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. A lot of big questions to answer on this show who would win the briefcases? Are there gon na be any big title? Changes any big shocks and, of course, are there gon na be any big special appearances from the likes of the many people rumored in the build up to this show the likes of john cena, for example, becky lynch, perhaps the rock steve blackman, all the great titans Of sports entertainment are potentially in the mix, so without any further ado, strap yourselves in because it’s time to find out what happened at money in the bank, 2021 Music, just the one match on the pre show to talk about, but it’s a big one. The smackdown tag team title match with the usos trying to take those belts from dominic and rey mysterio. The crowd are really hot. Obviously, with this being, the first pay per view back in front of a live crowd since wrestlemania, and even the hielusos get a huge reception when they make their entrance. The mysterious entrance consists of them coming out of a portal. As you do, the match follows a pretty standard tag, team formula with the heels, isolating and beating down dominic. Until eventually he can get the hot tag to rey. Rey sets up for the 619 he’s dialing home, but jimmy takes the bullet for jay uso. A really cool and unique spot sold really really well off the back of that jay uso nails, the splash, but ray kicks out, shocked emoji.

I thought that was the finish. Jimmy then gets the tag rolls up. Rey and jay uso from the outside uses his legs for secret leverage behind the revs back and we have new smackdown tag team champions, a title change on the pre show. Well i never. We start things off with the women’s money in the bank ladder match, with oscar, taking on naomi alexa bliss liv morgan, natalia tamina, zelena, vega and nikki ash. Almost a superhero. Everybody goes for ladders at the start, apart from bliss who has been standing on the middle robe ever since she entered the match and she was the first entrant and she’s just standing there for so long. I was really impressed and confused by this was anybody. Was that just me with everybody else, fighting over ladders on the outside bliss stands in the middle of the ring under the briefcase, and it looks like she’s about to telekinesis it down into her grasp until they get back in the ring and start brawling and but Was she really gon na? Do that wha? What live morgan tries to scamper up a couple of times she has a couple of moments and i honestly had her pegged as the winner for this match, because of her emotional promo on the kickoff show she was almost in tears and it really felt like this Was her moment, but she doesn’t really get a chance because it’s now time for more creepy, bliss stuff, she laughs off islam from natalya and even hypnotizes vega, at one point into climbing down from the ladder rather than grabbing the briefcase.

We get a couple of interesting, unique sports there’s, no real high spots in this match like no real destructive, like people flying through tables from in the ring to the outside, or anything like that. But there is a bit of uniqueness about this match. We get moments like natalia climbing the ladder with zelena vega, applying a sleeper hold at the same time and then natalya kind of gets choked out before she can grab the briefcase. We also get one high spot actually, when nikki ash climbs the ladder on the outside and leaps onto everybody in the ring, everybody decides to bury bliss under a pile of ladders on the outside, and while they do so, natalya heelishly tells someone in the crowd she Deserved that everybody, apart from bliss, obviously then climbs a set of three ladders in the ring and they’ll start fighting over the briefcase until nikki, just kind of grabs it down and that’s the end of the match. It’S a very unique finish. But it also felt a little bit out of nowhere for me, but yeah nikki ash is now miss money in the bank. Next we have the raw tag team title match with aj styles and omos, defending the belts against the viking raiders. They love having fun and being vikings, also aj tags in almost straight away, and he easily takes down both of the viking, raiders and it’s worth noting at this point that, despite them being the heels, the crowd are really hot for aj and omos, especially when almost Launches aj over the top rope into a hurricanrana.

