Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, MLB Top Plays: Royals Farthest Home Runs So Far This Season

I didn’t have time to say it, but i was about to say, but this game can be a. What have you done for me lately, because salvi had provided some big outs for robbie ray in the first two innings in well center field, jones, back it’s, a goner and the royals win? It walked off. Santana burn struck out nine. Oh there you go that ball is wet. Second tier of the fountains and two pitches into the brewers. Bullpen and jorge soler ties the game, my goodness, that first pitch fastball. He was sitting on that hunting it and he got it right where he wanted. Inner half 92 that’s a good speed for a fastball Applause. Welcome back alberto mondeci, just like that. Brady singer gets out of a second and third jam with nobody out takes care of it himself and modesty gives him the lead. Welcome back is right. Partner i’ll tell you: they missed him in a worse way, make him now three for six, with two homers off scuba. What a nice welcome! Back for a young star and fastball! You challenged him and he just dropped the head right on him. Good backspin easy follow through and he knew it. Oh man was that sweet hit well deep, left center field. Nice call hood there you go, look for one and driving don’t try and do too much. He impresses me with his one hand takeoff. You know you have different kind of styles, guys have two hands on the backs, with their swinging, follow through that’s, pretty more control.

He has a takeoff, but he gets fully extended. That’S, a that’s, a bp pitch right down the middle there and he busts this one to center field and he’s. Coming back. That ball is a guy salvador perez on the very first pitch hit one about 450 feet and ties the game stay hot, get the tape measure out on that baby boy, the iron man, lou gehrig – would be proud of that shot from salvador perez going way. Deep. Here at coppin stadium, three of their last four outs, have been in the air and there’s one in the air that’s deep into center field and michael a taylor. Ladies and gentlemen, that was a bomb to straight away center and it is 4 1 in the fifth wow. Was that clean? What a nice string down in the count couple strikes on him boy he wasn’t trying to water, the garden in right field. He got a cookie belt high one of the straightest pitches that ari har has thrown all day. No movement, no leg, kick all hands and lower path. Tremendous look where that cleared all three fences: oh there we go baby deep, left center field, splash and it’s over well. Hud you’ve always said a big league. Hitter is usually going to get one good pitch to hit. Salvi got two in that fbi. Absolutely no! No back to back jacks there. It is royals, first big home stand of the year and they got their walk off by their star salvador perez.

It was an absolute, no doubter, 79 right over the middle. He knew it way before anybody else did and that ball wasn’t walking that had backspin galore and it ended up getting wet a beautiful, walk off the royals needed to split here to at least guarantee him two wins out of the four and tomorrow they can go For it, oh, they are hurrying to put the tarp on the field. Is that because of rain or the splash from the fountains, i don’t know Applause. That ball was crushed. Look at that they earned it. It’S gon na have tommy john surgery. Clayton kershaw had a one inning start in the first game of a double header in chicago earlier today, that is jolted into deep left center field and a salvi’s flash a grown man hit that ball. That thing was shot out of a cannon and that’s the trajectory of that ball. It went straight up in the air, but it almost looked like a pop up. It just carried to seamer. He knew it look at him load. Those hips look at the turn of the Applause trunk that thing coming down: man wow: how about that rings that one high and deep down the right field line into the corner. It goes Applause, home, run, 3, 1, royals there’s, a difference maker, yep there’s. Some timing for you right there on time. With everything see his front foot come up. 464 foot blast. I mean it was a no doubter that foot getting down 112 exit.

Velo man just admire that one monday, because that was hit a ton. You don’t see ball a lot of balls go up there. There you go yeah. I always just had my eyes on the umpire. He would be the one to tell the story.

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