Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul, United States Senate Dr. Paul Joins Laura Ingraham to Discuss Ending Mask Mandates

It’S long since been about science uh your reaction to the cdc recommendation and concern that schools are going to take it to heart in the fall it’s about submission there’s, never been any evidence of spreading events in the schools. The kids do very well with this. The idea that we’re going to put mass on the kids and then we’re going to punish the kids who, for their own medical decision making or their parents, decide not to submit to this mandate to me. It’S, the biggest basically advertisement and encouragement to get out of the government schools go to private schools. If you can afford them, teach your kids at home, but don’t submit to the state don’t submit to the government. You know you not only are they making you wear a last they’re going to indoctrinate you with critical race theory, so it’s a win win if you leave the schools, if you’re able to and there’s been more of an exodus from the government schools this year than Any other year because they’re not following science, they just want you to be you’re. You know, you’re part of the collective you’re part of the hive. Do as you’re told don’t. Think your kids don’t belong to you. They belong to the state. These are all arguments for trying to flee the schools. If you can, the chief scientist today on bloomberg international senator paul for the who said that, with 500 000 new cases and 9 300 deaths this this pandemic is far from over.

They don’t want this thing to be over. They don’t want this thing to. Could you know to be done because then their powers are curtailed. If you, if you watch the some of the networks that are into the fear, mongering everything’s the delta variant, the delta variant? Well, they had 53 000 people in england that got the delta variant and the death rate was actually less than the death rate with vaccine for unvaccinated folks. So the thing is, is yes, it’s transmissible, but it turns out it’s about 10 times less deadly than the disease was a year ago. So we need to quit the fear mongering. We need to let people go back to school. Look europe’s been in school for over a year, we still have schools in california in place where they’re still not teaching the kids in in person. It’S a crime against these children. More children are dying from suicide than are dying from covid you’re, more likely to be struck by lightning your child. You need to have lightning protectors on your child. If you’re really concerned about covet for your children, yeah one of the mothers online today said putting a mark on a child and trying to shame that child uh on on on a medical decision is it’s got to be unconstitutional. I mean that is just i can’t. Think of a thing you could it’s all based and it’s all it’s all it’s, all based on dr fauci’s, ignoring the science.

100 million people have had the infection. Naturally, if you add those people to the vaccinated people, we are at herd immunity every day. You look at the rates going down the death rate going down it’s because we are hurt immunity, but dr fauci refuses to acknowledge natural immunity it’s. What vaccines are based on for goodness sakes and he ignores it. But by doing so now he wants to force every newborn to have a vaccine and every newborn and everybody the world is mass there’s, no science behind it. It’S all conjecture, zero! Now, senator quickly, when the senate returns to session you’re going to challenge some of these mass mandates. Tell us briefly about that yeah i’m introducing legislation that will get rid of the federal mandate. This happened by executive order by president biden and the airlines hide behind it. I, for one, am a frequent traveler, i’m sick and tired of getting on the plane. Instead of them thanking me for buying a tea seat and buying a ticket, they tell me i could go to jail for not wearing a mask, then they tell me i could go to jail if i’m unable to open the door, then they say god forbid. You brought a drink on board, so you you know, could relax because of all the mandates. They’Ll put you in jail for that too, so i want them to get. I want to get on the plane and somebody thank me for buying a ticket instead of telling me three different ways: they’re going to send me to jail if i don’t submit to some mandate, but they hide behind the federal mandate.

They kind of act like oh it’s, not us airlines, aren’t doing this to you, it’s your federal government. They begged for this, the airlines and the thing is they begged for our money? They quit flying their planes and now they’re begging to continue these mandates. The mandates need to end they’re, not working you’re, more likely to get it in their house than you are to get it on a plane. Senator. Thank you good to see you tonight.

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