Anthony Fauci, Rand Paul, United States Senate, Republican Party Liz Cheney fury at Jim Jordan "You **cking did this" new book details GOP fallout over Jan 6th

No love lost, however. A new book details some situations which happened on january, the 6th, where let’s put it politely. Basically, this cheney told jim jordan to he didn’t get that okay, the word f off that’s liz cheney. Third, then, in control of the republican party uh telling trump bootlicker and conspiracy theory uh hq jim jordan. If that doesn’t give you a clear sign of the issues and within the republican party, i don’t think anything else will, and it was interesting because afterwards they did various interviews and there was no love lost, but you didn’t really get the level of extreme differences there. Actually is and i’m thinking, if that’s a republican with their opinion of jim jordan. How does that leave the rest of us standing now? You know that this cheney told uh jim jordan to do one what’s your thoughts, Music Applause, Music, Music, i’m standing in the aisle, and he said we need to get the ladies away from the aisle. Let me help you, i smacked his hand away and told him get away from me. You, the word is effing. Did this just your reaction? Gene we have the chairman of the joint chiefs, invoking hitler and the reichstag. If there’s a quote, you need on a subject about the unraveling of the trump west wing it’s in here yeah it’s. In there i mean you know. As you know, i’ve said before the first real rule of column. Writing is, is you know, don’t go for the hitler analogy, don’t go for the nazi analogy, uh, but the fact that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff went there as it as it was happening and and saw the january 6 is potentially a reichstag reichstag Moment, um for an attempt to undemocratically seize power, uh the way hitler.

I mean it’s it’s, just this, this is gobsmacking and it and it just when you thought you couldn’t be surprised uh at how bad it was. It turned out. It was worse. It was much worse and uh. The fact you know rudy giuliani, uh sort of you know just declaring was it just say. We won that. That surprises me much less than the fact that the chairman of the joint state joint chiefs was so concerned. At that moment of what might happen and what you know, we asked her specifically about this back and forth, and it went on for a while and here’s what she told us just an hour ago. We have a different set of differing opinions in our conference. I think that’s a good thing. I think that if you look for example, what the democrats do you have a situation where you know they believe in the cancel culture they’re, trying to ensure that only people who believe a certain set of things are allowed to speak on our side of the aisle It’S a healthy thing for us to have those kinds of debates and discussions. I’M i’m sure we’ll have more as things go along, but the fundamental point here is that we’re unified in making sure that president trump is reelected in november. Nancy pelosi is no longer speaker that we take back the majority in the house and that we ensure that we hold the majority in the senate so congressman she took the high road she didn’t want to talk about it.

You took the high road you didn’t want to talk about it, matt gates took the twitter road and he tweeted out. Liz cheney has worked behind the scenes and now in public against donald trump and his agenda house republicans deserve better. As our conference chair, liz cheney should step down or be removed. What do you make of that? That seems like he’s going way over the line, matt matt gates is a good friend and matt gates wants president trump to get reelected just as strongly as i do. Just as strongly as everyone in the republican conference does, i think, that’s going to happen, because i think i think, when americans step back and they look at where joe biden wants to take china, for example, china’s in the news today, which model did i’ve not seen A president stronger on china against china than this president, which model do you, want the joe biden hunter bottle, a hunter biden model in china or the president trump model on china, so congressman that’s, what’s going on so congressman. The good news is, you, republicans, are all sticking together uh, it sounds like you don’t think she should go anywhere. I i’m focused on reelection the president plain and simple steve playing example. All right let’s talk to you about uh russia collusion, because let me get to congresswoman liz chaney. Where were you? What did you see? We were on the floor of the house representative when we had to be evacuated.

The president of the united states, sending an angry violent mob to disrupt proceedings at the capitol, cannot stand we’re going to have a lot of work. We have to do. People have been lied to president trump for months, leading up to january 6, spread the notion that the election had been stolen. Stalin is cheating dead people voted, there was a judicial process in place. Trump has now lost more than 60 lawsuits following last year’s election we’ve. Never seen that kind of an assault by president of the united states on another branch of government, and this is not something that we can simply look past or pretend didn’t happen or to move on all of us, regardless of partisanship. All of us have an obligation to the peaceful transition of power and a duty to the constitution. The oath that i took doesn’t bend to political pressure. We are the party of lincoln. We are not the party of q, anon or white supremacy. We cannot embrace insurrection. President trump provoked an attack on the united states capital, which resulted in five people dying. That is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward and i’m going to continue to make sure people understand that we’ve got to make sure this never happens again. Victory committee congressman your thoughts on what you just heard from liz cheney. You can’t have the republican conference chair reciting democrat talking points, especially when gas prices are up.

50 percent there’s a crisis on the border and democrats are trying to federalize election law and pack, the united states supreme court. That is not helpful. That is the concern and that’s. Why, three months ago, there were a number of us who wanted to make a change. That change in fact will happen tomorrow, laura and, i think, that’s a good thing for our party. You want our party spokesperson to be in tune with more than a single digit percentage of the party 90. Some percent of the party disagree with uh congresswoman cheney. There needs to be a change and again i think, that’s going to happen tomorrow and i think it’ll be a strong vote now. How is anything she’s saying different from any garden? Variety left wing pundit on msnbc, i mean jim jordan. Talking about a possible trump 2024 run said there’s no way he is losing he’s going to win the republican primary and he’s going to be president. If he decides to run now, based on today’s facts, he’s right isn’t, he about the primary part, at least i mean there’s, nobody there’s, not even a close second out there is there. I think, jim’s wrong, it’s, not the first time. Jim has been wrong and i’m sure it’ll be the last time, but but he is wrong and i think there are millions and millions of republicans who won’t let that happen again. What will it take for you to run for president? I am right now focused on my reelection welcome to 24 7 eyes.

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