WWE Money in the Bank, WWE Full WWE Money in the Bank 2021 highlights (WWE Network Exclusive)

, Dominic, so good learned for so many years under the tutorage of his father. gtgt. You know what I love about him study seems to know about everything: that’s going on out there. gtgt Tremendous athleticism from the second rope to retain the tag team, titles. gtgt And a kicked out by Jimmy Uso. gtgt Student of the game. Dominic Mysterio not sure he saw the tag that just happened with Usos.. Yes, he did. gtgt, INAUDIBLE, Jey off the apron and now sending Jimmy Uso flying out to the apron as well. Dominic Mysterio, taking out both the Uso brothers. gtgt INAUDIBLE, To make some noise watching a prodigy here, gtgt Top row, Dominic caught. And that may have been Inexperienced there trying to take out both Usos and Dominic, pays for it. gtgt Nikki set it up the ladder.. It could be Nikki’s, opportunity., She’s, better INAUDIBLE, She’s hotter than anyone in WWE and maybe looking to continue that but it’s Alexa Bliss INAUDIBLE. The attempt by an old friend. Raw tag – team partner. gtgt. Well, this is about a championship. Opportunity. gtgt, My goodness. What was that gtgt And Nikki caught by Alexa. gtgt APPLAUSE gtgt Face first. Little version of sister Abigail. There is Alexa now looks up at the brief case, Alexa looking to climb the ladder, looking to repeat INAUDIBLE On a Jihad in 2018., gtgt INAUDIBLE Are having a very difficult time, trying to make a tag while AJ Styles and all moss blow him very nicely very Smoothly as the Raw tag team champions are in full control.

, gtgt Big heavy right hand, INAUDIBLE From Ivar. gtgt Ivar firing up everything. He’S got right now against Styles. In every shot. Aj Styles lands puts Ivar closer INAUDIBLE Closer to the corner. He wants to keep him in that’s the battle right: now. gtgt. What gtgt Very impressive. gtgt Here comes Eric of the Viking Raiders in a flurry of strikes, but counter by a phenomenal blitz, a harder response by Eric. gtgt, INAUDIBLE Flow of these athletes. These superstars has been absolutely incredible., No one giving an inch. gtgt Right, the athleticism from Eric. gtgt INAUDIBLE Knees, connect, gtgt, INAUDIBLE, gtgt Off his feet. gtgt Wow. gtgt Wow, unbelievable. gtgt. I think reality right now might be getting to set into Kofi Kingston good God.. We saw Bobby Lashley turn to the crowd and shush him. I don’t care the boos. I don’t care about your cheers. It’S just me and him now. gtgt. Are you all right, gtgt, INAUDIBLE, His capacity crowd might be willing on Bobby Lashley unintentionally. gtgt. What does Lashley have in store now gtgt Look at this. This is just mean. This is just nasty. gtgt Good, God. gtgt Span him around with that shot head right into the ring. Post. gtgt Look at this first Lashley just discarded, Kofi Kingston to the outside and then continuing the assault like Kingston was a bag of trash bounced off the ring, post. And Lashley. Now, following his prey to the outside. gtgt As he wants to punish Kingston more, not even allowing the official’s count to continue.

. Remember gentlemen: we’re just minutes into this match it has just started. Whoa whoa whoa, not again, not again, not again. gtgt. What is going through? The mind of the nightmare: gtgt, INAUDIBLE, Connected., gtgt, Rhea, Ripley, channeling, all of that energy, all that ferocity, she’s so famous for gtgt The attitude to match right, now., Shot on closeline and another Ripley pushing gtgt. I just wan na make it three great duck. Under. gtgt, Going for the trifecta of Charlotte Flair, has other plans gtgt And a head but rocks the queen. gtgt Chaining her offense, together, Rhea Ripley he’s put up with so much. gtgt APPLAUSE gtgt. He said everything dirty I do you would have done in my place.. I have learned from you and she’s showing it to Charlotte Flair right, now. gtgt, Not much behind a knee. gtgt, A kick connected. Charlotte was able to block the knees of Ripley quite well with the back kick and a INAUDIBLE Suplex. gtgt To the back. Out. Just in time. gtgt Power bomb climb, Owens climb. Now is the moment. gtgt It’s gon na be INAUDIBLE, It’s hot perhaps., gtgt Doesn’t matter. How just get there Kevin. gtgt He’s almost there on one good leg: gtgt Got one hand on the briefcase and Rollins going right. After the bad knee gtgt Such a wise decision by Seth Rollins., No no gtgt And Edge with a forearm to the face of the champion. gtgt Roman Reigns rebounding off the rope.

gtgt INAUDIBLE Trading, blows. gtgt, INAUDIBLE, gtgt Roman Reigns INAUDIBLE Edge duck for the tittle. For the tittle almost had him gtgt INAUDIBLE, Almost a major miracle here: tonight. gtgt Watch this part. You’re talking about alleys, moves earlier on a swinging, INAUDIBLE Edge, ducking underneath and then planted Roman Reigns and almost won the title. gtgt Bob’s, the big right flips. That thing, around., gtgt, Critical, moment., gtgt, INAUDIBLE gtgt, The champ, is down. Edge, is trying to rally gtgt APPLAUSE gtgt Edge with those wide eyes in full., gtgt And he’s, starting to realize Pat. This is his opportunity. This is his moment. This is his chance., The champ’s. In trouble, Edge is back to his feet. Edge trying to build momentum Reigns, is down. MUSIC, gtgt APPLAUSE gtgt, What No way., My God, my God, Cena’s here., MUSIC, gtgt, Man.

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