In fact, at times, it almost feels like the raiders are the ones playing the heel roll trying occasionally to isolate aj styles, but there isn’t one big hot tag: almost like we’ve seen previously he’s involved, maybe a little bit more than we’re, perhaps used to the viking Raiders focused too much on omos at one stage, because he’s seven foot tall it’s hard not to, but this means that aj almost gets the win with a sneaky roll up from behind the raiders, managed to turn things around and hit their big double team finish on Aj but omos shoves, eric from the apron into the pinfall attempt to break it up at two, not long after that. Omos gets the tag in so does eric and omos wipes him out with his big double choke slam to retain the belts and they emphasize. I think quite deliberately, on commentary after this match that this wasn’t two individuals, as we may have seen previously, this was a team working together. This is perhaps the best we’ve seen aj and almost look in terms of a conventional tag team, however unconventional they actually may be next it’s time for the wwe championship match with big bobby bob bob bobby lashley, taking on kofi kingston, as the bell rings, mvp grabs A hold of kofi’s leg from the outside lashley charges, but kofi avoids the spear and gets a roll up for one. But can you imagine bobby, though, takes control very quickly and utterly dominates kofi throughout this contest, throwing him into the ring post a couple of times slamming him down with suplex after suplex it’s it’s, very one sided.

He locks in the hurt lock but kofi either slips out or bobby just lets him out to prove a point and nails him with a huge fall away. Slam lashley hits a dominator and then another dominator and then another dominator, and apart from a couple of right hands here and there, i don’t think kobe has hit a single move since that roll up at the start bobby locks in the hurt lock and kofi very Limply weakly tops out and that’s it. Kofi put bobby over huge here and lashley looked very impressive. Indeed, it definitely told a story, and i think it was pretty effective to be honest next up, it’s time for the raw women’s championship match as rear ripley defends. Once again, against charlotte flair, there are thunderous. We want becky chants early on so charlotte, flips off the crowd. This develops into a very nice back and forth match with rear, looking pretty strong but charlotte hanging on in there. As always, she goes for the figure eight at one point, but ria reverses it into a pinfall attempt, but just for two rear at one point. Looking a bit like bianca bel air, showing incredible strength to deadlift charlotte into a massive vertical suplex for two charlotte fires. Up and hits her big moonsault to the outside back inside. The ring ria, avoids natural selection and goes for the riptide, but charlotte reverses into a huge ddt again only for two, but this is turning into a really nice match.

Charlotte tries to pin rear, but she’s got her feet on the ropes and the referee catches her so charlotte heads up top and hits a leaping natural selection, but again ria kicks out a two and at this point charlotte is desperate. Charlotte traps rhea’s leg behind the ring, steps and stomps away, causing big damage to the leg. She then gets back in the ring applies to figure eight and ria ripley taps out and charlotte flare is once again the raw women’s champion. Now you can definitely have issues with the booking here, especially with the build which i personally wasn’t a big fan of, and also the fact that they made ria, look really strong and resilient in the match only to have her submit towards the end. But i don’t think one thing you could have an issue with is the quality of the match, because this was absolutely fantastic. I’D, even say that this was comfortably the best match of the night. So far they really delivered here. Both women looked very impressive it’s. Just once again, a bit of a shame that ria’s title run has come to an end now it’s time for the men’s money in the bank ladder match with a very strong field and the potential for a really good contest. But before we can start there’s a fun wacky skit backstage as riddle is hanging out with nakamura and boogs. Riddle gets boogs to play, randy orton’s theme tune and they’re just having a great time and then behind them.

Kevin owens is not having a great time and kind of just shakes his head and walks out and officially starts the entrances for this match. It’S kevin owens, taking on riddle, nakamura ricochet, john morrison and biggie and seth rollins, and drew mcintyre a lot of names in this one. So we’ll see how it goes. All of our dreams come true. As john morrison and seth rollins have a drip off on the outside to start things off until riddle and ricochet put an end to that with some big dives bodies are flying everywhere in this one and it’s a bit chaotic until the drip squad assemble with rollins And morrison teaming up and using a ladder to assume control of the match, the most damage gets done to kevin owens, who takes a double vertical suplex onto the ladder which is positioned sideways, oh kev. Why do you do this to yourself? Seth eventually ends the drip alliance hitting morrison with the ladder, but that’s a mistake, because the other people in the match get in the ring and swarm him riddle hitting an rko now it’s drew mcintyre’s turn to run wild handing out claymores and future shock ddts and Even hitting a big dive to the outside, he climbs, it looks like he may be about to win, but he is cut off by vir and shanky, and that of course means that jinder mahal is not far behind. He beats down drew with a steel chair on the ramp and they all drag him to the back back in the ring.

