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This is a show about spacex nasa and space flight and on today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about spacex’s, boca chica starbase facility in texas. Now spacex is building a humongous rocket in texas right now and it’s really close to boca chica beach, it’s right down the road from brownsville they’ve been building this thing for months and pretty soon, we’re, not sure exactly when, but within the next few months. By the end of this year, spacex will be on the path to launching a orbital starship, so that’s with a booster, the right now, they’re, actually testing booster three they’re doing tests on it. They’Ve done cryogenic tests uh. They may be doing a static fire soon, but they’re building this booster, which goes underneath the actual starship, which will be traveling about 90 minutes towards hawaii towards kauai and it’s, going to be landing in the ocean out there later this year, hopefully so they’re in the Process of all this stuff right now they have to build a tower next to this starship to basically keep it in place and possibly catch it we’re not really sure. If they’re going to catch the thing, um anytime, soon, they’re the first orbital test, they’re gon na ditch it uh the booster into the gulf and then of course, starship’s gon na go to kawaii. But the tower is important. Tower has umbilicals feeds parts of the starship and they need it to launch starship orbital, but this i got ta show you this okay, so check this out since the beginning of spacex.

They have been working hand in hand with the faa to make sure that all the flights are safe and secure for everything from the very beginning, from grasshopper all the way to falcon 9 and now they’re working with the faa, with their starship program and starship they’ve. Had a bunch of failures, they’ve had a bunch of explosions at the boko chica site and the faa has stepped in and figured out. You know, if it’s safe, to keep flying these things and, if it’s safe, to continue with the production now spacex and the faa have been working together. Doing that and now the fea is saying: hey hold up spacex us warn spacex uh, its new texas launch site tower not yet approved this from writers. Spacex sn15 starship prototype is seen as it sits and that’s just okay, so that’s just the thing that i missed. That’S for the image above, but the u.s federal aviation administration, the faa has warned elon musk space company spacex. This environmental review of a new tower at its boca chica launch site in texas is incomplete and the agency could order spacex to take down the tower. Now. This tower is absolutely massive: it’s, a skyscraper it’s 400 plus feet tall. It has eight sections to it now and they’re, probably gon na put a cap on it, so there’s gon na be like a nine ish section to it, but here’s check this out. This is from ocean cam, and this is an image from uh ocean’s instagram uh ocean underscore camera, but you can also check them out on youtube and i’m going to put a link down below for you to check out their page but here’s a here’s.

Some instagram images of the of the tower pieces, but if the faa says that uh spacex can’t continue doing what they’re doing, then this could postpone the launch of starship until they figure it out. So spacex could possibly have to postpone starship launch if the tower is deemed unfit by the faa. They may have to rip it down so all the months and weeks and the preparation and the money that they’ve spent putting this tower up. If the faa says you know what the integration tower you’re building it at your own risk that’s, what they’re saying right now! So if we say it’s got to go, it’s got to go and you have to build a new one. So they said, uh may 6 letter from the faa uh to spacex check this out. This is the part right here. Uh recent construction activity on one of the two proposed towers, many complic or may complicate the ongoing environmental review process for the starship super heavy launch vehicle program. The faa letter said the tower could be as high as 480 feet. So this thing is massive right about 10. Feet is a story somewhere around there, so about 40 stories, tall it’s, a skyscraper it’s, the biggest thing in that area, it’s a huge huge monument in that area and by the way, a little side. Note i’m moving there in september, so i’ll be able to bring you live coverage from starship starbase, the integration tower et cetera, and if you want to help there is a uh there’s a go fund to be going on right.

Now we have all. We almost have a thousand bucks for this move and for new equipment for this thing so check it out i’m going to leave a link in the description point down there, and one up here: um and there’s gon na i’ll show you the video too. There will be a link in the description to the uh gofundme video it’s, pretty pretty interesting uh. What you have to do in order to kind of like set up shop in another state and also get all the equipment ready for that so check that out, but based on the environmental review faa could order spacex to take the tower down crazy. It is possible that changes would have to be made at the launch site, including to the integration towers, to mitigate significant impacts based on publicly available footage that’s. What the faa that’s, how they learned about the towers, construction people like myself that show the faa didn’t know about it. They learned about the construction via youtube, probably by people like ocean cam people like um. You know nasa space flight and other youtubers out there. That are filming this thing. 24 7.. The faa says uh, based on publicly available video footage. They learned of the towers construction via youtube. Now. Is that the worst part that the faa didn’t know about this before youtubers? Did it like lab padre, like they didn’t know because because lab like, so if they were, if spacex was just building it, there’s no 24 7 coverage from people like myself and other youtubers out there, then would the faa even know what was going on down there? They’D know eventually, of course, but it’s funny that they stated that it’s, basically from publicly available video footage what’s going on there, so the fea looked at youtube and said.

Ah, this doesn’t look good, like you’re, just gon na build this on at your own risk and if we have to rip it down, we have to rip it down. So let me know what you think in the comments um. If they rip this thing down, it could be very complicated for spacex could push them back months because they might have to rebuild a significant portion of this tower or move it to a different spot, depending on the environmental review process that the faa is going through. Right now, so let me know in the comments what you think. I hope they don’t have to pull it down. It’S, it would be a very. It would be a shame if they had to pull down this tower right now, because we’re on the verge we’re on the precipice we’re right there we’re almost there – and i want this to succeed because that’ll be really cool. I can’t wait to watch the launch. So if you want to help out, of course, or up there, i’m, not sure which one where i’m going to link it, but the gofundme will be up there and down there. So thanks everybody i’ll see you next time.

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