Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, Space, Reuters, Richard Branson NO! FAA Commercial License & SPCE Updates!

But i obviously want to talk about all the news. All the good news, all the bad news for virgin galactic so and show you that actually things are sometimes not that good as they seem and sometimes not that bad as they seem okay. So, first of all, i would like to talk about the faa approval license from blue origin. You have might heard that in the news us approves blue origin license for human space travel ahead of bezos flight and everybody was like. Oh no now they have the same license as space and what is that and how they can get the license without putting someone into space and so on and so forth. I will explain to you everything in detail after you subscribed and liked. Obviously, all right so let’s dive in so this is the head news: okay and everybody like 95 reading this and you know getting out of hand and you know getting totally excited and getting frustrated and so on. But if you are scrolling a little bit down, you actually can see that the faa license is a license that is only valid through august. Okay, so blue origin is authorized authorized to carry humans, while its faa license is valid through august. So from now till august, they have time to put this test flight with the humans for the very first time, so something that you know virgin galactic makes for years already, okay um and they are actually um getting this license for that because their previous license.

This is something that i could get. Um is the following. This is the license that they had prior to that uh, which is from 2017 okay, and this license is allowing them to. Let me see where i have the wording. Oh here flights shall mean the flights of the nss commencing, with ignition of the propulsion module from the wtslw and transporting passive and or active payloads on a sub orbital trajectory: okay, no humans. This is their official license. They can work under currently: okay um flights, uh flight includes flight, backed of the new shepard propulsion, module and parachute landing of the crew capsule and conclude after activities necessary to return them to a safe condition on the ground. Okay. So what space has here is a full commercial license, so they could say you know what guys we scrap all the test flights from now on. We will do our maintenance and we fly people into space. Okay, they have everything. Blue origin is very far from that. Okay, i think they need to have at least this or maybe a few other test flights where they need to demonstrate that everything is safe with humans on board okay. So this is important guys, because humans on board meets means. Always you know additional risk additional operation. Additional insurance and so on and so forth, so make sure to understand this. So this is the topic, so nothing to worry about here. Space is well ahead with that, and not only we brought our founder first, we was, our company was founded later and spent less more money than blue origin, and we also got our commercial license much faster.

So everything is very, very green light here. Okay, as a next topic, i would like to go into space chart. Okay, because i have. I have actually thought that, and it looked like that that, after the test flight, we bounced off here the um upper let’s say trend the new trend that we had here, which was very nice, obviously and bounce, then to a new all time high. But the problem was the share offering okay, the share offering brought much much pressure plus the overall market is also very very yeah. Let’S, say a strawberry like everything is red um and therefore you seeing that actually uh we broke sudet. So now is the room even to go down to somewhere like 35. If we really go there, are we picking up earlier and going back up? This will be the question, but if you zoom out, you know, the overall trend is skyrocket, high, okay, so sooner or later, this stock will go higher and higher and higher because think about it, even though we have now the let’s say in for the for the People that don’t know about investing the bad news. Okay, that you know blue origin, is going now up and they have like the license and the share offering and so on. This, like seems like bad news for those people who are not that mature on the market. But if you are looking into the company, the company now proved the concept the company did the richard branson flight as they as they have.

They will open out the ticket sale. They will uh show us what they have on the q2 earnings. They will tell us what they will use the money for and so on and so forth. This will be an insane rest of the year with some crazy, exciting things. So this will be really really great, so use this opportunity, if you believe in the company use this opportunity to buy for cheap, because it will be just a matter of time of months of years that the stock will go to the moon, okay, so i’m, ignoring Every comment out there, that’s saying: oh, you said it’s going to the moon now you know yeah, because i didn’t know that they will rise 500 million dollars, okay um. So this is the difference between being a smart investor and understanding this that you need to be long term and not thinking about shortened things than being focused on the short term, because on the short term, you might be right. The one out the two times, but in the long run you will be always wrong. Okay, this is since the beginning i invested in virgin galactic. All of those people that were negative are always low a lot. You know on the long term, they’re always wrong on the short term. They might be right, okay, so this is the big difference now uh in the general market, which also impact obviously virgin galactic is also jerome. Powell.

Okay, jerome powell is actually um speaking today on the congress and uh yeah he’s he’s, starting with with uh some good um. You know statements here, saying powell says the fed is still a ways off from altering policy. This means every you know: interest rates, uh buying of assets, everything that will will pump up stocks and the financial markets will stay the same and it’s way off way off. As a word, that means very away okay, um, and he also expect inflation to be moderate, which is also like a small let’s, say: um hope for the market, and – and you know you have to imagine with a good market out there. Also, the space stock will raise okay, because the the the people will start to buy assets and they will say wow. You know, space is doing so good, but the stock lost 20. This is a great opportunity, so they will buy and then you will see big jumps up for space and also i want to uh say another thing it was or what was also quite funny um check this out. I think that should be a 5.5. I mean how can you yeah so richard branson was on uh the late show with uh, with with stephen colbert, i think, is his name right, stephen colbert, yeah um, which was quite funny so watch. This is a 10 minute clip upload like four hours ago. Really really funny really really nice so check this out, and then i want to dive into the last topic, because this is also very, very fun um.

I think this will be maybe one of the most significant up trending for the stock, at least events for virgin, galactic, okay, because it’s, so so near it’s about like two weeks away, um but it’s, very, very important. Okay! So – and this will be the fifth of august this – the the q2 earnings – okay, you know we will know how much revenue they made. We will know what they will do with the 500 million. We will know what they plan in terms of test flights. We will know what they they plan to build with the uh spaceships. We will hopefully get an update. Finally, on the mach 3 airplane, and hopefully we will know more about. You know the experience the ticket sales, if they’re open by then and so on, and so so super many questions that i personally have hopefully will be answered there. So yeah just a quick update, guys um everything looks very, very good still. I hope this gives you a more clear understanding check out all the links into the description. If you get into our discord chat, which is insane with people out there talking about 24 hours about this companies about other companies, i launched there.

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