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Here i wanted to you, you we’ll talk more about the movie and things like that, but you alluded to something and if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s, okay but i’m, happy to talk about whatever my man. Okay, because i’m, a proponent of you, know mental health, sure and uh. You know i talk about my own struggles and you just talked about getting clean bam. Yeah. I worry about that. Guy that you go, that guy is you’re not in touch with him. Right now are you? Oh? No, absolutely i mean i’ve been in such very close contact with him, uh that it’s, crazy it’s, just it’s it’s a difficult situation. What is the situation? Is it a mental health? Is it substance abuse? He said what is it? He’S got? Well documented issues with substance abuse and i think that there’s another layer of uh of mental health, you know it’s sort of each exacerbating the other. You know like these issues are compounding and what i know that when i got sober i was diagnosed as bipolar and i was given all kinds of bipolar medications and um. You know, fortunately, over the course of the subsequent years it all kind of mellowed out and i’m hopeful that that would be the case for bam if he were to uh really address the chemical dependency. So he hasn’t addressed that yet so he’s still in a dangerous uh, he’s uh. I think that things have come to a head as of late and and uh.

Well, i just know that that uh, you know there’s been some activity. I think he actually might like be as we speak, uh getting into a treatment center. I i i can’t confirm this. I don’t know, but i know that when’s, the last time you spoke to him um. The last time i spoke with bam was via text message about a week or two ago and he’s been uh. The the last couple weeks have been particularly colorful for him. Uh colorful, like in sort of a you know, there’s been escapades in the intervention like uh traveled, he’s, awol he’s. You know that intervention. Is it a forced intervention where there’s been many of them yeah, but in the last week there was one and then yeah there was. There was a another one in the last week and you feel like he’s in a place right now, where he’s on the right track. Uh, i think that he, as i said, things have come to a head, and i do believe that um, the latest concerted effort to intervene, um is uh, has been a sort of focused on creating a sort of a legal layer to it which would require uh. You know a certain amount of treatment. Are there go? Is he surrounded by good people who can take with his parents? Like i mean there’s been a great deal of enabling that’s gone well, that’s, usually the problem with with everybody. So what i’m saying is? Do you feel like he’s, surrounded by the right people, who can send them in the right direction? I’Ve been in super close contact with with his family, with his wife, with his mom um, and i got ta say that after such years of just feeling like you know, i wanted to just grab them by the shoulders shake them like you’re da.

You know that guy contributing to the problem and really i feel like they’re, actually they’ve – come to a place where they’re they’re kind of understanding like oh you know what about the fact that he wasn’t in this latest movie is that i mean that one uh. I think that everything that we’ve seen in the media uh regarding bam and his exclusion from the movie, which, by the way he’s the only person to announce that you know like that, was and and people who watch the movie will be able to tell he’s not Well, they will but everything that we’ve seen in the media with regards to that, has sort of demonstrated why he couldn’t be in the movie. If, if that makes any sense sure no i mean the way that he’s been conducting himself sort of precluded his involvement. So that’s what people don’t realize and that’s? Why i love? I love you and i love. The movies is because you know for the most part you make it look like just a bunch of guys chaotically making their way through, but what people don’t know: it’s a whole production and a lot of money goes into it and it’s all really planned and uh Executed, you know in a way where it’s it’s it’s a real business. It is and thank you for the kind words and also i think that um it’s jackass as a franchise, i mean it’s it’s it’s changed so much over the years in the beginning.

It quite literally, was just us running around with video cameras and and beginning at a time where we weren’t even really cognizant, of release, forms and such you know, like we went from just a shoestring like just guys with cameras. We would laugh, and then we got it and over the years, it’s become like a bigger thing. You know, like productions got bigger budgets got bigger. Like everything got slower, you know you would think that being on the set of a jaguars movie was just like crazy funny, but it’s actually so just painfully slow. Absolutely what people don’t realize is, even if those things happened right by happenstance there’s, no way to ensure that they’re going to be captured right. So the plan has to be. This is going to happen here, i’m, going to run over to here i’m going to do that i’m going to need a camera here, you’re going to have to slide. You better grab it from this angle and many angles so that right, because i’m not going to do this 100 times, there are certain things that are one and done, and there are a lot of things that, like the directors just you got to do it again And it’s like, but even one and done right would take hours to set it up.

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