Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul, United States Senate BLOCKS GOP Senator's Hurricane Aid Act

Um we’ve had depending upon you, how you define them, probably 10 different, heavy rain events and when i say heavy rain event, i mean that doesn’t sound, very serious. I can assure you it. It was when you get six eight ten twelve inches of rain in a short period of time, you’re going to flood, i don’t care. If you’re moving on pike’s peak you’re going to flood, the water’s got to go somewhere and, of course we were part of the bad debilitating freeze as well that also hit texas very hard. My people, mr president, are very resilient and they’re tough, but they are tired. Most americans, when they think of a natural disaster, at least in connection with louisiana, think of hurricane katrina, and certainly it was a bad one. I was there we never would have recovered without the help of the american people, and i i i will never be able to thank the american people enough for putting forth their their uh their their hard earned tax dollars to help us recover. As these new hurricanes and rain events and freezes impacted probably close to a third, maybe 40 percent of my people, the worst part of it, but not not. The only part that was hit hard was southwest louisiana at last count about thousand hundred thousand excuse me. One hundred thousand homes uh were were damaged, flooded or blown blown over um they’re still running the numbers. The damages are in the billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars, and my my people need help, and the purpose of my bill today is to authorize help for them.

My bill today and senator cassidy’s bill today. As i said, i apparently maps in a capacity as well would authorize 1.1 billion dollars to to help my people recover. Now i want to emphasize, mr president, some people, when they think of flooding in hurricanes, they think of wealthy people with second homes, with multi million dollar dwellings on the beach that’s, not what i’m talking about i’m, not putting down anybody who has a nice, expensive beach House but that’s not where these uh weather events through no thoughts of their own or just good, honest middle americans who get up every day and go to work and obey the law and they pay their taxes. They try to do the right thing by their kids. Their biggest investment is their home and and many completely lost their home. Many of them had flood insurance, but it didn’t. Many of them had homeowners, insurance and both, but it just didn’t cover their losses completely. So we’re talking about middle america here – and i want to make that uh – that clear now, mr president, i’m sure you’re thinking, because i know you well and you’re: you’re you’re, a smart man, um, okay, we’re spending 1.1 billion dollars here, where we’re gon na get it Well, i come to to you today with a problem, but i come to you today with the solution um. I don’t want to digress too much, but at one po, as you know, we’re trying to build out 5g in america and uh 5g operates through radio waves through the air called spectrum, and the fcc is in charge of those radio waves and a couple of years Ago, the fcc and those radio waves by the way belong to the to the american people, the fcc licensed them them out to uh to companies to use in uh in wireless communications.

A few years ago, the fcc was about to give away what’s called the c band spectrum these these particular radio waves. That would allow for 5g to be to become reality in america, and a number of us objected. We said you know you, you don’t own, these radio waves, american people on these radio waves. Why are you giving them away? And after some lively discussions, we finally turned the fcc around and they decided to auction those radio waves to the highest bidder. They brought in 80 billion dollars, 80 billion dollars and i’m very proud of that. That money is sitting in an account in the department of treasury senator cassidy’s bill, and my bill would authorize the use of 1.1 billion dollars of that 80 billion dollars in cash to be to be used through community development plot grants to help my people recover. Um and mr president, i can assure you – i wouldn’t be here today asking for this uh. If i didn’t people didn’t desperately need it. They’Re they’re hanging on they’re hanging on um with every ounce of strength. They have but they’re human and, as i said, they’re tough, but they are they’re tired for that reason. Mr president, on behalf of senator cassidy and myself, as if in legislative session, i ask unanimous consent senate proceed to the immediate consideration of s 2359, which is at the desk. I further ask that the bill be considered red, read a third time in past and and that the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table without objection.

Mr mr excuse me is there objection? Mr president, senator from kentucky is recognized reserving the right to object. We have now crossed 28 trillion dollars in debt. We borrow more than 2 million dollars every minute. The deficit last year was over 3 trillion. The deficit this year will be over three trillion dollars. There’S, a trillion dollar wish list out there for everybody. Everybody wants something, and somebody says: oh there’s, money in the treasury. Guess what there’s not there’s a big hole, a big black hole in the treasury 28 trillion dollars worth so we do have this one asset and when we sell it, we should do it to pay down the deficit. We shouldn’t do it to expand government further.

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