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Bro steve will do it at the greatest casino resort on earth: red rock he’s gambling, like 10 grand a bet, gets down like 30 000 bucks. Oh, we lost no, we owe them 30, 000 and then i’m, like let’s, go hijack a craps table and swallow their dice. Well, it turns out their dice are pretty big, so i tried to swallow mine and it went down my throat, but it came back. I tried again: oh my god i turned and steve will do it and his is already stuck in his throat yeah it’s in there just like when i was in norway and choked on the weed, and if you don’t know about that, all the footage is in My gnarly special at still a second now that happened to steve, will do it with dice there’s, no way it’s coming out, god damn it. I knew he was gon na be fine, he can breathe, he can smoke, he can drink, he can party and then right about when the emts showed up. He says it went down it’s down yeah and he feels better than ever. Can you move it up another? You don’t have any trouble reading anything. No, i feel great that was my friday night, which wasn’t compared to my saturday. Oh man, ufc 264. conor mcgregor versus dustin, poirier, poirier3 and conor mcgregor has just called me a crackhead on the ufc instagram page. So i decided to make a big deal out of it.

I bet a thousand bucks on dustin poirier. I show up at the arena super early i’d, pull out a thousand bucks and take a photo with joe rogan and dc the fights start and lux and i are having a blast. I get a call from my bro mgk. He says he’s cruising in i’m like right on, but then we decided to go hang out in dana white’s vip room, so we cruise in there and stars just start showing up justin bieber walks in and i was dying to ask him what he thought of me. Challenging him to a fight in the octagon you versus bieber, i think it’s, an exciting fight and i’ll tell you why he can throw a punch, and i can take one man i can but that’s, not how it’s supposed to work just as well, because i never Needed to be beaten up by justin bieber in the first place, but i was thrilled to challenge him to a game of ping. Pong i’m dying to play everything to be really good. That room turned into a really crazy party man, but we went back out to watch the fights Applause and next thing. You know you got mgk travis, barker, kourtney, kardashian, megan, fox justin, bieber’s right here. The kneel, boys and then donald trump shows up with the secret service. He’S sitting directly in front of steve will do it. I mean, if steve will do it coughs, he’s coughing on the former president of the united states, it’s insane Music, and then dustin poirier made a pretty strong argument that i’m not a crackhead.

After all, it was clear, but that break still sucks. Do you even know what he said after he got his out of his wife, mind bro and i talked to dustin. That was so cool dude got you a crackhead bro. He called me a crackhead man and all i said was that you’re a nicer guy a better fighter and that it wasn’t even gon na, be close. It sucks what happened to a man but – and he gave me a bottle of his hot sauce dude hot sauce – moguls yeah i’m telling dude. I love you brother, and then i met max holloway who all by himself started the bottle cap challenge and everybody who did it? Did it wrong? Because when you did it, the cat stayed everybody. We saw steve aoki and took a picture with the three steves that was sweet, that wasn’t just the greatest date night lux and i have ever had it might have been the best night ever and i’m, so profoundly grateful to dana white and the ufc. For always taking such good care of me man, i was a kid in a candy store. Thank you so much and what else happened this weekend? Oh yeah, we had our jackass shark week special air on discovery and our new boy poopies became a instant legend. Oh, my god, the extent to which that shark bite messed him up severed arteries, severed tendons like we go into the extent of how bad it was right here, every single one of you needs to watch this video.

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