Jeff Bezos, REAKING: Amazon's Jeff Bezos goes to the edge of space

Thousands of people contributed years to this historic moment. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for blue origin’s, first human flight godspeed, first crew of new shepard let’s light this candle t minus 16 guidance, internal t, minus 10, 9. 8. Seven, six five four command engine start: two one go jeff go marco wally go oliver, you are going for space Music, oh my goodness! Listen to the roar of the be3 engine. We are just about to pass through max q, maximum dynamic pressure. That was when the stresses on the vehicle are at their maximum max cube. Max q is confirmed, beautiful burn on that be3 engine, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as the propellants it’s a nice not just clean in terms of uh beautifully performing. But what comes out of it? It’S steam right to see to see the the the glow of the of the engine underneath the rocket just under our shoulders and to know that we’ve got a crew that is going to space it. It just feels different doesn’t it gary. It is totally different. All right, you can follow along, of course, the speedometer in the bottom left. The altimeter in the middle of the screen. There so far appears to be a nominal flight. All right coming up here on mikko main engine cut off that will be followed shortly by separation and at that point, after separation we’re gon na let the astronauts unbuckle and take in the freedoms of zero g.

There is miko main engine cut off a beautiful shot down. The new shepherd rocket. Look at that view unreal awaiting separation. Here – and here we are, you can start to see, stand by you’re, going to see the separation of the capsule from the booster itself. Music, oh and there we go. Our astronauts have passed the carmen line at about 328 thousand feet continuing their ascent. You see the two vehicles there when the speed hits zero. You know that they’ve hit apogee they’re maximum altitude and you hear their happen quite an experience. All my instincts are fast: okay, have the back yep one one minute warning: well, there you have it greg besos and his crew heading into space or to the edge of space. We have to be clear, don’t we greg. We are watching them uh head up there, but this entire flight is only gon na take around 11 minutes. It is that they’ll be on their way back down. Um uh pretty quickly actually – and i think with that that that sound we were hearing was sound. Coming from that, uh that capsule and the the celebrations – and you could hear the excitement and look at those shots, looking back down from from that craft that celebration that they they reached the edge of space 66 miles up was the uh was the planned uh height. They would reach, they would have those three or four minutes of weightlessness. I think that’s what we were listening to.

Actually, we hope to see pictures from there at some point from inside that capsule as well of those moments, as we did with richard branson but what’s happening now. Is they begin their journey down the rocket booster, the thing that took them up there that we saw that will land uh pretty much back where it uh it took off that’s. Of course, one of the the new uh features of these. These launches that the rockets are reusable and then the capsule will also enter the earth atmosphere and will come down uh under parachutes and and land pretty softly back here in the in the desert and um, and they will complete something at the moment. It seems to be going entirely according to plan a very smooth, uh liftoff, as you heard, from mission control, everything nominal everything exactly as they expected and those those celebrations uh as um as they made it to that height so on the left, you’re. Looking at that view from the capsule on the right, um uh, that that uh, that return to earth and and all four of them will officially be classed as as astronauts. Having made that journey – and i call for just for jeff bezos uh – it will be the realization of something that started 52 years ago today. He said when he watched neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walk on the surface of the moon and choosing today uh. As the moment to make his own journey that he dreamed about for so long space, journalist, kate, arkless gray, has been watching along with us as well.

Uh, kate, i mean i’m sure you’ve watched more of these than i have, but you never fail to hold your breath um as a rocket launches and we can just see them or the pictures just cut out they’re just touching down. It seems like this was a successful maiden voyage for jeff bezos and his crew. So, yes, the booster has just landed now, we’re, just waiting for the capsule, which uh contains our our new astronauts uh there. It is it’s, just uh floating down. So the next big thing we’re watching out for is the parachutes. So once the parachutes come out that will help to slow them down so that when they, when they do hit the ground, they’re only traveling at around one or two miles an hour and just before they land there’ll be some retro thrusters. So you’ll probably see a big kick up of dust and dirt and that’s, not because they’ve smacked into the ground at such a a fast speed, but it’s it’s these thrusters that just slow them down and cushion them for that last little moment before they hold their Breath for a little bit longer that rocket booster uh has touched down we’re just waiting for the capture. We can just see it on our screens now kate and a lot of talk about jeff bezos being on this flight he’s taking all the headlines, but i want to talk about wally funk, um, the nearly astronaut that he hand picked to go on this flight.

Tell us about her story, because what a remarkable day this is for her absolutely i mean she, i don’t think you could have picked a better person to be on this flight. She has waited longer than anyone else to become an astronaut she trained. Uh was as part of the mercury 13, which was an unofficial program uh, it wasn’t a nasa program, but they they did all the same. It was a group of women who did all the same psychological and physical tests to see if they could become astronauts, and then it was decided that, because they were women, they wouldn’t be able to go to space and i’ve heard that she actually beat john glenn. In all of those tests um, but she wasn’t able to go to space and of course he did, he flew up in 1962. So that’s, you know that’s how long she’s been waiting, and today she’s beaten him again by becoming the oldest person to fly to space. So i’m absolutely ecstatic for her, and you know just just watching her. You know dashing up the stairs to the launch pad you wouldn’t, guess that she’s 82 years old, she’s, just vibrant and brilliant and yeah, i don’t think it could have been a better person on that flight. Oh that’s, a great story: isn’t it straight out of a hollywood movie. Who knows, someone may buy up the rights because they’ve just written the ending uh for it today, we’re just watching the capsule uh come into land kate.

And how nervous is this bit or is this the sort of safest part of the whole trip? Well now, we’ve seen the now we’ve seen the parachutes come out i’m. You know i’m, not too worried about it um, but i i have. I have heard this. It described well the soyuz landing where they also land on the ground it it has been described as a a car crash over a waterfall, but they you know that’s depending on oh there. They are that i can just see that they’ve just landed um. Just a couple of seconds behind you they’ve kept their seat belts on, hopefully because they’re just coming in to land because, like you said that is literally coming back to earth with a bump.

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