Blue Origin, Media, Space launch onaire Discards $30 Million Ticket To Space

No brett there’s been so much garbage this week, so much garbage on the show already who have you kept in your pocket waiting to finally reveal to us. I’Ve kept this person in my pocket, since i decided on them about 88 minutes ago, and it is the person who spent 28 million dollars to go to space and is not going to space. So i saw this headline too busy for space winner of 28 million dollar blue origin ticket replaced by 18 year old gap year student, and the quote from the article is after paying an extraordinary 28 million dollars at auction in june. The undisclosed winner of a ticket to join billionaire jeff bezos in space in less than a week, will not be joining the world’s richest man, citing quote scheduling conflicts. The flight to space. I just want to point out – is 11 minutes. Oh, my god, it’s more than a million dollars a minute. This is not a richard branson you get in a plane. The plane becomes a rocket ship. The rocket ship like a plane flies around for a minute. This is 11 minutes front to back you’re waitlist. For three you’re in a rocket ship – and you come back to earth in a parachute you don’t land – that is what they had going on. He’S too busy and what’s hilarious is also the person that’s replacing him is like an 18 year old dutch kid on a gap year, because you can just you know an 18 year old gap year student.

What so yeah did he? How did they find? He was a student, he was involved in the thing and that’s it, and i will say that this guy, who spent 28 million dollars, will catch the next one. Essentially. But this idea it was 28 million dollars, plus two million dollars for like the equivalent of like the door dash delivery fee um. So it was 30 million dollars in total fee. To give you an idea of the levels of douchey baggery that this millionaire jillionaire, who spent 20 million dollars on it, inventor of the uh trucker hat courtesy of ed hardy ashton, kutcher was able to get talked out of uh going so ashton kutcher was set to Fly to space, mila kunis talked him out of it, so if we’re doing our hierarchy, ash and kutcher so douchey that when i first did my first video online someone compared me to him saying ashton, kutcher called he wants his 1997 image back like i know what Level of douche i had longer hair, but i was like oh my god, anyways uh. He was able to get tucked out of it. That’S that’s my garbage person just – and i think ken clippenstein was like this. The the ridiculousness is is has become its own, satire that you can’t parody the income, inequality that like you’d, be that busy yeah and look. I i don’t know the person, some people might say hey. Well, maybe this person has done charity or whatever and that’s fine um.

I don’t want a system where you can have people that are so wealthy that they can just not have time for their 28 million dollar, like trip that’s shorter than an episode of frasier, and hope that it’ll all even out morally, because they choose to be charitable Or whatever, how about we just not have the system in the first place, i think the thing that i cherish most about this episode of the damage report is me now forever thinking that john thinks of things in terms of how many fraser episodes they are. I i kind of do it’s a great show anyway, how many seasons can i squeeze in good garbage person pratt Music check out the damage wart podcast each day, wherever you get your podcasts, whether pocketcast or stitcher or itunes? You can join me as i give you. The news and stories you want with a range of co, hosts and interview guests, jumping in on the fun each day again that’s the damage report, wherever you get your podcasts and if you get them at itunes, don’t forget to rate and review.

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