Thunder Rosa, Big Show, Professional wrestling, WWE, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair Unforgettable vehicle entrances: WWE Top 10, July 15, 2021

. I know that tank. That’s, the taking care of business tank. SOUND gtgt. Here we go Cole. MUSIC, gtgt, A police, escort. gtgt. What the hell is, this CROSSTALK. gtgt A police escort for the WWE Champion. gtgt I’ve, never seen this CROSSTALK. gtgt I’ve. Never seen a motorcade entrance in all of my years being in this industry., I swear to God it’s true LAUGH., gtgt What’s this. What is this gtgt It’s money.? It is money. gtgt It’s, a hundred dollar bill with JBL’s face on it. Gtgt It’s raining 100 dollar Bradshaws.. I love it. SOUND gtgt. Look at this 80000 fans. Yeah Rocco on is way to the ring. Rocco, along with Paul Ellering, bringing up the rear there with INAUDIBLE and Animal right behind.. What an entrance. SOUND MUSIC, This opponent from Victoria Texas, weighing 252 pounds, the World Wrestling Foundation, Intercontinental Champion, Stone, Cold, Steve, Austin., gtgt, NOISE, gtgt, Stone, Cold, Steve Austin is driving his pick up truck right up to ring side.. I can’t believe it. And there’s the Intercontinental Champion there’s the Rattlesnake., SOUND MUSIC gtgt. This, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do it like a boss., SOUND gtgt Wait a minute. I know that tank. That’s, the taking care of business tank of Shotzi and behind her is Tegan Nox, let’s go., SOUND gtgt. The following contest is a women’s division Tag Team Match scheduled for one fall., Making their way to the ring. The team of Shotzi and Nox.

gtgt NOISE, gtgt SOUND MUSIC, SOUND MUSIC gtgt And the Challenger from El Paso Texas, weighing in at 228 pounds Eddie Guerrero. gtgt For Eddie Guerrero tonight, is a chance at redemption. For Eddie Guerrero tonight is a day of reckoning. For Eddie Guerrero tonight is a chance to prove. There is indeed a way: out. gtgt NOISE. Gtgt This place is going crazy for Eddie Guerrero., SOUND MUSIC, SOUND MUSIC, gtgt, Wow. MUSIC, LAUGH Man., MUSIC, SOUND gtgt NOISE, gtgt, My God. gtgt INAUDIBLE, look out. NOISE, gtgt, My god. MUSIC.

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