your stop losses set your uh profit target, set your targets when it comes to where exactly you’re going to be buying that specific stock and – and this is perhaps One of the most important things because we always need to have a plan in the markets, whether we are trading, whether we’re investing we always need to have a plan oftentimes. I get the same question asked over and over again and people are asking me you know: the stock has basically gone up. 30. 40. 50. Should i sell? Should i take my profit or the stock has dropped 10. 20 30? Should i sell? Should i take my? Should i cut my losses, the answer is always the same. What was your original plan going into that investment going into that trade? What is your time horizon right? Are you investing for the long term if you are, what is your price target where you would sell right if you’re, if you’re trading this, where did you enter and where is your stop limit right? Where is your support level if it breaks that support? Where are you going to take uh your losses? Where are you going to cut your losses right, that’s, the same answer it’s like know your price targets know your time horizon and know exactly where you’re going to enter and where you’re going to exit out of that trade.

That is known as a defined strategy write. It down right, write it down in a piece of paper or your excel spreadsheet, wherever you need to just have your price targets set before you even go into that trade that’s. Why it’s very important to have long term price targets for long term, investments and short term price targets and profit targets for short term trades day trades and swing trades, so you have to kind of differentiate between the two as well. So the fifth thing that we’re going to be talking about is then you just observe the markets right once you are ready. Once you rebalance your raised cash you’ve created a shopping list. You’Ve set your price targets, then it just simply observe the s p, 500 and the vex and the and the way uh we can do. That is simply go over to the s. P 500. Take a look at the markets and now we’re starting to come down. We’Re only down about one percent from our all time highs, which is absolutely nothing you if you do see a more persistent selling like down to three and a half percent, maybe even longer down to seven percent. If you come down to like 4 000 points or 4 200 levels, that’s going to drive the vix even higher right, we’re going to go up to 19, potentially even 29 30 levels that’s, when we need to start considering that actual execution in place, so we’re only Observing at this point for the markets to retreat for the prices to come down to our desired levels, to our price targets and that’s when we actually start executing on our plan, so we are ready, we’re, creating our shopping list, we’re, setting up price targets, we’re observing The markets, and then we start executing on the plan and then, after that we just enjoy the markets and that’s exactly what it is.

It’S, a market where we don’t need to panic – and you know basically be hard on ourselves, but instead you want to enjoy the journey and you want to experience what it’s like in being invested in the market, and it was very, it was really interesting. Somebody mentioned in our discord that they actually got started with investing in 2021 and how it’s actually been one of the worst experiences to that. I basically responded that 2021, in my opinion, was actually one of the best years. You could actually start investing in and not 2020 2020 was actually the worst time to get started with investing and, of course, statistically, and you know, based on the gains – it was the best time like in in our lives but 2021 for long term success. If you think about the mentality that that actually developed for people 2020 wasn’t an anomaly, it was nowhere near to be an average year and over the longer term, as we go through 2021 and as more and more people experience kind of like the ebbs and flows. The ups and downs of the markets – and we experience the volatility we’ve experienced these painful days when we see the portfolio being down that’s, only going to make you a better logical and well balanced investor over the long term, as opposed to just comparing yourselves with the 2020 gains and looking back and just realizing that market is nowhere near close to what 2020 was like, so you’re, going into 2021, with a really false sort of analogy or false sort of experience and um expectation of the market that you had in 2020.

So, in my opinion, 2021 is a better time to actually learn about the markets and understand that not every year is going to be like a crazy 70. 80 percent gain for the broader markets right and it’s gon na take some time right. A lot of these price targets do take some time to actually come into fruition. So those are some lessons and i wanted to kind of go over ahead of a potential pullback in the markets. If we see one because right now, uh, we are starting to crawl back down as the other side. The macd also curls back down with the nasdaq brought down roughly about 90 basis points and we’ve got the s p down about half a percent and the dow drop of dropping about 27 points here with the vix also for 5.7 percent. But let me know in the comment section down below what do you guys think about the markets and what are your thoughts on this potential, pullback and or a correction, and how are you actually playing this if you’re hedging your portfolio? Let me know in the comment section down below and also let us know what your thoughts are with the current market environment that we’re in and where do you see for us to close the month of july? As always, if you guys enjoy this video find it helpful, please make sure to drop a like. It really helps out the channel check out the weeble and the patreon links down in the description below.

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