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This time it was a right, hamstring, strain but very happy to say. Your ram truck starting picture today is zach and concurs just guided it through the infield didn’t hit it real hard but he’s on to start the day for the cubs and here’s rizzo here’s a stretch by gallon and the next one is a little ground. Ball galloway field third base side, fires, the first for the out on the play. Contreras gets to second, that was just a little squibbler right off the end of the bat for an out one to three one out of the inning. Now this is a nice quick early test for that right, hamstring, yeah, exactly he got up there very quickly: 241 he’s, belted, 21 home runs quick and a miss went to that changeup. He called it that would leave him wide open to that pitch and he bit his bounce back nicely. This is hit deep to right center field, long run for pavon smith. Patty gets there. Brian gave it a ride, but gallon strands contreras stevax coming up starting pitcher for the cubs 26 year old right hander from venezuela to see the fastball usage you’d like to see that maybe up towards the 60 mark and ready to go and that one line and Caught and javi baez ready for that one now the batter eduardo escobar escobar and that one flared and there’s baez fielding percentage, fielding percentage. Seven pitch inning and half will reach base with two outs, no score.

Second inning and the batter is raphael ortega, dotted the fastball and gets the strikeout scoreless. Two innings for zach gallon here at chase christian last night had a double and a single in the ball game. Two for four and that’s a ground ball right side and that will get through by the diving nico horner in the right field. Nice inside out swing there by christian for the diamondbacks first hit their first space runner in this ball game, but rizzo uh bobbled the ball. He did get the out at first. The runners advancing to second and third have nick take advantage of it right here is what they need all right: chopper baez will get one out, and that gets walker home and the diamondback strike. First, you see a 01 pitch and there’s a ground ball down to. Third, oh a nice play by eduardo and he gets it. There was a lot of ball showing in the top of that glove, but eduardo is only goes about five, nine or so used all the hops. He could. Sons would have been proud of him there. He got that ball and got the out otherwise that’s a hit to start. This inning here is contrairus one. Nothing diamondbacks in the third wilson gets hit by the pitch he got hit in the left arm. He’S got a heavy pad on the arm. I don’t think it uh caused any damage contreras on the move, they’re at strike three and there’s your strikeout, throw about the end of the inning for zach, gallon and dalton varshall now baez, who struck out his first time, leads off the fourth queen got him on That cutter slider strikeout number four for gallon one way now for chris brian, who fly it out deep to right center.

Well, back to back strikeouts for gallon, opened up the fourth he’s punched out five. Can you just imagine what that looked like big daddy only threw one pitch anyway, so it worked out nice, quick one, two three. Fourth, for zach gallon back from the injured list and holding a one, nothing lead all right so pitches by inning that bump in the road in the second gave up the run and threw 20, but he’s been pretty efficient. Otherwise walker then peralta, then van meter, one. Nothing arizona, a swing and a miss carved up walker Applause, that’s hit hard and out there roving in shallow right corner, handles it. Sixth, ground ball out and now it’s van meter, who’s all for one popped in the air and going out bryant coming on hat and ian squeeze is that seventh, straight retired, by advert alzheimer i think we’ll get an idea swinging to miss. He gets horner and varsity’s got to throw him out at first and he does one away: that’s six strikeouts now tubby this second time through the order. Now he has faced six hitters and he struck out four of them. I mean, i think, if you told tory okay, gallon’s gon na go out there, give you five scoreless he’d, be. Where do i sign? I think you’re right man, one out here in the fifth inning one other dieback lead swinging him. Is he struck him out and gallon another strikeout that’s, seven in the ball game for zach and two quick comes out here in the fifth here’s, a shot to center pavon smith on the run, he’s got it side, retired.

At order, one two: three we head to the diamondback fifth inning and now a chance for dalton varshall gatlin comes out in the on deck circle. Sounded like he broke his bat short right center they’re drifting out there who’s got it brian can’t, get it it’s off the glove. Oh bermuda triangle deal out there. Chris bryant, the third baseman, ranging way over there with the over shift on and trying to make a sort of backward over the shoulder catch. That’S a base hit for version gallon will take the at bat that one hit on the ground. We get one there back to first and they get two and advancing to third base is ahmed and rojas. Dunks it into right. Center almond is home and it’s. Two: nothing diamondbacks here’s, your two out, rbi knock two on and one out for baez who comes up now actually has a go ahead. Run this game, that’s, drilled center field way back there and that’ll hit the base of the wall into score, is contreras. Rizzo takes a turn, but he’ll hang on in the second is baez it’s a rocket double and it’s 2 1 and now it’s brian with second and third, and one out tapped to third coming home. Barshow got him rizzo going on soft contact, escobar came home and varshall applied the tag two outs they cut down. The tying ronin gallon does not want to come out little negotiation here uh, he might.

Is he gon na talk him into it? Let’S see? Ah, sorry, zach, sorry that second visit and the cubs have two men on with two down and it’s up to patrick wisdom. He got him on the fastball, no way, ramirez no way: ramirez it’s, still. 2. 1 there’s ortega, the left handed hitting center fielder with two outs in the cub: ninth inning line and that’s a base hit into the corner. That should be extras. Ortega sprinting around first on his way to second and he’s in there, and the tying run in scoring position robinson by the way does have a pinch at homer line and that one off the glove in a short stop and out into left ortega coming around and We’Re tied up 2 2 here is wilson. Contreras stepping in contreras drives one of the air down the line and left a fair ball and it’s going to be a two run home run right down the line in left. The clubs have taken a 4 2 lead here in the ninth inning peralta at first two down cubs lead 4 2 jack swing. Did he go? Yes, he did ball game. Cubs win what a win for the cubs here today and now, all alone in ninth place. In big league history, as he passes, jonathan papelbon save number 369, craig kimbrell and appropriately enough standing next to the hero.

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