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In the left, springer and squire catching ross here, as they did down in florida, good place to hit and back that is going to settle down for a base hit the throw is cut and throw him out there’s a breaking ball down and away end of the Bat that’s why they bought a few times this weekend battle round. No, he didn’t make one well guriel turning and that ball for his first major league home, run time to make his mark i’ll. Tell you what to a ball a three and two thirds socks counter for eight and back with a couple, doubles a little ground ball trickled to buchet, he’ll, get him what’s happening, and you know coral always wants to walks. Him been doing that a lot lately. I’D. Have a great series in new york: he was two for 10 to right center it’s going to be off the wall. Ace, rafael, devers, he’ll, pull up there over at balls up that ball is driven controversial thing that happened in new york, infield backed up and let it go good eye. There ball four he’s, the o2 pitch back. It goes. It is gone in the first inning and take a small bridge fastball up out of the zone belt. High five starts so far this season for the blue jays first game of the series it’s very difficult when you go infield guerrero, the first baseman calls for that. He will face, but uh fail.

He can go deep into this game. Kevin pollecki jumps on the first pitch, so the redstone strength of two home runs and polka gets into the two doubles. Two home run. One one pitch to hernandez has gone way back. Another thing boston, this first inning for sure, Applause, cutting it out against the blue jays holds it with two extra base, hits in his two plate, appearance line dropships and take an eight nothing lead yeah. They uh he’s had a good. It got up to a great marcus. Sivian takes the first pitch upstairs for ball whip and he’s averaging ten innings Applause. They lead off single here somebody pops one out and gets ground ball base hit past the first baseman’s second prom base there’s a giant hole on the right side. He has done a terrific job, hitting up sinker slider a little bit of everything breaking brother. You recognize that vlady missed that fastball bavana has pitched very ground ball. This could be too bogart’s to keep. They are still concerned about the group on that baseball thing. Anthony came in turned around to end. The ending bogarts hits it on the ground right to the third baseman vizio carrying 10 relievers. If you count thomas half as they backed him up in both of those games right field, and that ball is over prepared for the ball to bounce off the wall. For rafael, devers hands back and hooked the ball barrel at the baseball and got a lot of back spin on it.

He’S down in his happy zone, and he jumps along martinez will be stopped with a long single he’ll be batting second most of the time. But outside he walks for a second time, breaking ball gets him swinging. A miss renfrow strike neutralize lefties and some feed for in the pin for some length. That’S a fair ball pass biggio down. The left, though, is coming in as well there’s a throw in his return off the il the batter before him said. If i get the two strikes, i’m 11 runs on nine hits for he walked him, okay missed and then i start to nibble on the corners. He said here’s the three one ball, four, another walk for the season. This is his twenty evening, so far hit his first big league home. Giving up two runs in each of those outings again, not a a long man. Out of the pen. Barnes gave up a home run to you ground, ball, simming it to his left, fernandez, grichik and bishop for the budge into the barrio down. In that dugout ball pulled on the ground. Third baseman davis, throwing you and he is truly one of their butting doesn’t. He rando hits this one in the air to right. This is trouble it’s, going to drop it’s a fair ball hunter renfro plays it six holders 24 rpms, alongside alex corey the manager there’s a line driving left here there’s and with a left hander at the pool.

He has played left right and center swinging a miss boston next to the third baseman that this team has uh really turned around there’s a lazy fly, but chris sale is going to start tomorrow in double Music swinging, a miss he came tonight, they’re making every bat A swings in this year, they’re turning it all around and they’re back to their normal. I think that is off the glass. He has really looked good. I think at first base, all four bouncing ball up. The middle jimmy and well step on chris mcguire will lead things off, but it was uh it it’s uh. Really it was a good time and it was really a lot of fun and what a person it was. Terrific, a single and the blue jays had two bases, and it was over that quick there’s, a breaking ball pulled on the ground. Big two hopper to observe, got ta base hit to right field, his first time up trying to get ready to come into this game. Scribbler that’s a fair ball hook: 11. Nothing boston fan, so that’s, going to be a special friday night show he’ll, throw you some strikes in nine days into one, and this one’s gon na go deep. Fourth, home run of the season to fifth, they are flexing their muscles for sure home run number five fastball right. It may be extra basis springer. Trying to you have to to show that now what the score is just play.

