Jackass, Johnny Knoxville, Jackass: The Movie, Steve-O I GOT BIT BY A SHARK ON SHARK WEEK (JACKASS 4)

You know: yeah we’re alive Music, it’s, the boobies channel it’s, the booby channel it’s, the this is the most gnarliest vlog i’ve ever posted. I got bit for shark week. Let me tell you how it all went down, so we get a call from shark week. Knoxville goes boys. You guys want to play with sharks. I said yeah what’s, the worst gon na happen. I get and yeah. The worst happened. Yeah, because no one’s ever gotten bit on shark week before right and it’s over 30 years, you’re there for 30 minutes, someone gets bit so pumped i’m with stevo pontius tremaine. We were all fired up and maybe collectively we were firing it up and making. It seem. Like it was less dangerous than it was, i don’t know and i felt kind of comfortable with the sharks because i’m a surfer, you know and they go poopies. You want to be like fonzie and jump the sharks they go yeah. So they put the ponzi jacket on me. I go hey and then uh yeah it’s time for me to jump the sharks it just didn’t seem like it was gon na go bad. I don’t know why, like i like, when i think back on it, it was like it was a one and done one and done i had one go at the ramp. I told my driver to like go like 10 miles an hour, so we don’t go too fast, but i think we went a little too slow and i launched like four to five feet into the shark pit and when i landed in that shark pit, i thought I was gon na die there’s, like 10 sharks around me and so there’s like 10 sharks.

Around me, i was trying to swim out and i couldn’t i couldn’t swim out, but dude knew i knew i got bit. You know when i got bit. You know. I thought i was gon na get attacked by like six more sharks, and luckily i did it. I just got my hand scariest thing in my life i couldn’t really say much. I was in shock, my hand got bit and i kind of lifted it up and right when i lifted it up, it freaking fell over and that’s. When i knew i was in trouble and that’s when i knew that i was probably gon na die right now. Music, but luckily i did it and i just got bit once i think i had the i had the best safety. I think i could ever ask for that when i got bit the safety medic jumped on me and he pretty much sacrificed his own life. For my life after poopies got bit, i was like oh when it first happened. I was horrified it was probably it was probably the scariest thing i’ve ever seen. I think all right speedboat’s here. So i get on the speedboat and that’s when i like. I left my family man it’s. Just me, bye go stevo. I love you. I don’t think there’s ever been a scarier moment when we were filming and as heavy as it was like pretty much right away. I just thought this footage has to come out.

Poopies needs the glory yo poopies. I know that you’re probably having a really rough time, but i want you to know that if you make a full recovery and this footage comes out, this will be the best thing that ever happened to you in your life. So chin up bucko be stoked, so i get to the airport they won’t. Let me leave i’m in this medic jet and they’re like oh well, the government won’t. Let you leave because you signed yourself out and then i start freaking out dude and then they go. Don’T worry. Don’T worry we’re gon na make a phone call within 10 minutes i’m taking off to florida and that’s. When i go all right, it’s happening i’m. Getting there, so i go straight to the hospital it was awful, but on the bright side, poopy’s got to fly his first private jet. They put him on a medical plane and flew him to the best surgeon in the nation that’s when it was the worst dude that was the most up time of my whole life dude. They unwrapped this towel and all of a sudden everything starts squirting everywhere arteries everywhere i heard his dad was at the hospital trying to get in and they wouldn’t let him in, and he was you know, very upset and i understand all of a sudden. I got a mask on my face and i started breathing all sudden. I was out so they take poopies into surgery to reattach two completely severed arteries and all of his severed tendons, like whoever even heard of that plus they did two operations on them.

And after that his hand looked great, how does this rank among jackass injuries? Well, it required major surgery, so pretty high we’ve definitely had bad things happen on jackass before we broke someone’s back one time in the new movie jackass forever. Knoxville has a brain bleed with his concussion, broken rib and wrist, but i mean dude. This, i think, was the gnarliest out of everything. Yeah i’m gon na be jealous of that scar forever, but it wasn’t worth it. I only he can say whether it’s worth it like, he shocked the world and he’s gon na continue to shock the world when the movie comes out i’m, the newest member of jackass – and i had to show the boys how it’s done was it worth it? I would say on this one: you know he’s going to have use of his hand and he’s going to have all this attention from all these different people. And, ladies and this time it was worth it it’s it’s next time. Is it worth it? You know in in in the game we play, you never know so, but it’s worth it this time was it worth it for poopies? Well, i don’t really think it was poopy’s choice to make it was nature’s choice. Oh man, a hundred percent worth it for poopy’s, like it might be the greatest thing for poopies to ever happen getting bit by a shark. Imagine that nah this is gon na put him on a higher level.

Considering this was poopy’s first time on television ever it was a real smash hit and the whole world is gon na fall in love with this guy man. Just wait: poopy’s gon na be a big deal check it out. Shark bite boy survived a freaking shark attack. Dude, i just want to thank all you guys who have been supporting me since day one. I love you all and remember click up here to subscribe and click up here to watch more videos.

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