Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games, Los Santos 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Update – NEW TRAILER! Annis ZR350 Vehicle Teaser & MORE!

Not a new trailer in the traditional sense it’s actually a little bit different and i believe it has to do with the new los santos tuners updates. But it still is a little bit strange so earlier on in the day on their social media platforms and on the newswire, as well as youtube rockstar uploaded about a 12 second trailer and i’ll actually show you guys what the trailer was right now, Music, so right Off the bat that’s, pretty cool it’s, a pair of taillights with the rockstar games, logo in there that sort of takes off and the neon trail of the lights ends up, creating a glowing rockstar games, logo and i’m not going to lie to you guys when i First saw that i was like that looks awfully familiar to kind of the intro we have in gta 5, where you hear like the car door, glass breaking the sirens coming on, and then it pans to the gta, and then it pans to the rockstar games and Rockstar north logo just take a listen to this right here in case you guys skip over it every time you start up the Music game, so that’s what i thought it was at first, but a lot of people have had different speculation as to what this could Be and we’re going to be going over all that speculation in this video today. So the first thing is: this could just be a teaser for the los santos tuner update that’s set to arrive in just a few hours because on youtube.

This is how rockstar actually titled the video they titled it rockstar games and then hyphen gta online tuners car culture returns to the streets of los santos in a big way tomorrow, now there’s a lot of this that’s a little bit weird. The first is the actual trailer itself. It really has nothing to do with los santos tuners, except, i think the actual vehicle is one of the new cars. In fact, a lot of people have been speculating that that is the brand new anise zr350. One of the day, one cars that rockstar is scheduled to have released when the update comes out. So if that’s the case, it does make sense that it was for los santos tuners, and the description also fits the theme of los santos tuners and how rockstar’s been advertising. This car culture returns to the streets of los santos in a big way tomorrow, which is a quote they’ve been using on several newswires by now. The only other thing that’s kind of weird here is: why would they title it the way they did? We know it’s being uploaded from rockstar games, so why would they call it rockstar games and then gta online tuners? Why wouldn’t they call it gta online tuners, teaser or something along those lines, and then in that regard, why would they just call it gta online tuners? The full name of the update is los santos tuners and if you guys don’t know, you get a hundred characters when uploading a youtube, trailer title so it’s not like they were short on characters there.

They had plenty of room so i’m, a little bit confused as to why rockstar all of a sudden just decided to upload that why it sort of relates to gta online los santos tuners, but in a way doesn’t. Now. A lot of people have also been speculating that this is what the new intro is going to look like. So when you boot up gta 5. This is what you’re going to see instead of the flashing police lights, glass breaking it’s, roughly about the same amount of time long, and this could be a brand new intro, maybe rockstar is trying to freshen things up. People have also speculated that, if it’s not going to happen in this update that it might happen with the expanded and enhanced version of gta 5 and standalone grand theft auto online, when that version releases, this will be the new intro that’s sort of the speculation that People have been giving about this mysterious trailer so far. Now a lot of people have also been saying that it looks like the intro similar to midnight club, which is another rock star games title. So maybe this is essentially a throwback to that, because this update does have a lot of midnight club vibes Music. I certainly believe this update takes cues from midnight club fast and furious other pop culture references. So maybe this is just a nice little homage and a teaser to that uh. Obviously, rockstar haven’t told us anything else so far on youtube or on social media that they have not provided any more details.

Other than that, little announcement that teaser trailer that car culture returns to the streets of los santos in a big way tomorrow, that’s the only thing that they’ve said they haven’t put out any comments, any follow up, etc. Now, if we do believe that this is a grand theft, auto online intro or it’s for the update, this would not be the first time that rockstar has done this. Remember the diamond, casino and resort, and the coyote heist also had pre release trailers. This one just seemed to be a little bit strange as it was really just a car racing off turning into a rockstar logo, and if we were supposed to guess and figure out that it was one of the new vehicles, the anus zr350, that maybe that’s the Whole point of it, rockstar was just trying to give us a little bit of a teaser, but we already know about that car so i’m, not sure why they would be trying to tease about something we know now. Other people have also speculated that. Maybe this is going to be the intro when you load in, for the first time in grand theft, auto online, you guys know when the diamond casino and resort arrived. We got that cool little cut scene that basically showed off all the ins and outs of the casino and told us all about it. Maybe it’s going to be something along those lines and then it would transition into a trailer outlining how the los santos car meet and everything about the tuners update ultimately works.

I don’t know this is pretty strange and mysterious by rockstar. I will admit i mean, even if you go to the comments of this post, you’re, going to see like 9 out of 10 people talking about how it looks like this is all about midnight club midnight club in some way shape or form whether it’s a reference To midnight club, whether it’s a reference to midnight club whether rockstar might be teasing something new, i don’t think it’s as far fetched as that, because they literally attached gta online tuners in the title. So i won’t go too far down the rabbit hole there. But this is still pretty interesting and it’s definitely got the community talking so long story. Short i’d love to hear from you guys in those comments down below. Let me know what you think about this new teaser trailer released by rockstar. Do you think it’s directly related to los santos tuner in the form of an intro or an opening cut scene? Do you think it has something else to do with the update or something all together entirely different? Let me know what you think in those comments down below i’d love to hear from you guys down there if you guys did gone to enjoy this video, though i like grading, would, of course be awesome and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new, you want to stay up to date on all the latest gta and los santos tuners videos that i’ll be doing here on my channel once the update arrives and be sure to ring that notification bell as well, sometimes youtube just doesn’t work and If you ring that bell, you’ll always be guaranteed to be notified when new videos arrive, but of course, as always guys.

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