It the right way and you always come out and home run and he’s – walked on the line to right field, but the oscar is uh in a nice little groove tonight, it’s tomorrow night from their bullpen as well ranch anthony k, threw 50 pitches. Tonight. Chief roster moves prior to this game and into shallow center still coming in and makes the joint a good night at the plate, Music just to do a little bit of exploring. If you will as games later on down the road it’s different. And then you really there’s a little blooper that’s going to drop for a turn and go to third and better read it off the bat right away right here so there’s, nobody out now and you got ta like being home, runs in 49 career games. He bounces this one and brian’s gon na come an rbi. He will send a message. Absolutely you can send them a roll over for you start into the anthea that’s going to hang up so gretchick picks up an rbi right way, which he did good for them offered by both springer and guerrero. This one’s going to go if it’s, fair, it’s gone it’s, a homer for kevin bizio, and maybe the effort, five strings and royals all falling shot to left field. Korea you’re right. They only the fourth inning and uh hit 141 home runs there’s a shot in the right field. Grace mcguire, with nick pavetta jimmy in the eighth 3 0 pitch ball, four that’ll load to basis, so you never know we’re up the third base line.

This is gon na be trouble after another and that’s. When you can get some damage done and out away from one and two, not that deep duran is in now, you got to make sure you don’t get shut out, there’s a game here against texas, oh, and you makes it difficult to pick up the ball out Of that he makes a nice play. He fears that come this guy. I think he’s got a chance to be a very important big loss for this blue jays bullpen jd martinez has got a chance around the base, here’s the throw to second any time you feel like it. You back to hit him in the back. Very unnerving situation have to conduct yourself in a proper nine minutes left in the all the way to the backstop as finishing that thought about charlie is, but he never have one in Applause Music. One two breaking ball called 40 seconds left to the broadcast auction. A terrific job tonight for the chase return to the way up. There way up there get out of here, as alex ferdugo made a now, george springer gave it a ride. Watch where it lands plays it. The right way too, we’ve talked and pk hernandez, gives way to the santana a little bit over seven, but you need to throw five innings to qualify undergraduate sac fly his last time regards the shortstop there. You can secure one of those great gifts, just ground ball.

Santana will tie us. The lead 12 4 purchase this, even though the office for all your help, you did a wonderful job. I’M sure you check out those charlie montanan. We want to thank all you fans that made bids Applause, make you work red sox, score, uh flurry of hits another one hard and that’s a home reckon home run of the ball game, nasty pitches that were inside. He swung over the touch this one over the middle at 95 and he doesn’t miss a season. They’Ve hit six home runs in a game. Jaron duran nasty breaks with a two homer knight, Music, blue jays, will have the road the middle enemy of base hit. For second of the ball game, a lead off single swing. The bat like we have seen in the last couple of years games over the course of the season because of the injuries pressure packed breaking lineup we’ll turn over once again, as mark is there’s a liner right to the second baseman in game. One of this three game series against texas through an inning, gave up a he do to this team. He was throwing the ball very well still have found a home in a bullpen. Now claire runs home run number 23 for the week ground, ball. That’S caviar playing chair ground ball outs, he’s two for two in five hit game this season and here’s our what they’re pretty good looking pitches buddy, what says popped up into left field, hurry up and springer for the blue jays.

Fourth, he’s two for three his season high in pitches is a hundred eleven, the change and this one freddie guerrero. There is a few of them. The vladi they’re up by nine ground, ball loads, throw they got the lead runner, but springer pulls it on the ground. Back on base, they just have not been able Applause swinging him in it off he’s strong. He last worked eight days ago. The lead two outs here in the seventh fave of the season on saturday. I feel, but it’s not that deep as we’re doing boston tonight, off the end of the bat and right into the ball, also robbed of an extra base hit into the sixth return for veteran players. They want prospects, there’s a good pitch upstairs in it. They get fooled a little bit and they’ll, give me in or i’m not in and then go think we have and can we compliment bloke he bounces it on the ground, especially here’s, jamie and joe, but he made the pitcher he didn’t lose anything pitching threw the Game wide open, wrecking ball called, is knowing your players and putting him in tonight in new york. You come to buffalo santana in foul territory tomorrow, as is richards i’m sure, so you’re gon na miss the breaking ball and hernandez into four lead organization, and i think they have even strengthened and lined out pitching hits it off. Meza’S leg maze has got at the end of may his last 10 appearance, good movement on it, there’s a fast ball beaten on the ground.

Espen alexander bogarts bogart’s had a roof swinging. It will bath when we come back to buffalo blue jays in buffalo with salem field. It all starts. It’S been a nice combination, leader of spot, in the batting order, shallow right field, danny santana, has had a a good night, he’s been on base three times.

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