Usher, Las Vegas, Concert residency @Ticketmaster Has Terrible Customer Service | It is Literally Impossible to Interact with a Human

I want to talk about ticketmaster. I know this is kind of different for this channel, but this needs to be said now just for background. I purchased tickets to the usher. Residency that’s going on in las vegas. I purchased these tickets in september of 2020 right now. Upon purchasing these tickets, there is like a box on ticketmaster that says upon purchase. You receive your tickets like within 10 to 14 days, something like that right. Okay, now we’re in july today, to be exact today is july: 17, 2021 i’ve. Yet to receive these tickets, i will be in um las vegas in less than two weeks well, we’ll just say two weeks or so right for the concert and i’ve yet to receive my tickets. Now there is an app of course, there’s, an app that i can use to show my tickets, but i ordered i purchased the tickets that have it’s like a commemorative ticket right. I pay extra money to have this ticket right. So, of course, i contact try my best to get in touch with ticketmaster. I was unable to find a phone number, so i emailed them. I keep getting these cam responses, say it just to paraphrase matter of fact. Let me pull it up that way. I can just tell you exactly what tiggy master has been telling me, so this is what they’re saying they’re saying hi. Thank you for your recent email. Due to higher than normal email volume we have following a behind on responding to emails.

We hate that this has kept us from getting back to you in a timely manner. In the meantime, please take a moment to look through some of our faqs to help you find the answers you may need right, because initially i was considering selling my ticket because i was kind of like i really don’t want to go right, but because we’re so Close once like it got to june i’m, like look ticketmaster isn’t responding. Let me just book a hotel in flight and go right, so i did that, but i i emailed them like four times. I keep getting these same canned emails that i just read to you. Now i would make this even crazier. Of course, september is how many months ago, right when july i’ve moved things change right. So my billing address they have my billing address my old address. I have moved so i’m like what’s the you know. What is the deal, so i go back on to the contact us section, email them. I haven’t received my tickets and i actually get an email from someone uh and it’s still like one of those can’t it’s. Well, it seems canned honestly. It does seem canned but um they did not address the fact that i have moved they like. Oh don’t, worry you’re gon na receive your tickets i’m, like what did you just read anything that i’ve said? Okay, so here’s the email response i received from ticketmaster? It says hi according to mj.

Thank you for reaching out about the status of your ticket delivery. I apologize. You have not received your tickets, however, due to cover 19, our fulfillment centers are currently closed. Please be assured that your tickets will be shipped in plenty of time for your event and we’ll. Send you a confirmation email as soon as they’re, on their way if tickets are blah blah blah whatever right now in the email crafted to them, i said: look i haven’t received these tickets. I move. Can i update my address? They did not address that at all. Right so i went on again to do a live chat. I was telling the representative, or so i thought that look i’ve moved. I haven’t received my tickets, the chat box, the bot kept telling me you’re going to receive them like they just ignore, like literally it’s an ai it’s, a bot so i’m saying i says all this to say: ticketmaster your cup customer service is just deplorable. I have never seen anything like this. This is disgusting that you all treat your customers in this way. How’S your fulfillment center closed, so hey anyone that has a similar experience with ticketmaster any negative experience. Please drop them in the comments below let’s, see what we can do to get the attention of my next steps. Gon na be the better business bureau. If i don’t receive these tickets because, yes, i can scan my phone at the venue that’s true, but where are my physical tickets? I pay extra for those and um let’s see what we can do if we need to go to the better business bureau.

I don’t know: do we need to take this to capitol hill? I don’t know what we need to do, but a business should not be able to operate in this manner. It’S like they’re, scammers or italian mob. They think they can treat people, however, they want. So if you have any experience with ticketmaster, if you have any resolution, please drop them below. I do want to add so i i’m going with my sister, my sister lives in different states, so we’re going to meet up in las vegas right, so she said yeah. I received my tickets that came from caesar’s palace. She gave me the number i called caesar’s palace. They gave me a number to ticketmaster once i called ticketmaster guess what they told me i’m, going to give you a few seconds to guess the answer. Okay ticketmaster told me there was an automated message that said, they fulfilled fulfillment center is closed and they redirected me to and hung up so i’m just i’m, just so disgusted at ticketmaster um. I honestly don’t, like using ticketmaster, i like to go to the venue to purchase my ticket to cut out the middleman because their fees are so expensive but of course, that’s the opposite side of the country. So i couldn’t, then it was what pandemics i couldn’t go. Get the ticket, but i i’m just so disgusted. So thank you all for watching. Please subscribe to the channel. Leave your comments below.

If you have any thoughts, opinions on this, any helpful hints for any of us that anybody that has issues with ticketmaster and into the next upload.

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