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Yesterday. We have him out here, but we could see corey seeger here as soon as and it’s next, on sportsnet la 79 degrees. A perfect night for baseball and first baseman belt, their third baseman longoria and a guy who headed short for the injured crawford son. The slider has been very effective as a secondary off speed pitches. Zona lamont wade stands in and off we go with a comes godzilla with a 1 1. It almost hits him miss him jumping rope. Although he’s cooled off as of late four for his down the last extra bases for wade to start it’s, a leadoff, doubler, mikey, schremsky Music, the giants in those two games but he’s on one two, two illama known as a base stealer break out 10. Tonight everybody gets a free jumbo jack raid started the game with a double he’s at second, as posey takes a strike curved on that pitch Applause giants, leading the national one of the worst home run, hitting team to this season and they’ve become a home run, hitting Machine Applause, Music guns coming in Music, then you payoff, he walked him that’s. The other thing that the thing that has really hampered gonzal will go off the end of the bat sinking in the center and Music. Three, nothing they’ve, scored 53 runs over the last five games and then turner will smith. Does the catching ballot? The split change in the fast ball you’re going to see a combination of those Music shallow solano palm getting cold, but before that he was very, very gets away.

It is fair leaked over the middle plate. I was just in awe when it was in flight. Turner’S. Still up there back and it’s 3 2, just like that seat belt fastened for this four game series and gavin lux and he’ll, be a cartoon yeah multiple times and smith gets played he’s too important to gain for the giants. When you got your ace on them two for 41., they get the payoff for all four when you say okay well, if he really has two pitches and the plan to come out of their hand, the same way they don’t want something to pop up, and they Applause, Music, very good at letting the ball get deep Music another one, two fastball over the planet and caught it third by four nice play. I promise this was done hours before the game mckinstry to get a perfect night, and then you get to this portion of the order. Eight, nine, the line for bishop to left significant. As far as who you need on the mound, that’s a walk for wade here’s. There two gum so posey Applause, because he had a family medical issue where he had to take a day and says mckinstry climbs in here’s an inch leading off this. Second. As of the wall, and just like that, and then your pitcher can bundle over it’s really powered by google cloud along with turner’s which followed it first, then everybody moves up. Mckinstry on the seventh pitch.

Turner takes ball. Four, the bases are jose: alvarez Applause, small sample size, grossman, gets him and, as he’s backhanded glove of chris taylor, making the starting short tonight. Military family calm initially lifts one over the shift somehow dumps it in for a hit yeah. They call donny barrels solano’s out number two about 400 against hard stuff below 100 against 3o green light he’s in the bottom. Five in the national league in ops. Sin will get a head start from first on a 3 2 he’ll get some swinging Music, joe orlan kirsten back in l.a, granted two in the first inning Music fouled off five pitches on the eighth pitch shift low, throw but dug out by wayne the eighth pitch Baby behind the long run, yostremski’s gon na get there two kevin gausman, zach rex pumps, it foul two and one he’s gone four here’s his 3 2, a good rex. Looking i just like there’s, so many people here and i’m pretty pumped up to be here’s. His fiancee, this is his fiancee mckenzie here standing. Thank you to walker’s fam the year against the dodgers. Didn’T change their season, but change the talk is away from being home, run and inches away from hitting the extra ogs giants have had four consecutive losing seasons. It’S a walk. Second, one in a row made his dodger debut in colorado, pitched a spline for godzilla right there, runners at first two first muncie, the second one back to first snotty turfy covers foot on the bag.

Third base open when you’re facing this guy drawn in on this one, one o from surefie, takes a strike one on one one, one pitch. There goes the skremski on a strike, no throw from smith round as far as if posey would hit one for godzilla taylor. Up with it cleanly and surfy gets out of it, junior got the publicity of gausman, but it is some injury concerns about it for the most the first for wade. Why not? There were elbow injuries, the tightness in your forearm. When you split your fingers, didn’t have big hands this one to first knock down by wade recovers in time. You can cause pressure between one of the guys that help tony gobson learn. His splitter was that and dickerson makes one of his bats and during pitchers bp, and i feel like it’s. Only fair one and two zach rex went away walked in the first singled in the third strike, one Applause, the top of his leap and gets it enough to rob for crawford and bell 30, make the comment just to make the umpires think about it. On the fifth first, one from alexander is in there strike one quickly: owen too, Music springs to his feet and throat he’ll, do it with gold glove style, posey and flores went back to back for the giant on 3 1 muncie takes ball, four he’s been all Three times, Music, oh and two swinging miss like that to get into an o2 third backs up flores, throw to second in strike.

One on will smith, another 3 2 coming. Will smith swings and misses two gone good? Next inning harlan garcia on the pitch for the gym, comes home to cody bellinger strike, one on the corner, oh and two, two coming bellendo left but it’s right at dickerson, wow you’re generous morning native on a taft high school it’s, a striking it’s three and two Spending better and strotted, eight and nine in the order is setting them it’s a big spot they’re, making the move, because rough first kind of an in between bounce muncie makes a nice play on it, and so just like that, bickford and strike one fastballs doesn’t mean You can’t throw him in fact he’s still the o2 up. The call and straddle misses in that first inning, nothing since from matt beatty. Nobody hotter than eight his first pitch to pollock. He is one pollock is out on one rogers but started his college career. He takes strike one from garcia. He went it did on john libka down to third that’s, a payoff pitch fouled into the glove strike three since mckinstry’s double to start the second, oh one to mckinsery owen, two garcia deals strike three on the outside corner and left rex. Moves over to right strike. One Applause tonight last 16 games they’ve played for get into first place for the first time since pickford’s 01. mckinsey made a fantastic playoff. Four, this year left standard comes home and hit again they go station to station an 0 2 1, pretty good one, but Music Applause all the way to the corner, to dealer’s, throw Music.

So three for the giant four in the seven for sam barnes down swinging for the first down of the seventh, be an easy playing left or center at slater, right center gap and here’s all goes is just enough room leads it off and he’d swing.

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