Is developing commercial spacecraft aims to provide suborbital space flights to space tourists? I talked about this company before you can see it here but i’m giving an update on this company. Since recently richard branson went to a space. My my criticism with this company is richard branson. I have criticism of him as a person because most of his projects once there’s any little inlay or hiccup he gives up on it. I felt like this company was using the money from the shareholders and creating new spacecraft, but they had a prototype that was already working or they have tested. I didn’t understand why they would create more prototypes if there was one that already worked. That was tested and it was ready to go. Instead, they could have created a space area where they could start launching as soon as possible, so they can have the first mover’s advantage if they didn’t and other companies like blue origin or spacex would start giving out. These space tourist tours, basically, they would lose the first movers advantage. So if you were to buy the stock, it would be diluting the stock sim. They would be blue in the stocks because they were wasting this money on r d. They just kept delaying the flights. Delaying the flights money cash burn was getting too high. They got to a point where, basically, i basically said that if they were to enter bankruptcy area, richard branson would not save it.

He will allow it to fail. Basically, here i’m going to show you the the richard branson flight before before, i show you that i’m gon na show you the stock price and, as you can see from all basically a roller coaster going up and down going up and down recently it’s been going Down but we’ll look at the space flight. I admit the spacecraft looks pretty pretty cool. Welcome! Welcome to space! Do all you can Music looking up to the stars now i’m, an adult with a spaceship with not rather wonderful adults looking down to our beautiful beautiful earth for the next generation of dreamers? If we can do this, just imagine what you can do. Oh my god! This is unbelievable. This is too unbelievable. I do see a man for space tourism, obviously there’s people they want to experience space. I was just hoping that they would be the they would have the first moves advantage. They don’t have a backbone like spacex, blue origin. Blue origin is run by jeff bezos, one of the rich man in the world. Richard bradson is a billionaire but it’s, nothing compared to musk and jeff bezos. They have enough capital for any any kind of hiccup, kathy wood space exploration, etf. They sold their last few shares of legend algonquin. This was in may 26 kathy woods sold all her all the shares that were in her her space etf and, as you can see, it went up as soon as they sold it, but now it’s going down.

If you look at the company objectively, they have no revenue, they do have a very small, mid revenue. The very small revenue that they do have has nothing to do with space, tourism and that’s. What this company has to do. If you were to invest in this company, you should invest when there is a a sustainable or proven revenue. The the idea works right now. Everything is pre staged. What made the stock go out was was basically was because virgin australia says it. Has the federal aviation administration approval to fly customers in space, making it the first space line to cross that hurdle the company announced this was in june 25th with that also came the catalyst that richard branson was going to try to beat jeff bezos into space. Yes, jeff bezos is going going to go into space via blue origin, some somewhere around this month, but, like i said my opinion changed. My opinion has not changed if, if, if this company starts getting revenue from their space tourism, not from anything else from space tourism, they have, they get a set up estimate how much revenue and how much increase of revenue. If i see more space ports like they start one first, they got to start one spaceport, they got ta start one line of the customers, see how that goes. Then, once i start seeing expansion, if that concept works because see this is why you’re investing? Is it better to invest early? It depends on how much risk you want to take if you want to take the least amount of risk, but you also get high returns as you wait, wait until they they build a spaceport, wait until they have the first row of customers go go into a Space flight and then and then we’ll see if they can expand it, do they do they open up more space ports? Do they keep expanding? How is the demand is the demand, high or low? How does the competition look once i wasn’t able to look at all these factors? This is basically the chance where you should probably enter if they get to that point, the stock might be even higher than what it is right now, but this is basically the best entry point, because the risk is lower and at the same time you will have Gain if they don’t reach that point it’s, because they failed, my advice is like before is to wait.

The stock is a roller coaster, your long term investor. I would wait for an entry point and the answering point will be once you’re able to be able to accurately predict revenue, or at least have something have a spaceport first flight for customers. Look at how many spaceships they have like are flight ready or what their plan to expand the fleet what’s their plans to expand the spaceports.

What do you think?

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