United Kingdom, Boris Johnson ban online racists from entering soccer stadiums after Euros abuse

In the last few days, everybody has seen england’s black players have been the targets of disgusting racist abuse following sunday’s match disgusting, and this is really simple, mr speaker either. The prime minister is with the england players in their stand against racism, or he could defend his own record, those of his ministers and some of his mps, but he can’t have it both ways? So can he tell the house, does he now regret failing to condemn those who booed england players for standing up to racism, yes or no Applause? Mr speaker, we made it absolutely clear that no one should boo the england team and uh abs and mr speaker uh what we’re doing now is taking following the following: the racist abuse that our players sadly suffered on sunday, night and and thereafter we’re taking practical action. So, in addition to changing the football banning order regime uh last night, i met representatives representatives of facebook of twitter of tiktok of snapchat of instagram, and i made it absolutely uh clear to them that we will legislate to address this problem. Mr speaker in the online harms bill and unless they get unless they get hate and racism off their platforms, they will face fines amounting to 10 of their global revenues, and we all know, mr speaker, that they have the technology to do it. Mr speaker, the online harms bill has been promised for three years: i’m, not sure a 15 minute chat of the garden party moves things forward.

That significantly. Mr speaker, i will mr speaker, we can all see what’s happened here. The government has been trying to stoke a culture war and they’ve realized they’re on the wrong side, and now they hope that nobody’s noticed. Why else would a conservative mp boast that he’s not watching his own team? Why else would another conservative mp said might say that marcus rashford spends too much time playing politics when he’s actually trying to feed children that the government won’t, and why will the prime minister refuse time and time again, even now to condemn those who boo our players For state standing up against races, mr speaker, what is it that this england team symbolizes that this conservative party is so afraid of? Well, mr speaker, i think i think the high school judge for themselves uh the the quality of the question that the last uh that the right honourable gentleman has has just put. This is uh this. I think the whole house is united uh, including our distinguished members, uh from scotland uh, by the way, mr speaker in admiration of the england team and of every single member of that squad and what they did and we stick up for them, mr speaker, and what We’Re doing is taking practical steps to fight racism, changing the football banning order regime, finding the online companies and by the way we will use more legislation if we have to just as we use the threat of legislation.

Mr speaker, to stop the european super league, and mr speaker, i don’t, want to. I don’t – want to engage in a a political, uh culture, war of any kind i want to get on with delivering for the people of this country. He simply wants to get on with dithering. He doesn’t want to engage in a culture. Warm point scoring give me a break football footballs footballs football’s, a game, racism, isn’t, promised that’s. Why many of us have been involved in the charity? Show racism the red card for years, but far from giving races in the red card. The prime minister gave it the green light and i’ll tell you the worst kind of gesture politics, mr speaker, putting an england shirt on over a shirt and tie whilst not condemning those booing is the worst kind of gesture the racist abuse to which marcus rashford jaden Sancho and bakayo sacco have been subjected is disgraceful and such behavior has been too common on social media. For too long social media platforms have had more than long enough to act. The home secretary said to me on monday. The legislation will be absolutely pivotal, but the government has dragged its feet on bringing the online harms bill forward. Worse still, the bill is currently proposed will not address what we’ve seen in the last couple of days. Allowing social media companies to set their own terms and conditions will not be enough. Will the government therefore commit to including criminal sanctions for senior ex senior executives in that bill and, in addition, will the minister tell us exactly when the government will be exceeding to the demand on these benches to extend football banning orders to offenses that take place online? As was promised by the prime minister in prime minister’s questions, and finally, will the prime minister and the home secretary finally show some leadership and apologize for siding with those who are booing and not with the brave england players in terms of football banning orders? Again? The honourable gentleman right, honourable gentleman forgive me, would have heard the prime minister say very clearly at pmq’s about the work that the government is uh conducting in relation to football banning orders.

It is complex because we know, for example, some of the trolls uh that have uh targeted some members of the team uh over the weekend.

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