Ricochet shows off his incredible athleticism spider man himself onto the ladder, but riddle shoves him off and then ricochet plants. One foot on the top rope and hops off with an insane dive onto the crowd on the outside a few moments later it’s nakamura’s turn to climb, but john morrison stops him with the drip. Stick, but then owens drags morrison down and hits a stunner owens climbs. But seth rollins stops him and we get maybe the biggest spot of the match, with a huge power bomb over the top rope sending owens through a ladder bridge, hopefully he’s. Okay, all the refs were like checking on him. They even seemed to still be there at the end of the match, but hopefully they were just selling the impact, i hope at least seth climbs, but he is stopped by big e who climbs up with him hits a big ending off the ladder and there’s. No one left to stop him. Biggie scales, the ladder alone grabs the briefcase and big e is mr money. In the bank, this was a very exciting ladder match fast and furious action, and hopefully everyone’s okay. After it, there were some big moments of impact in the contest. I love the winner being biggie, i think that’s a very good booking decision and hopefully they don’t waste it going forwards and, finally, the main event of the night, the universal championship match pitting roman reigns against edge. We get a very slow and tentative start.

Edge is kind of messing around with roman early on slapping him in the face taking him down to the mat and roman rolls outside to haman, for some advice from his special counsel, heyman fires, roman up saying: what would your father do right now? Teach him about seeker now. I love this acknowledgement of the past and seekers 3 tag. Title reigns are certainly impressive. I just feel, like roman may, have achieved a little bit more. It works, though, because roman takes full control of edge from this point, beating him down and wearing him down for quite some time after a lot of domination from roman edge reverses a superman punch into a backslide for two and now its edges turn to fire up And he starts to run through his repertoire of moves edge locks in what they call a cross face on commentary. But at first it looks more like an stf to me. But then he transitions into a cross, face and roman has to really struggle to make the ropes which he does edge goes for a spear, but roman locks in the guillotine and edge is fading, but then he drives them both through the ropes to the outside. Roman goes for a spear but edge moves and roman crashes through the timekeepers area, edge charges with a spear knocking roman through the crowd barrier before taking him back to the ring and getting a two count. A superman punch knocks edge into the ref who goes down and then roman decides right time to get weapons into play.

He breaks off a piece of the chair and goes to lock in that cross, face but edge fights back and locks it in himself. Remember this made roman tap on smackdown, although it wasn’t in an official match here, come the usos to break it up, but the mysterious cut them off and brawl to the back. But then here comes seth rollins. He breaks it up kicking edge in the head, because he’s annoyed edge for in rollins, mind, cutting in line and taking his title, shot. Rollins leaves and roman looks to finish edge with a spear, but edge. Speed is roman first and gets a two count as a new referee runs out. Edge sets up for another climactic spear, but rollins comes back and distracts him from the apron edge boots him off to the floor, but turns into a spear from roman, and that is enough for three roman retains. But we’re not done yet rollins rushes back to the ring and beats down edge before having a bit of a stare down with roman. However, before anything can really develop edge attacks, rollins throws them outside of the ring and they brawl to the back through the crowd. Heyman hands roman, a mike and roman, says now. The whole world can acknowledge me, and that is when john cena’s music hits the crowd, come absolutely unglued, as cena heads to the ring and it’s just a massive reception for john cena as we suspected it might be.

If he showed up, he did thankfully and it’s a big dramatic ending to the show. Cena gets in the ring, he’s only half paying attention to roman who looks a little bit crestfallen a little bit annoyed as well. They’Re. Very intense reactions, of course, from roman reigns, as always. Cena finally turns and faces roman and tells him you can’t, see me and then poses more for the crowd. As everybody has a nice happy ending to the show, apart from roman, who looks very, very annoyed. Indeed, i’ve got a feeling that roman is going to beat the hell out of john cena, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens and that’s it. A very exciting ending to the show a bit of a slow burn of a main event match, but one which developed very nicely and capped off what was on the whole, in my opinion, a very good pay per view from wwe and, of course, with that big Return for john cena, it sets things up nicely heading into summerslam. I suspect that’ll be the main event of summerslam. Surely, but what did you think of the show? Do let me know in the comments section down below and hey. Thank you very much for watching.

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