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He had a short stint on the injured list earlier this year and one of three rocky starters, one two pitch swang and a miss good sink, even though it looked more like a four seamer, he had good down action to get the opening strikeout. This is another relatively easy ground: ball that’s, a seven pin start for john gray. He has very competitive numbers and that’s in the right field of base hit and spillia that would be left to charlie blackman. This ball, charlie blackman, comes through hanson to cruz, as the rockies take a one. Nothing lead clutch two from out nasty blackman takes off through the second we haven’t seen charlie, run literally a couple of years. That was his first stolen base attempt of the year. That was the old first move. Go. You know, because david price didn’t even really pay attention to it. Lake comes up. Charlie takes off he’s in there quite easily for his first stolen bases, stolen base, number 54 for the Applause run for rockies and it’s 2. 1 dodgers justin turner with an opposite field smash his 16th of the year smith, hits it hard through the hole in the left side. That’S a base hit right, swung on a miss, so gray comes back and strikes out. Mckinstry two run home run of the inning from justin turner and now in the third. The dodgers lead two to one john great talent off in the rockies dugout.

He just struck out zach mckinstry on uh slider down and in and for john that was his 774th career strikeout. We make mention of that because it now places him in second place, all time on the rockies career strikeout list behind jorge de la rosa good, pass to baldo reed sidearms it and ceo laces it into center field for a base hit Applause. This is popped up, easy play on the right side, little miscommunication between taylor and foxy for a moment, and then the ball was dropped by chris taylor and it’s 2, 2 Applause, Music, really fun to watch john pitch. Today he is to the outside corner, and this is a towering pop up. Mcmahon, foul groud he’s got room, he’s got the baseball and john has now retired 12 in a row. Applause, two two mcmahon yeah. He stayed back nice on that curveball from kelly ground ball. Turner off his glove mcmahon scores always will head to third matt arms comes through, and the rockies lead it three to two down to third that’s past mcmahon and into the corner around first and on his way to second, with a one out: double is justin turner. 16Th, double of the season for jt and the tying run in scoring position. Smith goes down and golf’s one deep to left. It is gone a home run for will smith, oh, where there’s a will there’s a way, and the dodgers have taken the lead in the eighth two singles in a strikeout against the starter, john gray and he’ll hit a ball to left coming on owings on the Dive makes the catch chris coming in at the last moment, realized he was gon na have to leave his feet, made a dive forward and snagged.

It trevor’s got a lot of time to throw but it’s gloved. By crown one two three inning for bart now, the rockies have to put a rally together against kenley janssen, and this ball is lifted to right center field and d back off the base of the wall. Mcmahon will stop at second that’s a great start to the night there’s his first career hit against jackson, and it came at a great time too. Here we go chris owens infield in and a live drive. Basically, Music. Rounding here comes the throw it’s offline albert scores and will smith? Does it one more time today to give the dodgers the lead? This is plenty deep enough in right field, handsome tags and he scores to tie it up. So trevor story comes through on a 3 2 pitch. He gets the Music got the job done with the productive out charlie, an rbi single back in the first he’s one for four he’s, the 1 1 for bickford that’s. His first big fly since june.

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Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, MLB vs San Francisco Giants Highlights July 19, 2021 – MLB Highlight | MLB Season 21

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